Five basic psychology concepts: performance, point, mapping, feedback, and conceptual model

Products are less interacting with users, that is, interactive, users need to know how products work, how to operate products, is the two important characteristics of excellent design and visibility. To express our products, you need to use five basic psychology concepts: performance, intended, mapping, feedback, and conceptual model.



Let’s take a look at AFFORDANCE.

It is to refer to the relationship between the items and people. Some of this sentence is wrapped to see an example.

The chair can provide support, people can sit up. Most of these chairs can be carried by one person, but some chairs cannot move, such as the four cameras below, there is no mobility for single individuals. Some chairs provide a pulley that can be easily dragged in addition to moving this chair. This item is exhibited, let people know that this relationship that you can move without moving it, or dragging it is to live.

Relatively, the non-operability exhibited by the item should also be expressed, that is, it is reversible. For example, transparent glasses look permeability, but actually can’t pass, this time you have to make some markings on the glass, telling people that this is not passed, that is, it is obliged.

Tip the user’s tag is a meaning, of course, has a representation of the representation.

Second, the meaning

It is a tip that tells users what behavior can be taken, and how to do it. Some intended is the symbols, labels and patterns in life, such as “pushing; pull” on the door, indicating arrows, etc. Some intended is a preset purpose, such as a rectangular button on the computer screen. But the preset purpose may be misleaded, for example, it may look like a door, but it is a glass that cannot be opened. It seems that it is a button, but it can’t click.

It must be perceived, otherwise the role of communication, communication is a key design, and the key to communication is the meaning, so the designer should put the focus on intended. This communication is not only limited to speaking, typing. A button, a short text, one handle is also communicating.

Let’s take an example to help you distinguish between the resumes and points. For example, the broken window effect is an example of a representative and intended. Glass fragile nature makes people see glass feelings don’t hit it. Otherwise, once someone breaks a glass, then this broken glass has become a meaning, telling other people, neighboring Glass can also be broken. It is an abstract relationship, but it is worth seeing and touched.

Third, mapping

The mapping represents the relationship between the two groups of things, usually used in control and display. For example, which switch is controlled in the room.

Some mappings are more complicated. For example, when controlling a wheelchair, it is necessary to control the speed of the left and right wheels and the forward direction to achieve the purpose of change the direction, rather than the left and right turn of the car.

In product design, it is best to use simple natural mappings, natural mappings have such a few: utilizing spatial ratio, cultural or biological habits, principles of knowledge.

With space ratio, such as a switches of a room lamp together, use the layout of the lamp to place the switch, just like a top view or side view of the room. For example, you need to move the object up, you want to move the button.

Cultural or biometric mapping, such as the upward refers to an increase in quantity or strength. Pay attention to the difference between different cultures. For example, add new, create, minus, and trash cans can represent deletion.

Principles, such as the use of format tower, arrange the related controls or close to the object to be controlled. For example, a button next to a Item in the mobile app, indicating that this button can only control this item.

Fourth, feedback

Feedback, everyone knows that feedback should be timely, but also to note that feedback to provide useful information, while avoiding abuse of feedback. For example, the user left sliding the Banner’s picture, then the Banner diagram is best to replace from the right left, at least should be from left to right. Avoiding abuse of feedback is a bad feedback, or too much feedback will take up the attention of users’ own no need to pay. Too much user attention is easy to trigger users ignore truly important feedback.

V. concept model

Let’s take a look at the system image and conceptual model. The system image is a combination of information provided to the user. These information can have related articles, manual, advertising, product website, product itself, sales staff introduction, etc. The user will build a number of ways using the product in their own heart based on this information. Give this number of professional name psychological models. The psychological model is one of the concept model.

The concept model is a highly simplified description tells the user how the product works. For example, the folder in the computer, the file is to help people build some conceptual models. In fact, the computer is not stored in a folder. So the conceptual model does not necessarily show the real product implementation.

And even if the same product information is given to two users, it is the system image, which is also very likely to form different conceptual models. This depends on the ability of the user’s own experience and the ability to operate the product. For example, the concept model in the minds of technology developers may more inclined to the realization model of the product, and the concept model of ordinary users may be simpler, more use of metaphors, mapping, etc. in life. That is, a psychological model.

So why help users build a concept model? A good conceptual model that allows users to predict the results of their behavior, better operating products, to achieve their own purpose. So what is a good concept model, the closer the user’s psychological model is a better concept model.

Concept This kind of thing looks very abstract, the work is also unable to bring direct benefits, but understand these design theories to make designers to see the cause of this design.

Now everyone’s attitude is a bit like a fast food. Everyone can not read an article to immediately use it in their own work, but lack a deep understanding, just let everyone naturally don’t know how it is, it is unable to use, and cannot be in Program PK persuaded others.


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