Entertainment office, get the Flypool 276E1EW monitor assessment

The 27-inch 2K resolution display has become the current mainstream choice, high-color gamut, and multi-function have also become the focus of players considered. Philips has recently launched 276e1ew displays to meet many needs, let’s take a look at the assessment of the monitor.

娱乐办公一机搞定 飞利浦276E1EW显示器测评

Pure white minimalist wind, good style

娱乐办公一机搞定 飞利浦276E1EW显示器测评

The appearance of the Philips 276E1EW monitor is from the Dutch Amsterdam design studio. The pure white appearance is more elegant. Due to the relatively few pure white displays on the market, the display can also meet the needs of all white machine players. . Minimalistic modeling can be well adapted to various home and office environments, compare wild.

Reference price: 1599 yuan

Simple style and home environment are very harmonious

Simple and modern in the back design, also included VESA installation hole position

The screen of the Philips 276E1EW display uses the three-side microbide frame design, which can not only bring better visual immersive, but also in the multi-screen splicing, the splicing gap is smaller, and the experience is better. The base and brackets can be calculated to be this series of family-designed, simple and fashionable styles not only have high design, but also have more practicality. At the same time, it can also support the height adjustment and -5 ° ~ 20 ° pitch angle adjustment, and the player can easily adjust the comfortable viewing angle, and the high degree of adjustment can reduce the problem of the cervical vertebrae due to the problem of watching posture. Resulting injury.

娱乐办公一机搞定 飞利浦276E1EW显示器测评

The base is also included with a certain storage function

A trough is also provided on the bracket, which is convenient for players to consolidate cables and create a cleaner desktop environment. While she has a human engineering bracket, the Philips 276E1EW monitor also designed VESA installation hole position, players can replace their favorite walls or desktop brackets, bring more convenient experience.

娱乐办公一机搞定 飞利浦276E1EW显示器测评

The button is convenient under the front.

Equipped with a Type-C interface is a highlight of the display

Interface part, Philips 276e1eW display provides audio and Type-C interfaces in addition to regular HDMI and DP interfaces, which can meet most of the players for daily use and dispense multiple input devices. The TYPE-C interface supports data / audio / video transmission, and can provide 15W fast charge support. When using mobile phones that support Type-C (such as Huawei Mate series, millet MIX2, Samsung S series, etc.) can be used to complete video output and charging simultaneously, and mobile phones are more convenient.

Rich features, Type-C is very convenient

娱乐办公一机搞定 飞利浦276E1EW显示器测评

As a display that is suitable for home and office environment, Philips 276e1eW is equipped with low blue and DC dimming non-flashing technology, which can effectively filter the flicker of harmful blue bands and eliminate the naked eye and reduce visual pressures, more time. Good protection eyes. Filtering Blu-ray technology provides 4 gear regulations, players can choose to fit their gear on color and comfort.

For different applications and the user’s corresponding needs, Philips 276E1EW also provides players with different display modes. For example, in order to bring a better pure text reading experience to the player, Philips 276e1ew also provides EasyRead mode, the preset of this grayscale pattern, allows the display to show the display effect of the ink screen, which can better reduce the eye fatigue.

Although the location of the display is not a game display, it is also equipped with a one-button intelligent adjustment display function of FPS, RTS, and racing three game modes. By strikes the focus color in the game, you can intelligently highlight the focus of the game. Players make better operation. At the same time, its refresh rate is slightly higher than the ordinary display, reaching 75 Hz, can also support AMD FREESYNC technology, implement a non-torn picture experience, with 4MS GTG response time, there is also a better performance in the game.

When watching the dark tone screen or when you play dark-tuning, you may not see the darkness of the item, the characters, in order to enhance the viewing experience at this time, the monitor is also equipped with SamrtContrast technology, and the display will automatically analyze the displayed content after opening. Adjust the color and control the brightness of the backlight, the dynamic enhancement of the contrast is guaranteed to see the details, and it will not affect the experience of the experience because the picture is lighter.

娱乐办公一机搞定 飞利浦276E1EW显示器测评

Measurement of a wide range of domain panels, quality meets many needs

娱乐办公一机搞定 飞利浦276E1EW显示器测评

The image quality performance of the display is closely related to the panel quality. Philips 276e1EW is equipped with a 27-inch 2k (2560 × 1440) resolution IPS panel, size and resolution is the mainstream choice. As a product with IPS panel, Philips 278E2FE visual angle reached 178 ° / 178 °, all angle viewing screens have a good viewing experience.

When the players on the players pay more attention to the display of the display, the gauge is also one of the display displays that everyone value values. Philips 276E1EW is equipped with an 8bit of the panel that shows 16.7 million colors, nominal color gamma volume is 104.4% SRGB and 92.6% NTSC. From specifications to meet the vast majority of daily needs and no problem with audio and video entertainment.

娱乐办公一机搞定 飞利浦276E1EW显示器测评

We tested its actual performance. Let Philips 276e1EW will be preheated once before starting testing, and then tested using the Spyderx school. From the test results, the color gamut of Philips 276E1EW is 102.7% SRGB, and the color gamut coverage has reached 99% SRGB, and the color performance is better.

Since Philips 276E1EW’s Deltae average is only 1.03, color accuracy is high. Since the color gamut coverage of the display reaches 99% and the color gamut is different, it is not only good to meet daily pictures, video display requirements, but also meet the lightweight photography. And the backfree needs of the film and television. Overall, the application range is very extensive and is more all-round.

In terms of brightness uniformity, the maximum difference between 100% brightness is 5%, and the maximum difference between 50% brightness is 8%, and the performance in the same grade display is good, the player does not have obvious brightness differences, which can be obtained More consistent display effect experience.

Summary: Mainstream 2K display, multi-scene one machine to get

娱乐办公一机搞定 飞利浦276E1EW显示器测评

As a 27-inch mainstream dimension 2K resolution display, Philips 276E1EW has a relatively comprehensive manifestation. Elegant and generous design can be well integrated into a variety of scenes such as home, office, and pure white design can also touch a lot of “White Party”. The display is relatively rich, with a variety of display modes, which can adapt to a variety of use scenarios. In addition to low Blu-ray and DC dimming, eye-catching, the EasyRead model of the ink screen display effect is also more interesting. The interface introduces full-featured TYPE-C interface that can be charged data, whether it is convenient or practical. The wide-colored domain panel color gamut is overlay, whether in terms of audio and video viewing or lightweight productivity, there is a good experience.

If you are looking for a moderate and rich mainstream home display, Philips 276e1ew is a more worth considering product.


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