New crown is not ended, is Europe too optimistic?

In La Zalus, although some control measures can be reduced at this stage, all control measures are now incorrect, so that the public ignited the epidemic has been finalized.

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From the UK to Denmark, European countries are changing the way to treat new crown viruses. The appearance of O’Keki variants is a turning point of a new crown epidemic in Europe. Although the number of infections has never been increased, due to most of the infected people, European countries have begun to treat this virus with more relaxed attitudes. .

In late January, the British and Ireland took the lead in canceling various restrictions taken to control the spread of the epidemic. Since then, Danish, Sweden and other countries have announced that they will return to the epidemic, they will no longer ask the people to wear masks, bars, restaurant re-opening the door, museum, art museum, theater, and cinema returned to people’s lives.

Hans Kruger, Director of the World Health Organization European Regional Office, said that Europe is moving towards the episode of new crown. A spokesperson in the European Office of the World Health Organization said in an interview with the “Finance” reporter that new crown epidemic is a global popularity, each region, and each country is in different stages of the virus and inoculation rate in accordance with the spread. .

“In Europe, the highly propagated, lower toxicity and the increase in population immunity are predicted to a new stage that we are moving towards new crown.”

But the spokesperson also pointed out that

Now, the new crown virus is treated as a local epidemic or fluency is too rush, and the O’Ker variability can still lead to severe infection, and more likely to cause the epidemic in the community than Delta variants.

O’K戎 has become a major variant strain in Europe, which predicts that in March this year, Okeki may infect 60% of Europeans. However, compared with the new crown virus, most of the population of European countries have vaccinated new crown vaccines, especially in Western European countries, the admission rate caused by O’Koji infected with a sharp decline.

Jeffrey Razagers, the head of the Health System Team, Barcelona, ​​Spain, said, “Finance” reporter,

After O’K, people have begun to believe that this marks the end of the new crown, but there is no enough scientific evidence to prove that the end of the event has arrived.

Razalus is also a member of the International Medical Journal of Willow Knife Magazine New Crown Committee. In his view, although some control measures can be reduced at this stage,

“Now all control measures are wrong, and the hope that the public ignited the epidemic has been finalized.”

Be alert to the “Mouse Effect”

Living in London, Mei Sterle felt that she was familiar with the London, the street became busy, the bar was reopened, she finally went to the theater to see the performance. But after the new crown epidemic in these two years, she felt a cultural change:

People have accepted the wearing mask. Even if it is no longer a legal requirement, most of the people who take public transport will follow the provisions of the wearing mask. And she still remembers the resist of the mask at the beginning of the outbreak of the epidemic.

In late January this year, the UK took the lead in announced the abandonment of new crown related measures.

The vaccine pass system and mandatory mask will be terminated in England.

On February 9th, British Prime Minister Boris Johnson further announced that the UK will end all over the end of all control initiatives related to new crown epidemic.

This means that from February 24th, even if new crown viruses are infected, people will not be demanded.

At present, the UK requires infected people for 10 days of self-isolation.

Sterling is not sure whether the British lifting initiative is safe, but rather than Delta variant strains, Ottiki, which has a lower risk level, has gradually accepted the new crown virus as a normal state in life. “New crown virus has gradually become part of life, no longer the beginning of the epidemic, unknown new virus.” Sterl said to the “financial” reporter.

After the number of infections in the beginning of January exceeded 200,000, the UK confirmed cases began to fall, one degree below 100,000, but the number of new cases on February 10 rose to 162,000.

At present, more than 70% of the population in the UK have been vaccinated with new crown vaccines.

However, compared with the radical approach of England, the Scottish area has shown more cautious attitudes. On February 9, the Scottish government prolongs the validity of the new crown epidemic law. In public, wearing masks and presence of vaccine passing on large events will be invalid on February 28, but have been extended to September 24. John Squin, deputy chief minister of Scotland, said that there is still necessary to maintain some basic measures while relaxing.

Ireland is also one of the earliest countries that relax new crown epidemic control measures. From January 22nd, the bar, restaurant, nightclub, cinema, theater restored the normal business hours, the scale of the party is no longer limited, and the employees at home will gradually return to the office. Ireland Prime Minister Michelle Martin frankly, in the announcement of the restriction policy, the number of infections may have temporary rising, so he called on the public to continue vaccination.

Compared with the UK and Ireland, some of the peak peaks of infection, European countries have announced the peak of the infection in the declaration of measures related to new crown epidemic. despite this,

These countries began to explore how to coexist with new crown viruses.

After the Danish Epidemiological Committee removing new crown pneumonia from the list of “Social Crisis”, Denmark started all restrictions from February 1.

This means that the nightclub is reopened, and the restaurant can continue to sell alcohol after 10 o’clock in the evening, and the store will no longer limit the number of customers. There is no need to show a vaccine pass when the people have invested in any place, and they can do not wear masks by public transport.

Although the number of new patients has continued to create a new high, the Netherlands have decided to take new strategies to address new crown epidemic.

The new strategy will be committed to maintaining the normal operation of society, not a specific goal.

For example, monitor the pressure of the health system.

Netherlands Health Minister Enster Cubert said: “We turn from the elimination risk to control risk, so we can live a more normal life.”

The Netherlands that started a new round of blocking in December 2021 has been reopensed by cafes, bars and restaurants.

The Swedish Health Minister Lina Harlellen said, although the new crown epidemic has not been completely complete, the epidemic has ended on the rapid changes and restrictions of viruses. Since February 9, Sweden cancels all control measures taken to new crown viruses and terminates new crown virus detection, only health systems, nursing home staff and the most vulnerable people can accept free new crown testing.

Calin Tmak Vesler, Director of the Swedish, said that this is due to cost consideration.

“If we continue to conduct large-scale detection on people with new crown infection symptoms, this means we will spend 500 million kron (about $ 55 million), one month (about $ 22 billion).”

Since the emergence of new championships, Sweden has never been blocked or closes business facilities. The patient’s personal report of 10.3 million countries has exceeded 2.2 million, diagnosed cases and death cases in Northern Europe.

French President Marllon, which will face the election in April, decide to keep the restrictions in the minimum, and he will focus on the appeal of the French people to vaccinate the vaccine as soon as possible.

The French National Assembly passed the bill in January, requiring vaccine pass to replace the previous health pass. This means that people will need to show the vaccination proof of vaccination when people enter the restaurants, bars, cultural venues, take a plane and train. The previous health pass allows people to enter these places after presentation of nucleic acid detection negative certificates. After the implementation of the vaccine pass, France will no longer set the limit for the number of people attending concerts, sports events and other activities.

In January this year, the number of people in France increased at a speed of millions per day. Although the number of hospitalizations has increased, patients requiring severe supervision have been greatly reduced compared to those previous wave of epidemic.

After more than 500,000 cases of new cases have been added on January 25, the number of diagnosed people in France has begun to fall. At present, the proportion of population of new crown vaccines in France has exceeded 75%.

European countries such as Italy, Spain, Finland, Switzerland, Norway are also relaxing to public life implementation.

“My biggest concern is the mouse effect between the country (blindly followed).” Michael Lan, the World Health Organization, Maxi Raine, recently said.

He pointed out that although some countries have room for initiatives, some countries may only be released because of political pressure. Since the new crown epidemic, European multi-country has happened to protesting new championships.

Not all European countries are fully unsappurizing in the big knife.

In Germany, people who are not vaccinated with new crown vaccines are still banned from entering restaurants, cinemas and non-essential stores. German Health Minister Carl Raotbach expects the peak of German infection to arrive in mid-February. Germany’s new number of cases reported on February 8 set a new record, more than 380,000.

The German Federal House is asking for the public to compliance with vaccination, including compliance of all adults or 50 years old or not inoculated. About 74% of Germany vaccinated at least one needle vaccine, which fell behind France, Italy and Spain, and the three countries had already vaccinated that the population of the first needle vaccine exceeded 80%.

At present in the EU countries, Austria is the only country that legislability forced vaccination. Austria passed legislation on January 20 this year, requiring adults over 18 years old to vaccinate new crown vaccines, and those who refuse to vaccinate will face a fine of omitted impact No. 3600 euros.

Coexistence with the virus is “an escape”

From December 2021, the O’Kki storm in Europe is in Europe, although the number of infections in European countries has reached a high innovation, but its risk is reduced in compared with Delta poison. Even if the O’Cho variability has caused significant increase in diagnosis, the admission rate has increased, which causes pressure to the health system in the short term, but compared with the previous wave of epidemics, the intensive care unit does not fall into the strategies.

Peter Kremet, Associate Professor, Vienna Medical University, said that most European countries have adhered to the strategy of “Lace Curve”, that is, only strict initiatives such as blockade are taken when the health system is close to overwhelming.

At present, whether it is a decline in European countries, it is mainly due to the decline in European countries, mainly due to vaccine or infecting antibodies produced by new crown viruses, plus the damage caused by O’K to the lungs, requires intensive care. The proportion of hospitalized patients is reduced.

“So, countries with higher immune levels such as the British and Denmark no longer feel the need to launde curve, thereby eliminating almost all restrictions. There is not so high of the country still exist, but compared to previous waves The measures taken by the epidemic are not so strict. “Kremek said.

Although O’Keki variant strains have shown stronger dissemination than Delta strains, most of the symptoms triggered by Okeki are mild diseases.

This ignited the long-awaited hope – new crown epidemic is transforming from the big epidemic into a more controllable local epidemic.

Multi-European national leaders have begun to pass such signals. “As new crown epidemic, we need to replace legal requirements with recommendations and guidance.” The British Prime Minister Johnson said that it was announced.

In January this year, Spanish Prime Minister Sanchez has also said that it is time to change the way to track new crown viruses, to deal with new crown viruses like responding to flu;

The people need to learn to coexist with new crown viruses, just like many other viruses.

But in Razhalus, it is also an evading that the new crown virus will evolve in human beings. If the vaccine can provide more time protection, it is time to assert with the virus is an escape. “This is also as a political leader such as Sanchez, Johnson, said that this is just a flu, we don’t have to worry, this has become local epidemic, and we no longer need to control measures, why do I think they are wrong. We have not To this step, even though I hope we can reach this step as soon as possible. “

It means that each infection case will no longer record the case of each infection, nor test of all people who appear in symptoms.

But local epidemiology usually has predictable, stable propagation paths, and new crown viruses still have many uncertainties. In addition, local epidemics still have threatening.

Malaria takes 600,000 people in a place of local epidemics.

“The situation in Europe is still very complicated. We need to be clear that the big popularity has not yet ended, even if the vaccine of life is to reverse the situation.” The above World Health Organization said the spokesperson said.

Razalus also held the same point.

“This is not local epidemic, is still a big popularity. One of the characteristics of the big popular feature is difficult to predict, given that we don’t know what will happen, this is a case where it is difficult to predict.”

He pointed out that the new cases in Europe are still in the high level, although the number of visascities have decreased in some countries, but from a high number to fall. “Unless we see the number of numbers to low, it is maintained at a low level, for example, one year, we can say that it has become a local epidemic.”

Recent studies have shown that Okekra has caused a lower possibleity than other new crown strains, but it still has high infectivity, even if people who have already vaccinated the vaccine will still be infected.

In Kremek, with the emergence of vaccines and drugs, although humans have more options in response to new crown viruses, the evolution of new crown viruses is difficult to predict, such as infected Okeki people will also Infect again. He also pointed out that different variation of strains will continue to appear, some attackers are weak, and some are stronger.


“The big popularity will not suddenly end, but as we will no longer depend on it as a threat,” Kremek said.

Canceling all restrictions is also time to cancel all restrictions when the new crown is not yet ended.Razalus believes that it is a “huge mistake” to wear masks on the subway, trains and bus like Denmark.”

In this big popular, wearing a mask in public transport is a minimum requirement.

.This is why I think that the EU countries should reach a consensus on this issue.They do not need to have consensus on everything, but in minimize dealing measures should form a consensus, including detection, improve ventilation and wearing masks.”

Razalus pointed out that EU countries lack coordinated in response to new championships, the European Union should make a good record for the epidemic that may appear this fall.There is still a need for a lot of political wishes to prepare for the next wave of fishes, and explain to the public, which is to protect the economy and protect their social life.

New crown viruses have caused nearly 5.6 million deaths worldwide, and the number of deaths in Europe reached 1.7 million.


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