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Lead: For small partners that are easy to acne, a bottle of acne essence is of course necessary. So many acne essences are now in the market. How should I choose? In fact, when we choose the acne essence, you can choose the makeup brand, because the ingredients added in the makeup brand are more mild and safe, and the process of acne is also safe. If you want a more comfortable experience, you can choose Japanese brand acne essence. If you are afraid to step on the thunder, please come and see this acne essence list!

祛痘精华液哪个牌子好 盘点祛痘精华液十大排行榜

1, Di Lei multi-ride raw liquid 1.25ml * 10 ¥ 198

祛痘精华液哪个牌子好 盘点祛痘精华液十大排行榜

Di Li’s first multi-effect essence, with efficient, concise, natural, and comfortable brand spirit. In dot, penetrate repair core, reducing skin damage, has a very good repair effect on hormone face, red blood, is also the savior of acne acne printed. In addition to repairing damaged skin, performance in anti-aging is also satisfactory. It is rich in 53 amino acid ingredients, covering 48 hormone detection, only ten days, the skin is gradually delicate, firm, smooth, skin tone is extremely uniform, clean, bright. This essence is a bottle, which is easy to carry. The amount is just enough to use very scientific intimate design, the price is very high. Three boxes of hormone faces to repair the sebum membrane, the general two boxes of acne muscles, it is recommended to use the no residual amino acid cleansing bubble with their home!

祛痘精华液哪个牌子好 盘点祛痘精华液十大排行榜

2, Wei Na Xiong Fruit White Moisturizing Essence 50g ¥ 288

4-stage flea whitening system layer decomposition black noodles dark skin care ingredients: xerobia, nicotinamide, seven-leaf trees, purslane, snow grass, marigold, licorice, yeast, green thorns, double molecule transparent Sodium sodium sour

祛痘精华液哪个牌子好 盘点祛痘精华液十大排行榜

3, charm ocean bright white repair essence 30ml ¥ 495

Newly added marine whitening ingredients and super double water lock formulas make this essence more effective, absorb faster, so that the skin is more flexible and moist. Long-term use of skin is smoother, smooth, shiny, flexible, and vitamin C.

4, after the Arches, enjoy the muscles of theoretics 45ml ¥ 990

The metabolism caused by the season, so that the horny layers on the face becomes more and more, the back of the stratum corneum will make Queens skin looks dim. Then, newly launched a muscle origin of pore management and sedative. Including Chen Hao Secret, Balance the skin oil, regulate skin blood, reproduce skin elastic luster.

祛痘精华液哪个牌子好 盘点祛痘精华液十大排行榜

5, Shuishi Australian Ocean Pine Soothing Essence 25ml ¥ 320

Efficacy: moisturizing hydrating, remove acne / acne. Main ingredients: Ocean oil control extract of plant purification factors, North American gold 梅 extract.

6, Polay Ya Jing Extremely White Collaborate 40ml ¥ 310

祛痘精华液哪个牌子好 盘点祛痘精华液十大排行榜

It is rich in various whitening ingredients to diminish the color spots and pigments, improve dullness, brighten skin tones, and achieve uniform white skin. To create beautiful snow symbols: skin care ingredients from deep sea water, seaweed extracts, deep sea resistant fungi fermentation extracts, etc., improved skin, improve dry and roughness, keep skin moist, shiny and beautiful.

7, France Guerlain complete white spot repair liquid 1.5ml ¥ 450

It is easy to carry the nursing partner, which can effectively fight against the black spot, which can be used directly in the pigmentation, prevent, cover, and reduce the black spot. The pen design ensures precise use of the spot and has SPF45 / PA sun protection.

8. YUMEI Treatment? Concentrated water essence 80ml ¥ 550

The moisturizing dew is absorbed by the skin by massage, penetrating into each cell, and play a powerful moisturizing effect. Hyaluronic acid is rich in water; – betaine can prevent sensitive and softened skin. The silicone derivative forms a protective film outside the skin to prevent water distribution; vitamin B5 and vitamin E can increase skin elasticity, and the skin can instantly recover and lubricate.

9, 婵 真 美 菁 红 水 保 精 精 50g ¥ 298

The whitening ingredients of persimmon leaf extracts, mulberry extracts and peony skin extract make the black skin and bright. Water is supplied to dry and dry skin, so that the skin is wet and smooth. How to use: Take a proper amount of tapping throughout the face, especially the vulnerable parts such as the corner, lips.

10, Givenchy hydrating control oil gel 50ml ¥ 580

祛痘精华液哪个牌子好 盘点祛痘精华液十大排行榜

Suitable for mixed or oily skin gel, extremely smooth, fully moisturizing the skin, regular secretion of oil.

祛痘精华液哪个牌子好 盘点祛痘精华液十大排行榜

In the morning and evening, the face and neck after the essence.

Conclusion: This ten acne essence of the list is rushing to the list. After so many consumers, the word of mouth is really very good, the effect is very good, I want to acne, come back to the hand!


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