Female envy of a full body, Hao Lei wears a perspective tulle with a chest skirt, mature woman is too eye-catching

# 品牌 好物 #


# What to wear today?


Middle-aged women are in the painting of mature atmosphere due to life, not only to show unique personal charm is elegant. However, some middle-aged women are too conservative. They will be a bit cautious in matching, and they will try to design full clothes. I feel that I am tired or too exposed. In fact, as long as I choose clothes that suits you, the effect is neither common It also has a beautiful sense of you. 42-year-old Hao Lei is very dare to wear, know how to show your advantage, even if you put on the lace skirt of stealing mirrors, you will be amazing, and you will not feel that the patriotic is violated, she boldly wearing a middle-aged woman. Learning, for the United States or dare to try different styles.

For example, this shape, the mature woman is not only to attract attention to the focus of mature women’s attention. Perspective tabbed long skirt with the same color, the whole person, but also the mature woman taste, but also a lot of mirrors, not feeling the trend, with a bit of meat It’s really good to take your body.


In fact, a lot of slightly fat girls don’t dare to try transparent or tight clothes in the wearing, worried that they are shortcoming, and I feel that it is easy to be easy to be cheap. This idea is unsuitable, one thing is The loose clothes of the Tibetan meat have avoided the effective effects, but their own diverse beauty will not show. No matter what style of clothes, you have to try it, you are not suitable for yourself.

Female envy of full body, Hao Lei penetrating tissue with somrate skirt, mature woman is too eye-catching. For bold mature women, the perspective thin weld skirt is still very common, but not only the ribs of the hidden lines also have a beautiful beauty, giving people a mysterious fashion effect. Just like Hao Lei, this dress not only showed her meat body, but also a feminine. But in the match, you should not pay attention to the entire shape of the whole shape, which gives people feeling cheap and falling, pay attention to the overall scale, you can learn Hao Lei to pick up the color. Broadkirt.


Moping long gear skirts with hierarchy tube top skirts that can highlight out the line curve and see if there is a cascade from the tulle. But the girl is too full, but also pay attention to the tube top dress, don’t be too tight, too tight style is easy to pull out the vice milk, so it is awkward. Since the tissue is the embellishment of the embroidered flowers, the tube top Skirt will choose to choose a solid color, which is not only a sense of beauty. The slightest skirt and the tissue dresses in the thigh can also be rich in shape, and the leg is also modified.

White embroidered flowers add delicate and elegant fashion feelings, let simple dress skirts create retro court wind, even simple models can wear elegant and advanced textures. But it is not recommended to choose a skin color with a skin color, which will be more black, can choose white or slim black. Hao Lei belongs to a meat, but she dares to play fashion. Even if she is very picking up, she can show the sexy woman’s taste, she dares to try the style, very suitable for middle age Female learning.


Hao Lei’s dress is either sexual and feminine, such as this black and white style, not only wearing a graceful vast gas field is still noble, and temperament is really absolutely. Large lapel waist white shirts compared to official shirts not only showed exquisite small classes, but also wrapped the thick arm and shoulder lines, and adding aesthetic feeling. The waist, the design of the large lapel, the white shirt is fashionable, the lower body is mixed with black bag hip fish tail skirts, and it is true, Hao Lei is wearing beautiful, the average person is really Such a rural high-level and fashionable feelings.

Mature women want to wear fashion beauty, first of all, choose clothes suitable for style temperament, even the simplest basic paragraph can create a high level. Hao Lei’s shape is also a simple black and white match. Compared to a set of it, this is relatively low, the classic black and white loving gardens are not only strong, but also showing a feminine, this jumpsuit is white. The satin material, the design and unique gloss sense of the deep V, and the high waist design also has long figure, which is high and thin, and the slightly loose version is also comfortable, and believers are High level.

Middle-aged women want to try a different style, can refer to Hao Lei’s boldness, learn from her clothes tips, dare to challenge the style of their never tried, maybe you can find the fashion beauty of yourself.

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