Guangzhou couple transformed an old school district, designed children’s rooms with slides “Star”, really envious

Nowadays, more parents will pay more attention to their own children. I hope to give them a good living condition. I also hope that they can enjoy better education resources, so now the school district is generally hot, I believe that people will be parents. There is such a sense of feelings.

Speaking here, I will share this decoration case today, coordinate Guangzhou, Guangzhou, a metropolis, can have a house in Guangzhou, it is really not easy. Originally a set of old houses, but also a school district room, Guangzhou couple renovated this apartment in the home, but also to give two children, give yourself better home. Decoration of this school-study zone, more is considering the child, the overall effect is not bad, especially the design of the children’s room “Starry Sky”, seeing such a design is sincere, the first time I really let me open The eyes are, the decoration is really endless. Below, give you a detailed introduction, I hope everyone can like it!


Apartment diagram

Original apartment map


The old house, the apartment is not so right, it was originally a three-bedroom and one hall, and later made three rooms and two halls, one toilet and a kitchen.

Reconstructed apartment diagram

After breaking the original wall, the living room has a lot of space, but also a semi-open kitchen, improve the wind, the kitchen is stronger, but also specializes in a slide “starry sky “Children’s room, although the decoration is unlikely, it can transform such an effect, really too envious.



Make a real scene


The original unit is actually not porch, but after design, after discussion, the entrance to the house they want to do. The entrance door has customized a shoe cabinet on the top two layers, although it is not very big, but the storage space is still quite strong. The shoe cabinet can be put on the spot, and the middle can also put other or art to do decoration, let people come in front of the eyes, very decorative effect, and the key or home key will be much convenient.


Home Shoes Real Scene 2

After the entrance entrance is added, a “L” font locker is added, and it is strictly in which a “U” type cabinet can provide a large amount of storage space. In the middle of the space, it is convenient for one person to open the door or hit something or take things, it is convenient. On the right, the cabinet is divided into two layers of upper and lower layers, and the marble countertops is installed in the middle. It is particularly dirty. It can accommodate the toddles of the family, too happy, watching such a design, really envious.


living room

Living room real scene

The position of the entrance door is the living room. In order to appear to be spacious, the original balcony is turned on, and the curtains are collected during the day, and the lighting is particularly sufficient. Decorative positioning Nordic style, but modern minimalist styles may be more appropriate. In order to children, I have chosen the dirty fabric sofa, and the middle tea can don’t, if not, the living room can make more things, convenient for two children to play. However, the overall effect is quite good, it seems particularly warm and comfortable.


TV backdrop

With the location of the TV wall, there is no other shape, but a “L” cabinet with a locker that provides more storage space, and there are more children in the family, especially need such storage space, And the feeling of visually gives it to the atmosphere. The Lego can be seen everywhere, you can put on the TV cabinet, if you don’t need it, you can also put it in the cabinet, keep the room neat and clean.

Dinning room


The space is relatively small, there is no way to arrange the sidewall or wine cabinet, but it does not affect the use. A square table is arranged, and a family sits at such a warm restaurant, which is really happy.

Dining table and chairs gray and yellow match, particularly beautiful. It is too warm through the lining of the light. The left side is the kitchen, which is said to have a semi-open kitchen, mainly the upper part is equipped with glass, which seems to be more transparent, and the light is more sufficient.

In order to play a better visual effect in the evening, in the design of the light, the wall light is actually the road lights in the evening, and it is still very beautiful.




Let’s take a look at the kitchen, only the space of the slap, so it is better to make a semi-open kitchen, which is better to connect the restaurant and kitchen. You can see the plane arrangement, forming the order of “washing, cut, and fried”.

The reason why the semi-open kitchen, the kitchen and restaurant shared walls have changed a part, changed a window, can be turned off, or open. Boiled meals, you can stand on the restaurant, directly on the table.


The kitchen is not large, when the kitchen is decorated, try to take each space. Moreover, the semi-open kitchen is done, and the quality of the pneumatic hoods is installed. The oven, etc. can be embedded, it looks more atmospheric, and it is more convenient to use. The countertops of quartzstones are installed, especially dirty.

This is a bar, you can do or eat breakfast in the bar, or drink some small wine, it is a good choice. The left side reserved the position of the refrigerator, which is particularly convenient to use.

Cave board




Although the kitchen sparrow is small, the storage function is really very powerful, and it can accommodate the bottle tanks in the kitchen, and it is particularly convenient for the next time, especially.


Master bedroom

It was a set of old houses. On the original apartment layout, there was no way to do much change, so I saw the bedroom now, not as the master bedroom space in our home, but I don’t affect life. A very practical double tatami bed, the position on the wall was installed, and the storage space was still good, and it would not feel crowded.

You can also make a dressing table or a workbench next to the window. It is convenient to use. Near the window, the light is particularly sufficient during the day.

Children’s room 1


Using the aisle position, the top of the closet is arranged on both sides, and there is a feeling of a hats, and two children in the family, one person uses a wardrobe, and it is still very convenient. The cabinet does not do any shape, especially simple, considering the height of the child, the handle is selected, and the installation is also relatively low.

Their couple especially hurt their children, specializing in a slide, convenient at home, convenient home, have a tent toy house on the right, is really happy. Designed to go to bed, it is convenient for two children in the family. From small, you can learn to exchange your feelings, which will help them grow healthy and happy. Children in the family prefer the starry sky, and the top is also designed, and you can see it in bed.


After all, it is not a real starry sky, so “Star” adds two quotes. The top of the designer installed the ceiling of the log, which digs several grooves. It is true like “Star Sky” through the reflective board. I really like it. I like it very happiness.



There is also a room to set tatami, wall pink and blue, very beautiful. In the future, two children have grown up, they will sleep separately, and I have already considered very clear. But the two children in the family are relatively small, in fact, it is temporarily used to be a room or a book.



The cabinet mirror is installed, you can add some storage space, which is very convenient to use. The living room of the living room is very like, the value is very high.


Installed the toilet, also installed urinals, and they actually consider the child’s child.

Do a wet separation, which is particularly convenient. The electric hot towel is installed, I like it too much.


The space of the corridor just can be arranged in a washing machine and dryer, and the hexagonal bricks on the ground pavement is very beautiful and very dirty. The top light is very shining, which is particularly spatial.


If you share it here, even if you look at the whole house, the old school district of their couple is not so luxurious, nor is it so atmospheric, but more ordinary, but considering the child, design with slides “starry sky “Children’s room, sincere envious, feel particularly happy, really very good for children at home. Here, I wish them a family of four to move home early, and I wish them a lot of happiness.

If your home is also a child, you are thinking about the decoration, if you like, you can give a slide at home, design a “starry sky!”


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