Astronaut Wang Yaping is “true goddess”, ordinary sportswear, high integrity, temperament is very outstanding

In this fast-paced year, people are getting lower and lower. Too popular fashion items will only manufacture body anxiety, only enough simple fashion style, you can let people relax, and take the charm of wearing. In numerous fashion items, sportswear is relatively pleased, this dressing style is relatively simple, most of them are in the form of a set.


And the style does not need to shape it, as long as you follow the original style, the version is designed to be loose fashion, so it doesn’t need to worry about your body problem. For the astronaut Wang Yaping, it is usually in the work, and it is basically sports.


This kind of sports is designed, combined with a variety of fashion elements, while the style looks casually, but also has fashion personality. There is no gap between the style and daily style, but it is just in the fitting, more emphasizes the comfortable effect of wearing.


Sports is not too slim, but through loose state, to create a natural match style. Wang Yaping’s high quality is good, and the ordinary sports is put out. I have to sigh, Wang Yaping is the true goddess, and the temperament is really not picking. What problems do you need to pay attention to when ordinary people match sports?

What is the misunderstanding needs to be avoided with sports?

1. Don’t be too complicated in style

There are a lot of sportswear design style, more biased to dynamic design, will put different colors together, form a new fashion style, this colorful design sports, the whole style gives people feel more Strong aggressive. It is more inclusive than ordinary sports.


So in wearing, it will easily have problems. For girls who drive the ability to control, don’t try this style, choose the basic style, can create better temperament and image in the match.

2. Don’t ignore the match details

The girl wearing sportswear countless, but many people will put sports to wear very rustic, which means that they don’t take better in the details. The style of moving is generally integrated into the casual style, reflected in the state, not just the charm of the single-layer showing sports.

Instead, it can be seen on the side, what is the effect of such a leisure style. It is necessary to make your own image more refined, not the rough image, although sports is unforeseen, but it is better to do better.

3. Don’t be too monotonous with style

The sportswear looks dynamic, but the style is more common, and the overall feeling will be very mediocre. I hope that I have more time to look at it, I need to pay attention to more details. For example, to match the pure color-based sportswear, you should try to find a breakout point in the match, even if the hairstyle looks more, or makes makeup look more affected.

These details can make the mediocrity style more, if they are just pursuing comfortable wearing, I hope that through the solid color of sports, the style is safer, this mentality has no way to improve the match, only truly breakthrough, only Can meet new styles.

Wang Yaping’s sports equipment:

01 • Hairstyle is desirable, to create a clean image

With sportswear, many people may tend to be tangled, what kind of hairstyle is more suitable, the style of sportswear has always been cleaner, so everyone can learn Wang Yaping’s way, wear sports and match with ponytail, this style looks More fashionable atmosphere, it will look more daily. Putting ordinary sports style, showing a unique effect.

If you do other hairstyles, such as long hair or curling, these hairstyles look too women’s, and neutral style sports is not in, but the horse-tail hairstyle is different, the whole person seems to be more powerful, will be more There is a high spirits.

02 • Fresh light makeup to create a senior atmosphere

Don’t think that the matching of sports is more casual. But I painted a big thick makeup. It’s hard to imagine such an image, what kind of embarrassment will encounter.

If you don’t want to encounter “social death”, you can learn Wang Yaping’s way, with light-colored light makeup, with light-colored sportswear, style look clean and elegant, showing different supercharms.

03 • With dark sportswear, create a slim body

The design of sportswood itself is based on loose version. This dress looks atmospheric fashion, but the body is bloated. After wearing it, it will look more obesity, but with dark-colored sportswear, it will not Such a problem, but in turn, it can create a slender body ratio, which makes the image more outstanding.



The matching of sports is not to say that you can wear it. Suggestions?

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# 秋 好 时光 #

# 明 星 What #


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