Yang Mi wear black is really invincible! Writing vest is cool, slender white arm is too tempting

Yang Marshal is really no one, and the whole black vest model is a big show drum.

Text / painting


In today’s era, wear no longer suffer so many bondage, the style of clothing has become increasingly rich. We all have the right to pick up the clothing of you, and we are also more and more likely to live in the ideal yourself. We don’t need to create a sweet and sweet in order to cater to the secular appetite. If there is any soul, you want to live the coolest look, then your life attitude is made into a style of doing a style, and I have not tasted.


Yang Mi debuted in “Escape” in the “Secret Room”, it is more concerned before the show, and a black tool dress is dressed from the head to the foot, and the white slender arm exposed in the hot summer also has a perfect curve curve. Very caught people. A sleeping red lip is shown in a black dress to show the charm of unique mature practitioners. The peach pink earrings don’t abrupt the youthful girl. Not only that, she still played her drum, and it is beautiful.


Touching trousers, very broad and handsome

As soon as we mention handsome, we will always think of doing trousers. The workfalls have won many people’s favor of many people with their well-written fabrics and better comfort. It does not belong to the serious fabric of the reflective. In contrast, when the light is projected, it is a soft and even close to the effect, producing a low-key handsome.

In addition, the tooling pants are often not tight, often showing a loose profile, with a stacked in the knee and ankle. This not only can effectively cover the true thickness of the calf thigh, but also achieve a thin effect, and can also produce the effect of 飒 飒. A series of detail designs such as metal zipper and tooling pockets is a single product that many people can’t let go.


Hundreds of single product black vests, revealing fiber arm


The black vest is slightly embellished, plus the design of the belt, and I have reached a good fit with the workfall. At the same time, this kind of blouse is slim, and the loose wear method is very suitable for the upper body, and the little fairy in the legs is slightly meat. It is a very sensible choice through comprehensive matching to show your most advantageous side.


It is also important to note that the choice of the hanging vest is also very particular, according to the shoulder width, we can pay attention to the different widths of the strap. If the shoulder is width, you can select a wide vest of the shoulder strap, which can be used to segment the effect of the real shoulder width. At the same time, if the length of the neck is long, try not to choose the length of the suspender long, the neckline is too large, avoiding the way to form too much leaves.


Dew or not revealing, master the mood

If you are a little fairy, a little fairy, you may have to show your strengths by revealing your own arms and legs. But it is necessary to pay attention to it, if you choose such a dew arm vest, you want to match the legged skirt, although fully demonstrate the advantages, but these feature stacks may have a visual effect, but instead The best presented result cannot be achieved.


Choose the high waist trousers that can show a small waist to take short vests, or add a pair of stockings in the dew short skirt, which can make the overall view feel greatly. Similarly, the legs of the legs are slightly fat or a slightly thick arm, and these shortcomings can be hidden through the appropriate version of the clothes, making visually perfect presence.


Thick small leather shoes, increase the legs of the legs


A pair of black thickened small leather shoes, can increase the height of two or three centimeters casually, and it is visually to eliminate the legs, changing the upper body and the lower body proportion, close to the gold segmentation ratio, the overall temperament can get very Large improvement. And the thick-bottomed black leather shoes, especially the sole width is greater than the above-mentioned shoe, and the visual width of the shoes is added to the front. In this way, it can change the proportion of shoes and legs, so that the effect of the legal leg is visually achieved, and the legs don’t worry.

It is also a very increased gas field. The long Martin boots that equally meet the requirements are also good alternatives, put the tooling trousers into the Martin boots, and there is also a simple handsome. The texture of the skin shoe is also very good lining, making a very comfortable harmony in the entire clothing in the style, but also a good unity in style.

Many times our clothes wear can introduce our own yourself. Free souls and chic life attitudes can also be expressed through our clothes.


We have to be brave to be yourself, wear the most embarrassing costumes, self-confidence.

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