This year’s popular “tooling cotton clothing” is more than two or three times higher than the coat federance, the key is not expensive.

After a cooling, the weather suddenly cooled several degrees, and the previous suit jacket, coats, etc., it is not warm enough.

Don’t worry, except those, this year’s super popular “tooling cotton clothes” is also a single item. It is more important than coat, fur, etc., most importantly, it is not expensive!

These tooling cotton clothes are fashionable and advanced

Style 1: Loose version of cotton clothes

The coat, the fur is good, but the high-end fashionable and cheap tooling cotton clothes are more fragrant! The tooling cotton suit is designed with tooling wind, the most typical style is the design of two pockets in front of the chest.

In addition, there are also flight jacket cotton clothes. They typically have pockets or pockets in front of the clothes, and some necklaces and cuffs are also decorated with or buttons or magic stickers. They can be tightened, so the wind is super good ~



The design of the tooling jacket is biased, and the loose version is selected.


This is a typical pilot jacket type tooling cotton suit.

Khaki neutral, brown lapel design, is handsome. The loose version of the tooling cotton clothing can also be modified with the upper body line, with black radish pants, so we are really too handsome!

Style 2: Sexual cold dressing cotton clothing

The design of the tooling cotton clothing is neutralized. If you choose a sweet color like a pink, it is easy to abrupt, not harmonious.

What color is the most suitable color?

Basic color, easier to wear high-level feelings like blue, green, etc. ~

This pine green tooling cotton clothing choice for our Zhou Dongrui Xiaoxiao is a good example. Pocket and magic stickers are handsome neutral, with blue feet pants with high saturated.

A yellow grid shirt, an external junior practice.


The whole color of the colored color to match the cotton clothes,

Is it super good?

Style 3: Middle long tooling cotton clothes

In the length of the tooling cotton clothing, it is recommended that the little fairy chooses to choose a long-term tooling cotton clothing. Because of the reproducuous tooling design,

Long tooling cotton clothes will make us look very bloated.

So, when the sisters choose the tooling cotton clothes,

The choice can cover the hip or length in the middle of the thigh is the most fashionable advanced ~

The land color tools are particularly high-level, which is a color that is not easy to step on. Match the black slim sweater, and white sports pants with a mix, full of Japanese teenagers. Finally, use a blue baseball cap as a dotted, easily getting a refreshing teenager.


This cold winter, sisters don’t get sick because of the pursuit of fashion. Warm and advanced tooling cotton clothes, better than coats, skin thin, is it not fragrant?

The tooling cotton clothing is more advanced


Match one: mix with a small feet pants, a width

The above is said, the tooling cotton clothing selection loose style is more advanced. When you match, and the sluggish pants are mixed!


Milk tea is retro neutral, and the fur collar design makes the whole more warm. With round collar, you can reduce the heavy feeling of cotton clothes.


With black slim pants, like this is a good match, whether it is a small child or a slightly fatigue, you can easily get high-level feelings ~

Match 2: matching print sweater, super simple match


Here is the gray green tooling cotton clothing, irregular diamonds, siki, and sisters who like retro winds can be arranged. Personal print sweater. Sisters can also be like this little sister,

Use Bereta, and painter’s hat and other accessories to add a level.

And milk white wool sports pants, so


Undergraded Jane

To match the tooling cotton clothes, you can also move the visual center, there is a wonderful legacy!

Match three: with the knee boots, the top length is short

How can we not put on our trendy temperament boots? The tooling cotton clothing and the knee boots are mixed, and the upper shorter wear is more interest.

Here is the use of red tooling cotton clothes with black Martin boots, and the long effect of the lower-cut wear legs is not general!

Small sisters can choose from the length of the knee boots in the middle of the calf, and the modified leg shape is high.


Take a small summary of cotton clothes

Watching trendy tooling cotton suit:

1. Loose version of tooling cotton clothes, do not pick your body and age

2. The cold-tone of the fine-cooled dummy talent, the base color, the earth color, and the low saturation low brightness are very cool.

3. Middle-long tooling cotton clothes, you can cover the styles of your hips

High-quality tooling cotton clothing:

1. Tighten with the slightest pants on the pants, choose the simple styles of trousers better

2. Comparison with printed sweaters, and high-level

3. The length of the long shoe is short, the lower disappearance is long-term


This cold winter requires a good look and warm single product to embellish. High-quality tooling cotton clothes are good choices. More than coat, fur, better than coat, fur, so good winter single product, hurry to take it home!


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