It’s better to look better, Sweden brand Fjallraven Polar fox real wear experience

This time you have to test the autumn and winter models of the Fjallraven North Pole fox outdoors.

In fact, my first professional mountaineering is the -barents pro trousers of Fjallraven Northern Fox, because there is one of the friends around you, but the relative activity is not so good, but still very I like it G1000 cloth, very wear, wear it climbed a lot of mountains, still there is no wear rupture.

I have been very trustworthy and likes this pants now until now.

This time, I started to enter the mountaineering season of autumn and winter, I started this kaipak trousers outdoor trousers, and it was not very different from other styles. I thought it was just a trousers that grouped with G-1000® ECO, but actual After wearing it, the feelings have a significant difference.

Breathable improvement


With the previous KEB’s style, there is really a big difference. I don’t have a hot sense of hot. I can keep the legs dry, although breathable, but because of the material of the G-1000, the wind is not too filling. . And do not reduce durability because of thinner!

More fit


Compared to my original Barents Pro trousert, it is loose tailor (only knees are three-dimensional tailoring), and it is the design of the middle waist. It will be slightly loose, and now Kaipak is mainly tailored, and Some parts are added to the elastic fabric, which makes me very good.

On the upper edge of the hip, under the back and knee rear splicing elastic fabric (black fabric) plus three-dimensional tailoring, providing the footsteps of outdoor movement.


G-1000 material


I believe that everyone knows that the material of G1000 is very wear. It can be very assured to rub the rock cliff in the terrain. In the case of wearing knee, the cloth does not wear the ball.

This time, our trip is almost in the first half. The weather is not very good. The rain is sprayed or too scared. The fabric has basic premium water, even if there is a little wet, it can be quickly dried.

Large pocket on the left


I have always liked this big pocket design with pants, which will be biased towards the tooling, and functionality will be relatively strong, and it is also suitable for usually wearing it in urban work.

The left pocket is built, I will take the lens cover to get quickly, the right pocket is a zipper, I will take the phone to be more secure.


Pants bundles design, shoes hook design


The belt of the trousers can be adjusted according to different shoe widths. The hidden shoes hidden in the front side can hook on the laces, so that the trousers will not produce voids, avoid the sand to the shoe.

The above is some key functions of this pants, followed by this trip to bring some actual feelings.

Kaipak trousers offers very good stretching, even if it is very big, you don’t have to be afraid of pants.

On the road, the colored sections that make the high and low drop can be passed.


My friends just like me to jump in the top of the mountain. This special terrain will seem very important. In addition to wear, there must be very strong flexibility.

In addition, I like to wear shirts, this time I also took the Ovik Travel Shirt of Fjallraven North Pole, I almost wearing this shirt in walking (there will be a sweating or wool inside). Winter climbs hikes, the whole feeling is very just right.



The pants of the Fjallraven North Pole fox are actually very durable, and it can be treated with Greenland Wax, continue to maintain its functionality. In the past two years, they have begun to launch more fuelry, different pants, which can be developed in different environments, allowing users to have more choices to choose the energy costumes they need.

With this kaipak trousert, it belongs to a relatively lightweight and very active flexible pants.

The key features are as follows:


The legs remain dry, but because it is the material of G-1000, the wind is still very excellent.

Activity / durability

G-1000 splicing flexible cloth, good activity and wear




More fit, the leg lines are more beautiful


Big pocket design, convenient storage items; trousers rope and shoes hook, avoid gravel entering the shoe


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