Want to wear warm in autumn and winter? Try a half-high collar wool knit sweater, slim, there is a woman taste

Recently, the weather is getting colder and cold, it is time to wear a half-high collar sweater, simple and fashionable! There are many kinds of winds and colors in the sweater. In autumn is a very wild single product, wearing it is not only comfortable! So I will share some inside the autumn and winter wear today.

If you don’t know how to match, then you can refer to this fashion blogger how to wear it, you can combine your own body and style. The fashion blog is selection a wine red wool sweater, and the semi-high collar is designed in autumn and winter, and it is warm and fashionable, and the fabric of this sweater is very soft, and it is very comfortable to wear. Touching the hand is delicate, it is used to make a bottoming shirt.


It is also very profound, more intimate design, is very warm in autumn and winter, and it is also possible to modify the body lines well, and this wine red sweatest is to put on the body, give people a retro feel, The red words will appear to have a lot of people. And this wool sweater is very wild.

The lower body, you can have a black mesh skirt, you can create a wider visual effect, so it is very thin. You can also match a white A word version of the skirt. The length of this skirt is also slightly longer, and it is more suitable for high children to wear, this length is in autumn and winter. It is also relatively warm.


In addition to the red and green and blue. There is a kind of retro elegant feeling in the wine, and the turmeric is relatively white, and the blue feels a refreshing and clean feeling. These three colors are relatively good, and the colors are very bright and they are very good. The turmeric top can match the black half-length skirt, so it is synthesized and temperament.


Blue words can also match the white skirt, or the jeans can be matched, and it is also very warm in the bottom of such a bottoming shirt. On the choice of accessories, you can pick some minimalist earrings or a clavicle necklace. It is more exquisite, and a retro shoulder bag can also be selected in daily. The leather’s back is more texture. The capacity of this bag is also It’s just right, you can install some girls’ small items that are both practical and wild.


And it is a good choice for women wearing women around 30 years old. In addition to you can match your shoulder bag you can also match a white handbag.


This bag is also a small amount, more suitable for girls, and you can use a silk scarf as a decoration, which looks more charm. In the choice of shoes, you can pick a pair of retro pointed high heels or with some small leather shoes, so it is matched to retro and temperament.


In the autumn, you can also pick a chiffon-point shirt. The design of the lapel is generous and decent, and the day wearing the button can not be completely deducted, which can reveal the clavicle line, sexy and sexy Feminine.


The chiffon fabric is wearing soft and slipping, the density of the fabric is also relatively high, and it is delicate and skin-friendly. And the shirt is almost unpacked and body type, which can be said to be a hundred items. Long sleeve design, more warm in autumn and winter.

The wave point style shirt, wearing a sight and not lost personality, black and white coloring, wearing a retro and fashionable. Whether it is single or when it is a good choice.


The lower body can match the hip skirt, there will be a kind of gas in the workplace, but this blocker picks a straight version of jeans, retro color with a wave shirt. More charm.


And this jeans is more stretch, wearing the upper body will not be too tight, and there is a light luxury feeling. It is also possible to take a retro waistband as a decoration, so it is more charming.


A windbreaker or a suit jacket, wearing a formal and unhappy. On the choice of accessories, some retro earrings can be selected or a clavicle necklace, which gives people an elegant feeling.

You can also bring a small piece, which will look at the whole person, if you go out every day, you can mention a retro handbag. This bag is leather, and it is very textive, and its capacity is just right, it is possible to install some small items such as some lipsticks, which is used in both practical and wild.


The words of the shoes, picking a pair of cortical pointed high heels, the pointed design is more able to modify the leg shape, which is very much vigorous,

Like this dressing is suitable for women around for more than 30 years, no matter what occasions can be controlled, wear, sexy and no temperament. Disclaimer: Articles Original, the picture is from the Internet, if there is any infringement, please contact it.


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