46-year-old Mei Ting and 40-year-old Song Jia same wear white shirt, a innocent romantic, a sense of sexy cool

It is said that fashion is rapid, but there are some items that can be taken to live in the trend. Classic single products can always be never ever, but also highlight temperament. To say that the classic and good items, the white shirt must be famous, seemingly simple, low-key, often able to bring a big surprise.

White shirt is the key to truly testing the temperament of goddess. Many stars will use a clean white shirt to show their style and win more return rate.

Since the actor Mei Ting has received the public’s recognition, a classic screen image has also accumulated a super popularity. Especially in the TV series “Parents Love”, playing An Jie is getting praise.

In the 75-year birth, Mei Ting is already the age of five, still beautiful and charm. This time, in the event, she wearing a white shirt with blue jeans, a high-horsetail shape, appeared, and a very pitch, tall, chic figure, showing sweet and gentle smile, she looks Full of teenagers, can’t see real age.


As a classic and fashionable single product, the style of the white shirt is naturally a variety of, although it is a wild item, if it is a selection, improper, it will easily look too much to feel the feelings of the workplace, and form a non-fun screen.

French white shirt innocent and romantic


French windshirt, comes with retro and romantic taste, version is not too sluggish, but exquisite crop can always be properly modified. V-neck design, modified beautiful vetyf, layer-labeled lace plus soft material, bringing both comfortable and breathable experience, and also painting the hierarchy, and the addition of chest drums, It can add a bit of sweetness.

When the classic white shirt encounters blue jeans, refreshing blue and white color, instantly bringing youthful vitality, distinguishing the results of age. This fashionable and designed jeans uses a slim design, not only browsing the beautiful lines of the body, but also brings a beautiful feeling of freelance.


Put all the white shirts into jeans, the overall feeling of profound, can also divide the shorter size of the shorter. The soft and jeans of the white shirt have a significant contrast between a soft and a hard, and a rich woman is rich in.

Perfect modeling requires the overall match, in addition to the version and color of the costume, the hairstyle and makeup face are also crucial. Mei Ting’s shape, freshness, and hairstyle, do not choose to be too dragged. A clean and refreshing horse shape, combined with a touchless makeup, can both compatible with the overall style, and can create a sense of vitality.


Also white shirts, with the changes of materials, the style of creating is very different. Compared with the french white shirt wearing a gentle wind, the actor Song Jia’s white shirt is more sexy and handsome.


Lace shirt sexy and cool cool

After adding the lace elements, the painting wind is clearly changing, from the gentle and elegant wind, shaking the body, becoming a synonym of the sexy tide, not only the woman is full, but also a pure and wantive style interpretation It is also unforgettable with the gorgeous red lips and white pointers.


This shirt uses conventional styles, slim tailoring, showing the body’s curve, and is uniform and tall, Song Jia, undoubtedly an advantage of magnification. It can be seen from the picture that her body is quite good. Although the 41-year-old Song Jia is no longer young, there is no fat.

This personality shirt naturally is, the more thin and more advanced. If it is full of women, try to bypass, excess fat under the imprisonment of the shirt, the more it will be more full, thereby bringing a lotus.

Perspective is integrated into the lace carving, which is exquisite and delicate and created. If you add more mysterious feelings, create a woman’s sexy and charming, but also the effect of eye-catching. Combined with traditional shirts, it can play a certain role, especially the design of the chest pocket, neither lead the danger of light and enrich the level.


The lower body is matched with a white straight trousers, and the shape is cool and handsome. The side of the sequins is added, the distribution of straight lines is straight, and the long-term strength and pen are straight. Feet step on a white pointed high heel, it can be high, and it can look straight, so that the Song Jiaqi, who is 173cm, is soaring.


Song Jia’s hairstyle is also specially styled, combing the hair on one side, and makes a soft curness, which can draw both the neck line, and add a woman’s taste, a bright lipstick coated with the lips, lift She smiled at the high, her bright and sexy.

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