Which red portable water cup is more winning? Dongling Daoyu Flying buckle Bruno depth cross-evaluation


Drink plenty of hot water

“, I don’t know when it turns into a broken stalk.


Just … whenever you go out, especially like

Travel, travel, and even Bao Ma took the baby

You will find “drinking hot water” has also become an extremely extravagant thing; I will bring my own insulation cup almost every time I go out.

After all, I studied,

“Drink hot water” is not empty talk

Drink hot water can accelerate the metabolism, for the people of the body, can also play “heating” role; two can be supplemented in time, soothes the muscles, and blood vessels.

So with conscience, cold, stomach pain, when you have a pain, you will have a lot of comfort.

However, for a long time I found many questions about the glass:


This is not just going to winter. If you bring a bottle of hot water with you, it will become a cool water. Drink. Also used a desktop water dispenser, the water is always replaced, and there is a strange flavor.


These two months just hopped to the new company, often followed by the boss, have to worry about the health of the hotel:

The video “secret” of a Weibo Daren has been released, and it is also visiting: “Almost all hotels, staff are rubbed with sip, floor, even toilet, bath towels, bath towels, to rub the cup of……”


There is also a hot kettle in the hotel room to make people’s skin hair … Some netizens said that I have found TT, soot, sputum in the hotel’s hot kettle … Is it a little sight? To be honest, since I saw this news, I can’t see the hotel’s kettle.

It can always refuse the boss for the “worker” of me, I can’t reject the boss, don’t you go wrong?

If the business trips are going to go, after all, I have to support myself.

Notebook, change the laundry … I have already stuffed the suitcase, I can’t bring the hot kettle at home?

It is really not realistic.

Think about it again, I bought it now.

The sales volume on the market is relatively high

The five bark cups have been compared, they are

Dongling, Mori, Daewoo, Books and Bruno home

Dong Ring family’s burning cup has always been explosive. When searching, the upgrade has been upgraded, which is light than most of the market. Curious, so I used upgrades to do this evaluation.


I will share it with you next.

Contrast result

as well as

Actual experience experience

Appearance color value

After all, this cup is to bring out, so it’s

Low value cannot be low

At the same time

size and weight

It is also quite important. If it is too sinking, it is not convenient to carry, it doesn’t bring it necessary; of course

Opening and closing method

I decided that it used


Cup material


Dongling’s Water Cup has the morning yellow, cotton cloud white, quiet blue and thin powder four kinds of colors, I bought this yellow, yellow paint is relatively fresh, it feels quite special; the remaining three colors are also very wild It is equivalent to the same personality.

The Motor-Baked Water Cup also has four color colors, which are coconut milk white, falling cherry, fresh green and light luxury, but the color is relatively positive, not like Dongling Water Cup to match the color, more business;

Its cup cover design also has a little care, the full mirror design can be used as a mirror of a girl; but the cup and cup cover is easy to scratch.

Daewoo and Bruno BBQ have only two color options, which are white, black and white, red, and less selectivity.


Dongling, Mori, Bruno three shells are all stainless steel, Dongling and Mori shine, Bruno is a matte paint, which looks relatively low-key with texture, and Daewoo is a resin shell.

However, the outer packaging of Daewen Water Cup is still relatively exquisite, and individuals are more biased to give people.

The buckle is a water cup, just take it out, I thought it was a roll of toilet paper! The plastic housing is slightly cheap, and it is only available in white color, very single.

Cup Material: Dongling = Mori> Bruno> Daewoo> Music

In the five bark cups, the weight of the Dongling burning the cup is the lightest, only 320g, it is indeed light, which is light, and it uses the elongated design, which is more easy to hold in the hand.

Secondly, the 400g, Mori and Musou weight of the Bruno boiled cup is also 400g. The flat Tott package is not placed, inconvenient carrying.


The heaviest dapply watery cup reached 600 g. Its look is really letting me can’t afford it, put on the desktop, weight and volume are almost the size of my cool water cup, a lot more than other than the other, unlike a water cup that can be carried with you.

Its diameter is relatively large, can’t hold one hand, although it is equipped with silicone handle on the rear side of the water cup, but actually uses a feeling that is not strong, it is very inconvenient.

Because I often have an outgoing demand, I decisively choose the weight being the weight, if I just use it at home, then there is no need to take the weight of the weight; Dongling burning a cup is installed in my canvas bag, even if it takes There is no sense in your hand.

You can refer to the figure below, we actually measure the weight of the five water cups:

Milkity: Dongling> Bruno> Lock> Mumfei> Daewoo

In these five baked cups, only Daewoo is special, with a card buckle-type opening method, as long as the rotation 45 ° can be tightened or loosen. I can imagine that if in the bag, the cup cover is easily misplaced, water leaks, and is more dangerous.

Mori, Dongling, Bruno and music buckles use a more secure traditional helix cup, ensuring that sealing is easy to operate, is a mature solution.

In this way, Daewen’s opening and closing method is more convenient, but it also adds the risk of putting in the package; in contrast, the traditional rotation is more secure.

Whenection method: Dongling = Mori = Bruno = 乐 扣> Daewoo

Configuration parameters

After watching the appearance of these five burning cups and the value of the value, then look at them.


Specific configuration parameters

Next we are from

Safety, internal material, capacity size, and applicable voltage

Aspects are compared.

Safety of water


The aqueous cup is still very big to distinguish between the ordinary insulation cup, because the problem involves the water, there may be a safety hazard, so the safety problem of the water-burning process is a focus on everyone’s attention.

The previous burning cup can only open the water, because each boiled water will spray a table of water, so give people; now, basically check the water is standard, using the principle, pressure of high pressure cooker roll valve The water vapor will be discharged automatically.

But the pressure of the pressure is different:

Mori, Daewoo, Bruno, is a micro boiling water technology, with a vent hole with a breathable film, and bleed the water. However, the water is only limited to the plain area, and the sea level is more than 1500 meters to open the water.

Mori, Bruno Bake Water Cups need to stand for 1-2 minutes after boiling water to open the cup; while Daewoo Water Cups need to stand for 3 minutes to open the cup cover, the time spent relatively long, and the water is safe.


Dongling uses more intelligent four security protection, and the plateau area can also achieve water, which is said to be due to joining the intelligent detection chip, used to detect the use of ambient pressure, automatically set the corresponding boiling temperature, and the water is boiled Jump on the power supply to prevent a large amount of steam pressure in a long boiling cup.


When burning water, only the exhaust pressure does not leak water, and more protection guarantees the whole process to control the water, do not need someone to look at the tube, so that the baby is going out or the parents don’t have to worry, even if the water is not careful, not afraid of heat Water splash burns.

Without the limitations of the plateau, you can say that you can turn off the water; so Dongling is a good choice for those who like to appreciate the northwest, southwest natural scenery.

After the boiling water of Dongling, it can open the cup cover for 1 minute.

The most dangerous water is the most dangerous is that the buckle is burning the cup. After the end of the water, you need to press the valve on the top, just like a high pressure pot, then open the cover, the iron is dangerous.

Safety of water water: Dongling> Mori = Daewoo = Bruno>

Internal material

Almost all of the portable water cups on the market use stainless steel, but even if they are all-grade stainless steel, there is a difference between different labels.

Dongling, music locks and Bruno boiled cups, more sincerity on liner materials, bonding daily needs, they all use 304 liner, which is the most common internal material.

Mori and Daewoo use 316 liner, more likely to produce scale.

304 and 316 are all food-grade stainless steel, which can be used as the liner in the water cup. The difference is that the 316 stainless steel has added metal molybdenum, so wear-resistant corrosion resistance is better, generally in medical equipment, and the daily life is not used, and the 304 is more than enough, you can choose from your actual use demand.

Internal material: Mori> Daewoo> Dongling = 乐 扣 = Bruno

Capacity size

For the Travel Party, the water cup is not only the value of “anti-play”, everyone is the most concerned, or the capacity of the water cup, which represents a watery cup, the larger, burn The greater the capacity of the water cup.

Among them, Dong Ling and Mori use the gold capacity of the water cup: 300ml.

The so-called gold capacity is a state in which a balance is reached in volume and capacity; it can guarantee the size of the volume, no space, one hand, and can meet the user’s drinking water demand.

There is only 350ml of the buckle and Bruno boiled cup; Daxia has 450ml capacity, which represents its larger volume, and it is difficult to master, and it is very inconvenient to carry the backpack.

You can refer to the figure below, the capacity of the five water cups we actually measure: (the picture below shows the gross weight of the cup itself, plus


The data obtained later, because the density of water is 1, the temperature is not affected, so the weight is capacity)


Capacity: Daewoo> Bruno> Music> Dongling = Mori

Applicable voltage

With regard to the number of rated voltages, it is important to pay attention to everyone, which is involved in the specific scenes that can be used.


Because our domestic use is 220V voltage, but like the US, Japan, the use of 110V voltage, which caused the 220V electrical appliance to the 110V voltage.

Dongling and Motor-Fur Water Cups have designed 100-240V multi-use generic voltage, which can automatically adjust the resistance according to the local actual voltage to achieve the best working state without using the conversion plug.

The buckle and Bruno have a watery cup, using 111-240V voltage.

Daewoo uses the 220V voltage of the domestic standard. If there is a need for abroad, he has no choice but to give up, otherwise it can only bring a conversion plug.

Applicable voltage: Dongling = Mori> Bruno = 乐 扣> Daewoo


Actual experience

I have seen appearance and color value, configuration and parameters, and then


Some ~ After all, “practice is the only standard for inspection truth”, I am from:


Start mode, water temperature, water time, heat insulation method


Four aspects come to comparison.


Start-up mode


The Daewoo Water Cup uses two bonds to control the temperature, first turn on the power button, then adjust the temperature selection button, the operation steps are more cumbersome, and the time spent in front of the water is also longer.

Dongling, Mori, Book and Bruno Bake Water Cups only need one button, and the temperature adjustment can be adjusted, and it is convenient to save time.

Start time: Dongling = Mori = 乐 扣 = Bruno> Daewoo

Burning water temperature


Dongling Water Cup has three-speed water temperature to choose from: 45 ° C, 55 ° C, 100 ° C, just need temperature, temperature regulation is very sufficient:

45 ° C: Easily give the baby a cup of peace of mind, no need to reverse the temperature during water.

55 ° C: That is, drink, warm water, daily drink, to a cup in the morning and evening to nourish your body and mind.

100 ° C: It is used to raise tea, coffee, and it is right.

The temperature gear of the Motor Flag Water Cup uses the form of a lacquey, placed above the touch switch. There are 40 ° C, 55 ° C, 80 ° C and 100 ° C, respectively.

Daewoo uses the LCD screen to display temperature, intuitive and efficient, support 13 tune, starting from 40 ° C and starting every 5 ° C, also is also quite high.

The high-definition LED screen of the music button is very convenient. The burn-in-one adjustment is also 13-speed adjustment. This is the advantage of hot water temperatures, but the common gear is adjusted, and there is a need for more spending time.

Bruno burning a cup is not recommended because it can’t burn to 100 ° C, if you burn tap water or it is recommended to burn to 100 degrees, and it doesn’t have a bond to adjust.

Water temperature: Dongling = Mori> Daewoo> Music> Bruno

Burn time

The time, the five baked water cups burned a glass of water, and each water glass was labeled in the water level line. This test was allowed to water to the inner line, measured from the beginning to boast water to a water cup Stop heating and makes a beep.

The initial temperature is 24.5 ° C, when Dongling is used 06:01:46;

The initial temperature was 24.5 ° C, and the BRUNO was used at 07:18:05;

The initial temperature is 24.7 ° C, when the buckle is used 08:53:84;

The initial temperature was 24.5 ° C, and 06:58:71


The initial temperature is 25.7 ° C, and the Daewoo is used at 05:48:07;

On the time of burning water, Daewen’s speed is the fastest, this speed is actually not open with power. Bruno Murmit Dong Ring is about 350W, the music buckle is 300W, Daewen’s hot cup heating power reaches 500W, echoes its volume, so that the efficiency of water burning, but the dormitory party may need to consider the confiscation of the squid. Warner.


Burning time: Daewoo> Dongling> Mori> Bruno>


Insulation method

Before I went to work, I took five water cups to temperature measurement:



size and weight

Opening and closing method

Actual experience

After the actual test, we get the following results and can be made:

We can see that the insulation effect is the Dongling water cup. After going home from get off work, it was found that its water temperature reached 75.8 ° C, and it was basically able to reach the officially claimed power-saving insulation for 8 hours;

Secondly, the Mori and Bruno burning the cup, tried the water temperature found a bit of cold, one thing to warm water, the temperature reached 51.2 ° C and 57.8 ° C, almost the official claimed power-down insulation for 6 hours;

The rest of the Daewoo and the music buckle, after get off work, drink it completely, the warm water is cold, and the temperature reaches 36.4 ° C and 34.4 ° C, and if the outer belt does not have an insulation effect.


Insulation mode: Dongling> Bruno> Mori> Daewoo> Music




Detailed evaluation of five water cups

I believe that everyone has had a very clear understanding of them, summary:



The color quality is in place, the three-speed temperature will be reasonable, the volume easy to carry multi-country general voltage, four security protection, built-in smart chips, where to turn over the water, becoming the hard power in the four water cups, the most balanced A product;

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Dongling Electric Water Cup portable burning kettle thermos mini small lightweight home office artifact water cup


¥ 349



It is really cheap compared to other for other purposes, but there are many problems.


The head is too big, the sports boys can consider that the use of the voltage is limited to 220V, and the head is required to convert the head;


The weight and size are not very advantageous, and it will be slightly heavy in the backpack;


The value is high, but it is impossible to adjust the temperature, and it is inconvenient to drink daily drinking water;

In general, according to my personal preference: Dongling> Mumfei> Bruno> Lock> Daewoo

I haven’t come yet this winter, and I will start a suitable for myself.

Portable water cup

Let’s drink hot water together ~






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