“The Little Basius” “Struggle” is “struggling”, but sells the empty tanks who have been sold in the hands of the second tradder?

“Based! Energy is high”, the old high music high With this slogan, it will not think of Gao Leao, but it has sold so many years of solid drink, and finally did not sell empty cans. Two vendors will do business.


Little eight visits a number of supermarkets, convenience stores in Beijing, and has no trace of high solid beverages. While posing on the shelves, most is a Gaul Coven Cake.

Despite the trace of Gaole High Solid Beverages on the platform of Tmall supermarket, it is far less than the high-empty bottle in the hands of the second trafficker.

After 70, after 80, after the memory of these people, Gaole is one of the most favorite drinks. Since the price is more expensive, the general family is difficult to drink every day. There are small partners, even “dream”, I want to have a drink.

This is also reflected in the classic TV series “There are children in the family”. It is said that the home of the protagonist Liu Xing was judged by the audience as a rich family. The reason is: “The children of their family have high Lego every day, your childhood, my childhood seems to be different.”

Indeed, in more than ten years ago, Gaole high-powered powder was considered a high-end drink by many children. It is reported that in 1999, the per capita disposable income of China’s urban residents was approximately 5,854 yuan, and a can of 500 ml of high Lego is about 20 yuan at the time. Gao Lego’s high-end positioning is also its drinking method – must use milk to match the tone, let the cost of drinking a high music, becoming a drink for many children’s childhood yearning.

The public information shows that Gao Lego is a drink brand from Spain.

After World War II, Spain was in the lack of material, Gaoligao founder – Barcelona in Barcelona, ​​Spain has developed a buzzard drink from Cocoa powder as the main raw material, and became a breakfast of many Spanish children. In 1946, Nu Demba Group was born in Spain and the main high music is high.

In 1990, Nudelsba Group entered China and established the Chinese and Western joint venture – Gaolgao (Tianjin) Food Co., Ltd., became the first Spanish food enterprise entering China.

Early Gaole highly developed brilliance. When I was first in China, Gaoligao was hidden by President Samaran, who was the front international Olympic Committee, and in 2008, the Chinese gymnastics team designated nutrients. With the official background, many parents and children believe that their nutrients are higher, and they are more willing to bought them to drink.

In order to more attracting consumers, in a large number of advertisements, “appearance” TV series, Gao Legao also designs ingredients and taste into cartoon characters “Miley Ethnicity”, such as in early advertising, fluctuated, calcium sister, dimension Lingna, big zinc, etc., both attracting children’s eye, and highlights nutrients. At the same time, the small toys, electric stir bar, and plastic cups such as “stirring high”, “shake high”, and Gao Le god highly captured the new sense of children at the time and became a “hot single product”.

However, there is time to move. People who have already drinking Gaoli are now growing up, and the years have left Gao Legao, and there seems to have only the price of “red cover yellow bottle” in the price of the two dealers.

Xiaoda saw on the idle fish second-hand trading platform,


A highly empty jar is sold to 300-500 yuan, and the rotating cup mentioned above is more than 600 yuan.

On the Tmall platform, a can brand new Gaole high solid beverage is only 20-50 yuan.

In the hands of the two traffickers, the empty bottle is more expensive than the official authenticity of the high music.


Xiao Bao noted that


Now the jar packaging of Gaoligao products has a lot of changes in the early years of packaging appearance.

The second-hand platform picture shows that the 1991 version of the high-Le high-packing can bottle is a plastic cylinder, and the classic red cover yellow bottle color makes people recognize a high-Lego product. The packaging of chocolate tastes also is also printed into a strong cartoon image of the people.

At present, the product packaging in the Gaolgao flagship store, vigorously and “Miley” have not seen traces, label is printed on a strange little boy image, and the upper half of the bottle is also journey, not Then the past straight cylindrical shape, no longer gives the powder to take the powder. If you tear off the label, just look at the outer table, perhaps many people will be confused: Is this a high music?


According to reports, Gao Lego is one of the Spanish food brands. It is no longer a branch of Spanish companies in China.

Previously, the LIWAYWAY Group of the Philippine Food Merchant, such as “Good Good”, etc., spent $ 13 million, has acquired Gaole High in China, and then the Gaole High Market Sales Team is entirely equipped.

The sky-eyed shows that the chairman of Tianjin Gaolgao Food Co., Ltd. is currently a director of the Good (China) Co., Ltd..


Chinese food industry analyst Zhu Dan Punt said:


Ten years in the past ten years, the days are also tens of Baba. The good acquisition is high, it should be a pair of bad brothers and hugs.

In fact, after the domestic economy has developed, the nutritional drink brand in the eyes of youth is getting diverse, and the marketing strategies of Gaoligao gradually become uncomfortable in numerous drink brands. Industry insiders believe that

In the early years of China’s early market, fruit and punching products have large development space. However, as the scale of domestic punching drinks has expanded, Gao Legao seems to be insufficient, and gradually fades out of the vision of consumers.

In the 2015 media report, according to the retail monitoring of more than 4,000 stores, supermarkets, convenient discount stores and professional stores in Shanghai and surrounding areas, Gaoligao brand has begun to slide out of the “Top 10 Gold List”.

At the same time, the market competition is exacerbated, Gao Lego is exposed to food safety issues, and it has also been a shadow of its development.

According to reports, in the 2017 National Food and Drug Administration organized by the Food Safety Supervision Sampling, the high-Le high concentrated cocoa solid beverage produced by Tianjin Gaole Gao Food Co., Ltd. was detected by mold. Unqualified products sold have been blamed and destroyed.

After the Tianjin Xiqing District Market and Quality Supervision Administration implements on-site inspection on enterprise production places, and checks the production and sales records of the company, and identify 200 boxes (1200 kg) of the company’s production of the same batch, actual sales 200 boxes. , Inventory (unmarked) 0 boxes. The recalled product did not return to the factory, of which 6 bottles sent to Tianjin Gaole Gao Food Co., Ltd., then entrusted “Tianjin Food Safety Monitoring Technology Research Institute” on April 26, 2017, the rest of the recall products in Beijing Self-destruction.


Gaoligao also tried to regain a place in the market.


To this end, Gao Legao has developed a variety of new tastes, and also launched a snack product line, such as roll core chocolate taste cake, Gao Lejia and crisp stick, crisp, but the effect seems to be inexhaustible.

Some netizens said,

Gao Lego is not as good as before.


There are also netizens who think that

Chocolate rolls and good-like cake products are similar.

Compared to these problems,

Netizens expressed more concerns about the heat of Gaoligao products.

Xiao Bao found that the products currently sold mainly in the official flagship store of Gaul Gao Tmall, mainly including all kinds of solid drinks and roll cakes. Many users ask questions about Gaul Curior Cake Cake Products: “Is this average sweet or sweet?” “Very sweet.” There are netizens reply.

In the industry, it seems that


In recent years, “No Candy” has been deeply rooted in the heart, high-efficient high sugar, high-calorie problem needs to be improved.


However, regardless of how Gao Legao is now developing, in childhood, it is eager to drink a high memories after school, and it is still worthy.

Quick Eight Talk Comprehensive Order

Image source: reporter shooting, idle fish, Gao Le Gao Tmall official flagship store, knowing screenshot, Weibo screenshot


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