Winter is the least lacking is “White Coat”, don’t pick people and try temperament, it’s so good.

Many women will choose coats in winter, and coats are simple and profit in the design, but they have changed very much in color design. Different colors will show different style features, such as the foundation black gray. The coat wear is more stable, suitable for mature women who have a little slightly fat, and the light coat is more refreshing, the trendy is more stronger, and for those who are in the pursuit of fashion, winter, winter How do you have a white coat?

Winter is the least lacking is “white coat”, don’t pick people and feel temperament, too much. In terms of dark coats, refreshing white coats will show a chic matching effect, reducing the thickness of color matching with the dead plate, using the basis of pure white to wear and distinctive Match the effect.


While the white coat is good, but the requirements for the body will be slightly higher, relative to the black gray slimming effect, the foundation of the pure white coat gives the body a little higher, if the body is not very slender, It is difficult to support this light-colored coat.

When you look at the colorful coat, you should know how to match the harmony on color. It is best to take a white coat in the same color line in the same color line or other light colors, use light color matching to present Tongyou color matching.


When wearing a white coat, you can try open clothes, open clothes to avoid conservative monotonous matching effects, and you can also show more refreshing and casual feelings through moderately open clothes.


Many women will feel that there is no dark matter in the coat, in fact, the refreshing and clean light-color system is not very strong for age limit, whether it is for young girls, or for Slightly older women are very friendly.

But the young girl is in touch with the white coat, you can use a partial or small-area bright color match to show the matching effect of the dragon point, for a little longer, older women, on the color matching To understand the use of the base color matching method to present a visual summary and unity.


If you think a single pure white dress is more ignorant, you can try to match a white griller coat like a three-wood blogger, and the elements of the grid is largely avoided. Parent.


At the same time, in the part of the neckline, the design method of a little fur collar can be upgraded in the autumn and winter season, and the warm effect is upgraded, and the foundation white grillat coat can take more aged girl.


Middle long coats are very suitable for the landscaping lines, and the small sisters who are very delicate and long. When wearing, this kind of matching method can wear the exquisiteness of the coat and can pass the knee boots. The matching to highlight the superiority of the calf line.


In addition to considering the summary of color matching, in addition to considering the harmonics on color matching, choose the right length, different lengths, suitable for different height, to choose different according to their own high characteristics Length, if your body is more petty, you can try to use a long white coat to avoid presenting a negative effect of 邋遢.

When wearing a coat in the autumn and winter, don’t be too conservative, in addition to the foundation of black gray, in fact, the light white coat is more practical, simple and refreshing white is not very strong, for age and skin tone. Slightly grow older women, this refreshing simple color matching can also demonstrate moderately matching effects to some extent.

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