South Korea imported AMOS children’s crayons, baby favorite, Ma Ma

Which child doesn’t love painting?

But a picture can easily become a disaster scene.

On the face, clothes, on the table

All are colorful, the five flowers

What kind of brush is suitable for children free to sway


What kind of brush is easy to use, and it is easy to clean, the most important thing is safety


Today, I recommend a relatively well received in my mother circle.

AMOS Child Wash Wiring Silk Wreath

Can be in glass, tile, transparent plastic

A crayon painted on the mirror

The color is full, and it is easy to clean, it is very suitable for your baby.

Pure color, texture, smooth painting, no slag


Give your child the best color enlightenment


Give your child’s brush, the most basic requirement is that pure colors can give them the right color cognition, color enlightenment.

And the color of the saturated degree looks pleasing and pleasing, and the anti-saturation is not enough. It is not very pure color that looks dirty. The visual effect is not good.

AMOS’s brush, whether it is a crayon or a color pen, color is very standard, presented in color deviation on the drawing paper. Moreover, its pen is stuck, and it is very smooth.


In addition, compared to other ordinary brushes, this is not very well rated.


AMOS’s 12-color watercolor pen, suitable for children who have just started using watercolor pen, each of its colors is very representative, can help children accurately recognize colors.


In the sense of use, it is also very smooth and gently painted, and a bright and nice color is present, and the brush can be freely controlled.

This brush has a better design that patents rotate the head and is very convenient to use, and will not slide or snap.

It can be screwed as a lipstick, how much is needed, and it is necessary to protect the paint, while preventing the painting of excessive breakage.


This rotation design won the US patent, even if violence is rotated to top, there will be no way to turn back, and the general crayons on the market will not have such a design.


Strong water, easy to wash


Not afraid of blurred hands, clothes, table, sofa and wall

For the old mother, the cleaning of children’s paintings is a big project.

So, a brush that is better to clean, I like it too much.

After the watercolor pen wiped half an hour in the hand, it can be easily cleaned, and the dark color can be done.

Even if the cotton cloth is dyed, the effect will be better with warm water + laundry liquid cleaning, but the dark color will have some slight residue.

I accidentally apply plastic surfaces such as crawling, toys, or leather sofa, smooth wall (is a smooth wall, the matte matte wall may be more difficult), as long as the wet cloth or paper towel is used to dip, it is easy Erase.


A variety of gameplay, important is safe


Material environmental protection, through EU safety certification and non-toxic certification

The brush can be combined with water, transform into a water, and make a water solubility.

This is a major feature of AMOS crayons. A multi-purpose, you can explore a lot of new gameplay.

Said so much, in the end, it is necessary to pay attention to the safety problem of crayons. After all, give your baby, you must be cautious.

So let’s first speaking, AMOS brand, it is a household manufacturer of Han Dynasty, was established in 1984. It has been more than 30 years of history, and the product is sold to more than 80 countries and regions around the world, in international art creative works It is in a leading position.

Our open group of crayons is imported in South Korea. Watercolor pen is produced in Italy and imported, and there are “Italy” manufacturing.


Since Italy’s watercolor pen production technology and level are the best in the world, AMOS deliberately puts the production line of the watercolor pen in Italy.


The material of the brush can also be assured. Two brushes of brushes and pen are made of high quality plastics. There is no odor, and the refill is made of edible grade color, gentle and delicate, safe and non-toxic.

Of course, security issues cannot be simply, and each product of AMOS has been strictly tested and inspected. Through the US AP certification and the EU EN-71 certification, ensure safe and non-toxic, you can use it with confidence.


▲ AP certification


▲ EN-71 certification certificate

Very nice brush

It is worth it.


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