“Pediatrics” is lack of iron anemia

Iron deficiency anemia is a common disease in children, which is due to anemia caused by insufficient hemoglobin synthesis due to reduced storage and iron in vivo. There are more than 6 months-3 years old. The disease not only affects the growth and development of children, but also severely affects its intelligence and the resistance to disease. This disease is a “blood deficiency” of Chinese medicine. According to the degree of lighter of anemia, it is divided into “wroec”, “yellow fat”, “疳 疳”, “virtual labor” and other diseases. ·

[Sick due to pathogen]

Insufficient congenital endowment, the latter feeding is the main cause of onset. In addition, multiple acute and chronic diseases may also cause disease.

Because of the matrix deficiency, or during pregnancy, it affects the normal growth and development of the fetus, causing fetal blood and blood, and anemia in the blood loss. Pediatric spleen often, susceptible to damage, eat more, eat, hunger, anorexia, etc. can cause mesenger and stomach weakness, transportation and loss, blood biochemical lack of anemia. The original disease is lost, injured, spleen and stomach heart, blood and blood is not sorry, and it can also form this disease.

“Nei Jing” cloud: “Coking is gas-saving juice, and it is often a blood.” The spleen is the top day, the source of qi and blood biochemistry, the spleen deficiency can not be chemically bleeding is the main pathogenesis of this disease.

This disease is a confidence. Improper feeding, after the disease, the disorders can cause the spleen and stomach weakness or the heart of the heart; the innate endowment is insufficient, and the long-term illness is often shown as the liver and kidney yin or spleen and kidney yang deficiency. The temporary, mild, moderate anemia is mostly the spleen and stomach weakness or heart spleen; the heterogenesis is mostly liver and kidney yin deficiency or spleen and kidney yang deficiency.

[clinical diagnosis]

1. The history of disease often has improper feeding or a history of chronic blood loss. Insufficient iron supply in the diet, absorption barrier. Regular nasal, intestinal hookwimety is a common disease in children with chronic blood loss.

2. The clinical manifestations are slow, the skin mucosa is gradually pale or green, with the most obvious lips, oral mucosa and masonard, easy to fatigue, no love, loss of appetite, the elderly can be self-complaining, black, etc. Due to the external blood of the bone, the liver, spleen, lymph nodes are often slightly swollen, the age is small, the longevity of the disease, and the liver spleen is obvious.

3. The physiological examination is mainly due to the reduction in hemoglobin in peripheral, 1B

4. Index

(1) Mild hemoglobin: 6 months – 6 years (90-110) g / L, 6 years old (90-120) G / L, 2 times of red blood cells (3-4) X10 divided by L.

(2) Medium hemoglobin (60-90) g / L; red blood cells (2-3)

(3) Severe hemoglobin (30-60) g / L; red blood cells (1-2)

(4) Extreme hemoglobin <30g / L; red blood cell <1×1012 / L

5. The anemia after iron is significantly improved.

[Diseken Treatment]

First, the point of identification

Pediatric anemia is a chronic false disease, which should pay attention to explore the cause of the disease, the pathogenesis, distinguish its viscera, blood and blood, yin and yang false. This disease is mainly characterized by a pale, pale, lips, nails, and mucosal colors. If the appetite is weak, the stool is exhausted as the spleen and stomach; the heart is short, the fatigue is weak, the heart is a vital certificate; with the casual leg, the tidal heat sweat is the liver and kidney yin deficiency, the cold limbs are cold, and the development is slow Spleen kidney yang fade.

Second, the treatment principle

This disease is mainly based on spleen appetizing, and is beneficial to gas. Spleen and stomach, improved appetite, increased nattry, the source of blood and blood, the anemia can improve and recover. Regardless of the syndrome, you must pay attention to adjust the spleen and stomach. When you choose medicine, you should take care of the spleen and stomach. If you don’t keep acknowledil, you will have a lot of money, and you will always make it don’t het.

Third, the distribution

1. Spleen and stomach weakness

Syndrome: bright yellow, lipous film claws, do not think about diet, physical fatigue, stool, light tongue, thin moss, weak pulse.

Analysis: spleen and stomach weakness, acceptance, transportation disorders, do not think about diet, stool, blood, lack of gas, qi deficiency, no nutrition, mucous membrane, claw, noodles, mucous membranes, fingernails palain; limb If you lose it, then your body is tired; the tongue is dim, the moss is weak, and the pulse is weak.

Governing law: spleen and stomach, good gas blood.

Ceneric medicine: Shenqi white surgery decreased. Common medication: Codonopsis, 苓, atractylodes, lentils, yam spleen, qi, jaundice .

The stool is rare plus atractylodes, coix seeds, Jiaoyan wastles to help the spleen; cold and cold and dry ginger, attach the film with a warm spleen yang. The stool has a hook egg, can take the swear of the soup (Tongzhu, the native, the native, and the Purple Soviet), and then plans to strengthen the spleen and insect.

2. Heart spleen

Symptom: the face is yellowed or pale, it is easy to remove, burnout weakness, food plum, shortness of heart, dizziness, lip mucosa pale, paw color, weak tongue, thin white, thin pulse.

Analysis: The spleen deficiency is weak, the medium is insufficient, so I see tiredness, the food, the blood loss, the blood is not prosperous, the face is yellow or pale bloodless; the blood deficiency is lost, so it is easy to take The heart of the heart is constant; the heart is bound, the blood is not filled, can’t be honored in the brain, so I see the faintness; the tongue is too fat, the pulse is weak, the pulse is the difference between the heart.

Treatment: Spleen and nourish the heart, Yiqi blood.

Ceneric medicine: Spleen soup is reduced. Common medication: Codonopsis, Astragalus, Atractylodes, Licorice Join Spleen Yizhen, Angelica, White Square, Retrieving, Long Eye Meat, Sour Gao Reni Yin Blood, Yangxiao, Wooden Jane.

Poor abdominality, the stool is worse to go to Angelica, the land, plus attractive, tangerine peel, Jiao Houshan to adjust the spleen to help, the fluster is obviously plus the cypresses, the night is smashed to nourish the heart.

3. Liver and kidney

Syndrome: pale, two, tender red, eyes tinnitus, waist and leg, dizziness, hot tide, dry tongue dry, nail bisely, skin, red tongue, less moss, pulse fine.

Analysis: kidney deficiency, lack of blood, can’t be girrhe, so pale; can’t be honored in the brain, dizziness; qi blood, might loss, two eyes dry; Yinjing losses, water does not The fire, the fire is on the inflammation, so the two are tender red, dry mouth dry, hot tongue, the waist is the kidney, the kidney deficiency is weak; the liver is insufficient, the liver is disturbing, the liver and kidney Insufficient blood, the pulp claw is stasified, the nail is crisp, the skin is not the skin; the red tongue is less moss, the pulse is the image of yin deficiency.

Treatment: nourish liver and kidney, supplement yin and nourishing blood.

Ceneric medicine: Zuoheng Pills are added and subtracted. Common drug: Hawthorn, rehmannia, Angelica, medlar, 菟菟, 乌 补 补 补 养 养 精 胶 胶 胶 胶 胶 胶 胶 胶 消 消 消 精 消 消 消 消The disadvantage of luck.

Accompanied by low heat plus armor, floor bone, silver Buple Hu; God fatigue plus princes, Astragalus; anemia obvious Jaichi river, Ejiao.

4. Spleen kidney yang deficiency

Symptoms: pale, white, lighter, fear cold, eat less, or clip does not digest food, slow development, sluggish, less gas, lazy, the tongue is fat, the tongue is fat, the pulse is fine.

Analysis: Kidney Yang Deliciency, can not steam the water valley, the spleen is insufficient, can not transport the water valley, so see the food, or clutch the food; the blood biochemistry is pale, the lips are white; yang is declined, Can not be warm, so the cold is cold, less gas is lazy, the spirit is sluggish; the spleen is the book, the kidney is the original, the spleen and kidney yang deficiency, the life is slow; the tongue is fat, the pulse is weak The like of yang deficiency.

Governing the law: warm spleen and kidney, yang nourish blood.

Pharmaceutical: The right return pill is reduced. Common drug: Hawthorn, rehmannia, Angelica, scorpion, Yi kidney, nourishing yin, meat, lucong, capping, cinnamon temperature supplement kidney Yang supplement blood, yam, Jiao hills, gas, spleen, food, also anti-greasy products Hindering the spleen. Chuancreen is cold, adding a fairy, the aponia is warm and kidney; bloating, diarrhea to retrimentally, Angelica, Cistanche, add wood, Atractylodes, Atractylodes to help the luck; anemia .

[Other therapy]

First, Western Medicine Therapy

Iron is a special medicine for treating iron deficiency anemia. The clinic is the best in sulfate. After the food, it is taken after the meal. Leather stomach is not suitable. General Oral (0.1-0.3) g / time, 3 times 1 day. With dilute hydrochloric acid, vitamin C, can promote absorption of iron. Generally, the number of red blood cells and the amount of hemoglobin reaches at least 6-8 weeks after normal levels to increase iron storage. The child can have a serious gastrointestinal reaction during the medication, such as nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, etc., affecting its continued treatment and efficacy. If the spleen to help at the same time, the gastrointestinal response can be significantly reduced, and the absorption and utilization of the iron can be promoted.

Second, Zhongcheng Pharmacy

1. Six Junzi Pills 3g, 3 times 1 day. Used for spleen and stomach virtues.

2. 3g of the spleen pill, 3 times 1 day. Used for heart spleen and two falsessions.

3. Pediatric lifting blood spap 0.15g, jujube, gelatin 3g, jaundice, Jiao hills each 9g, made into particulate granules 30g. 1 time 10g, 1 day 3, 10 days for 1 course, and even serve three courses.

Third, massage therapy

补 经 (left), push three off (left side), all of which are 100 times, 3-5 minutes of mocking, and 3-5 times. 1 time on the next day, 10 times for 1 course.

Fourth, diet therapy

1. Residents 150-250g, Angelica, Party Party 10-5g, 3-5g of green onions, ginger, fine salt. Cook, hot and empty, drink soup, 1 time a day, eat 3-5 days. It is used for the blood and blood, the body is weak, and the fatigue is weak. Heat diarrhea should not be used.

2. Judu Tang Dynasty 10-15g, jujube 152 20. Water fry, go to the party, drink soup. It is used for weakness, thin, tired.

3. The kelp, mustard, 10g of each of the other, as a baked.

[Preventing Nursing]

First, prevent

1. Reasonable feeding, extensive promotion of the essentiality and reasonable feeding of breastfeeding.

2. Pay attention to mother pregnancy and lactation nutrition and reasonable meals.

3. Add food supplements with high iron rich and iron absorption rates, such as egg yolk, lean meat, animal liver, kidney and blood.

4. Correct children with bad eating habits.

5. Education children develop good health habits, prevent and timely treatment of intestinal parasitic diseases such as hookworms.

Second, nursing

1. The body of the iron deficiency anemia is weak, and it is easy to repeatedly infection, so pay attention to climate change, and 8 inch increasing processes are avoided to avoid infection.

2. Children with severe anemia should pay attention to bed rest.

3. Diet should easily digest, and nutritious, rich in iron.

Document summary]

“Lingshu · Evil”: “York, sustaining the liquid, note, the pulse, it is blood.”

“Source Waiting for Pediatrics · Pediatrics, Slims”: “The husband is thin, not skin, all of which are the spleen and stomach, can not eat, so the blood is weak, can not be ridden in the skin.”

“Young Child Integration · Blood Cure”: “Jing Yan: Camper, the fineness of the water valley, tune it in the five internal organs, sprinkles Chen Six, is the people in the world. Biochemistry is in the spleen, president in the heart, hiding the liver , Announced on the lungs, excreted with the kidney, and the moisture, not so. … Blood deficiency, the spirit is like the old, the lip tongue, with the four-story soup, the tie, the qi, so blood. “

[Modern Research]

Liu Wei. Intraque and spleen method to treat pediatric deficiency anemia in children. Liaoning Chinese Journal 1995; 22 (11): 507

Qi and spleen square contain 炙 黄 15g, party ginseng, hawthorn 10g, atractylodes, licorice each 6G. Treatment of 47 cases of iron deficiency anemia in children. At the same time, 39 cases (using sulfate, rehmannia, hawthorn, hawthorn, red dates); 18 cases of subcoach groups were treated with 18 cases of blank control group (with yeast, vitamin C). As a result, from the cure rate, the spleen group was better than that of the blood group, the blood group was better than the ferrous sulfate group, and the sulfate group was superior to the control group, indicating that the qi and spleen law treatment of iron deficiency anemia is effective; There is no blood of the blood, and the effect of retreat is the scientificity of “gas blood” theory.

Chen Menglin. Observation on therapeutic effect of 54 cases of lack of iron deficiency anemia in children. Hunan Chinese Journal 1996; 12 (5): 26

Use this product (胶, angelica, rehmannia, party ginseng, Huangqi, Atractylodes. Each package 20g, Changsha Second Pharmaceutical factory production) 10g, 3 times in 1 day, 4 weeks is 1 course. Treatment 54 cases. Results were cured in 41 cases, effective 9 cases, 4 cases were ineffective, and the total effective rate was 92.6%. The control group was treated with rivardous sugar tablets (including fumanrate, vitamin C), and the results were cured in 12 cases, 5 cases were effective, 7 cases were invalid, and the total effective rate was 70.8%. There were significant differences in the efficacy of the two groups (P <0.05).


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