The Korean woman is originally such a scarf, watching warmth, winter wearing true use

In order to make it fashion, the woman has paid a lot in winter. Some girls even would rather wear themselves.

In fact, winter can demonstrate beauty.


There are a lot of costumes, these clothing is only suitable for wearing in winter, unfortunately.

Like a scarf is a only suitable

Winter in winter,

A warm artifact of a very atmosphere. The Korean woman is like such a scarf, watching warmth, every winter wearing real use, learning Korean woman is like a scarf, the overall atmosphere is very warm, and it is very warm.

Winter learning Korean woman so



And warm and temperament, it is very practical, compared to the beauty wear less, it is too much to look too much.

◆ Cute short scarf

It’s just like

Down jacket

And scarves are also divided into

Short and long

. The scarves are warm, but the way is different, and the style is different.

Short paragraphs are generally compared


It doesn’t have the kind of very fatty feeling in the neck. The overall effect is relatively refreshing, it is very suitable for matching very fat jackets, so

overall effect


It is not easy to be fat.

For girls with small face, this is designed


It also compares the refreshing point, you can better highlight your own delicate compact face.

People with short neck don’t worry, as long as you choose thick and fluffy


You can make your neck look long, and it is very temperament that doesn’t expose your neck. When wearing high-collar costumes, it is recommended to choose this short small scarf, especially fluffy clothes, making it easier to create a kind of

Cute temperament.

◆ Fluffy long cotton clothes

Relatively, the long scarf warm effect will be better, when the scarf is piled up, even the face can be blocked, and it is very practical in the cold style.

It is also necessary to choose this in everyday use of an atmosphere.

Thick and long scarves,

More convenient to gently pile on the neck, the overall atmosphere is very strong.

In the coat wearing the ancient wind, there is such a fat and chic

The overall temperament is very

British fan

The color of the scarf also recommends choosing more retro charm.

Like brown, blue or black gray, especially

Light brown

, With a dark clothing, there is a unique level, the age-proof effect is very good, when you have a pair of shoe shoes, matching this


Scarf, there is still an echo.

◆ Long colored scarves

The long scarf also has its own unique wear way. The most common is to wind two circles in your neck, then simply slide the remaining part, and create a kind of cool temperament.

Wrap the scarf around the two circles and buckle on the neck, the scarf looks at

And fluffy

And some little cute temperament. When wearing short clothing, choose such wearable way, the overall effect is comparable



This type of scarf is more recommended to choose color slightly


One point, like turmeric or grass green, etc. to match more stable clothing, gas field retro, and very


◆ Vintage old color

Red scarf color is not considered


There is a very kind of

Subtle mature

. It will be more leveling on wearing dark jackets, how is the overall effect?



Relatively gray has the same retro far, the effect of matching is more gentle, whether it is white skin or yellow skin, it is best to match the white top of the meter to set out this more

Young and literary fan effect.

◆ Unique textured leopard scarf

Unique texture will make a scarf show

More unique temperament,

The scarf of the leopard pattern is very difficult to match, although

Color is retro, but

Some handsome feelings, too cool, people who are not strong enough, they do not dare to wear.

In fact, this sweater scarf is not difficult, you choose a black coat with such a wild scarf, the overall gas field is a little

Not low-key.


If you replace it

Gentle dress

You can also match this kind of domineering scarf to show more mature and charm.

◆ Elegant and gentle skirt how to match the scarf


How to match a scarf when wearing a skirt? Especially the dress, winter is very popular. Long dresses are used to match long down jackets, the length is also very coordinated, can sneak with the autumn trousers and long boots, will not

Short the legs.

When you are with a scarf, you should choose according to the temperament of the skirt, and the soft lady’s skirt is suitable for a dark dress

Highlight retro

You can also challenge yourself, match more challenging brown lines or colors.

Stripe decoration

It is also good, the dress is very suitable for use to match the personality scarf, to zoom in on his own woman.

◆ How to match the scarf in sweater

Wear ordinary sweater is more suitable for match

Ordinary scarf

Ordinary plus ordinary, it will create a unique atmosphere, making the gas field more refined.

But the color remembers at least one shallow


Color, ratio

If a black scarf is suitable for a white sweater, a black sweater is suitable for matching

Beige or light blue scarf

Because scarves and sweaters have a unique retro far in it, the color wearing is relatively deep, it is easy to be old.





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