Shepherd returns, Hudi left, “Toy Story 4” story, you can’t guess

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On the last week of June, the film market for the depression is finally in

Two animation blocks

Helping the heavy residency.


One is Miyazaki, and I will let the strong combination, representing the “thousand and thousands of search” of the highest achievements of the Oriental animation movie, and the other is Pickers animated, it is called

Hollywood animation set

“Toy Trust 4”.

“Toy Story 4”

Since the first part of 1995, the fourth release of 2019, Pickers always maintains the rhythm that is not slowly slow, and the animation short film that makes countless audiences are fascinating.


But no matter what schema, no matter what opponent, as long as it releases, it is under the spotlight.

“Super star”.

Even if its opponent is Miyazaki and a long stone.


In order to leave other meetings

Parting and reunion

It is an important two-part content in the “Toy Mobilization” series.

In the first part, Hudi left Andy’s home with accidents and Bathnia, chaos into the toddler room, after a disaster, eventually returned to the toy family.

In the second part, an accident, Hudi was stolen by the toy collector, became the palm of the evil miners, and in a critical moment, Bathn, Bath, the year, the old family rescued Hudi, and the toy family reunited again.

In the third part, Andy is about to step into the university, and the toys are donated by the mother to kindergarten. Under the interference of the pink bear, the toy family is separated once, and eventually meets the girl’s family, reunite.


The first three stories have been attributed to a warm reunion due to the pain of the pain, but with the family homes.

All leaves are better for betterness.

However, the fourth set of settings has changed.

The film starts, the lens is back to Andy home, and the unnamed Andy and Hudi, the happy life of the Bathlight year, but the sister sent Huti’s hearts.

Hudi is trying to retain her sheep girls, but shepherd women think “


Toy is always abandoned by the owner, leaving may be better choice. “

Time passed, Bonni also reached the age of school, the forked fork became the new favorite of Bonnie, and Hudi became the toy that was forgotten by her.

The star in the Kingdom of Toy Kingdom has become a cowboy, which has been wrapped in a cold corner to weat, and a probe name of the privilege is also worn on the female cowboy.

Lonely, loneliness, deeply lost in Hudi’s most strong feelings.


In order to save the fork, I misunderstood it into the carnival. After reunation of the shepherd, Hudi discovered that the world is much more than it thinks, the toy leaves, but it is just a dilime, which is what happens every second.

Its existence is not performed in the Star River, nothing, and it is more impossible to illuminate the whole world, and even the Bangnie can’t attract it.



Start to know yourself and start exploring this world

Save the dolls around you, teach the carnival’s black heart traders, let more children get toys they like.

Protect the owner, let the owner are happy to be an important mission of the toys, but it is definitely not the only mission.


Toy also has its own thoughts and life, and there will be your own happiness, always leave a place, go to the next place, one master, look for new owners.

And all the decisions are not in the hands of the owner, in each of your own hearts.

In the end, Hudi chooses to leave with the shepherd women.

The soul of the soul leaves, this once

Unity, harmony, good, Utopia consisting of toys


Discrete from the toy kingdom

Borrowing the intertwined toys, “Toy Trust” built a children’s fantasy toy Utopia, but the story contains the view of the main concept for the human world, and the reflection of social governance.

In the third part, the screenwriter is even more than the mouth of the cowgirl: Utopia:

The manager has the authority of the manager who is being trained by the manager, but if the manager does not agree, the manager will step down, and the Utopia will reshufford.

But it is impossible to ignore this so-called real controller of Utopia is still in the hands of children, even if the leader in Utopia Hudi also maintains intimate relationship with the owner.

But the feelings between children who have the highest choice for the highest choice and the toy Utopia are not a constant, but quietly happen, and subtle changes.

In the fourth part, Bonni continued to grow, this Utopia has a new leader – fork.

Hudi became eliminated.

The relationship between the elimination and the child, the relationship between the elimination and the new leaders became the content of the fourth part to discuss.

After being discarded by humans, the pink bear and the cover is started to resist human beings, and use brutal to establish their own authority, become a counter-party role; fork, the fork is represented, and the toy is created by human beings, and hundreds of percent abide by human order.

However, Hudi who eliminates is another way: take the initiative to leave humanity.

Not to resist, nor to escape

Instead, in the larger world to re-examine this, it is a human society that has been regarded as all toy, exploring this confusion but interesting.


The Utopia Kingdom, led by Hhdi, has also quietly changed, and the leadership finally fixed on the fork.


Chinese and Western animation IP

There is no first, there is no second.


Comparison between artworks, it is difficult to use quantitative indicators, not to mention two mature, steady, no flawed animation super IP comparisons.

However, the two movie works have a comparative possibility of reflection on society.

“Thousands and thousands of” more attention to society, is a hundred percent of adult cartoons, some obscured scenes, even if adults need to chew back, they can understand the deep meaning of hidden.

As for children, it is obviously more complicated.

Miyazaki did not mind showing his sorrow and dissatisfaction with the current situation, but for the sorrow, wrapped a thick-heavy syrup coat for this.

“Toy Story 4” creates an Utopia who does not exist and performs management of Western society and promotes Western-style freedom and collaboration.

In order to create a counterpart, they will also use the Western classic terrorist elements such as “Star Wars”, “Death”, and the horror of horror, but never explain the horror toys, just


Rough classification


Abandoned in humans.

This makes it always maintaining a humorous comedy, even if it is the discussion of social management, it can also be called the children’s unreal-style self-fantasy.

Compared to the expression of Miyazaki, the expression of “Toy Toy Mobilization” is slowly in-depth, but it is less than the main observation of the world, which has become the hunting of social elements.

It is very comfortable and smooth, but it has a small creation outside.

A large animation of a old and salty.

“Toy Story 4”, strongly recommended.

Thank you for reading.

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