Women who understand is more elegant! “Naked Boots” in this autumn, 50+ women highlight clothes

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Many things in life need to slow down, and use time to precipitate. Just as Zhu Guangqi said: “Everything takes time to precipitate the beauty, it is worthy of our tempering” is also the same, learn to be resistant to the child, precipitate in time, to work with yourself.

Life said, live is a mentality, it is a mood. Today, let’s talk about it together


50-year-old woman dress

topic of.


The woman who knows is more elegant, the “naked boots” in this autumn, 50 + women wear highlight clothes!

1. Long outer set + dress + bare boots

In the fall, the version of the version of the mid-range should be one of the necessary styles of middle-aged women. It is equipped with a skirt to wear, especially to highlight the unique temperament of middle-aged women. This gray gritclitch is designed with yellow thin stripe pattern on the shaded body as a decoration, which has played a good embellishment. It is used to wear the rice brown dress and enrich the hierarchy effect. On the feet, you will match this pair of black bare boots, pull down the brightness of the wearing, and perfectly emphasize the leg lines of middle-aged women.


This gray coat belongs to the classic neutral systemic style, gray color saturation and moderate brightness, and it is very good to take out the white skin of the middle-aged woman’s face. The black and white two-color skirts are exposed, although the color is not complicated, but the hierarchy of the coat looks more distinct. The black bare boots wearing on the feet have been consistent with the skirt, and there is no shortage of feminine.


When is the combination of the dress and bare boots, I won’t be out of time, and I can fully put it out of the temperament of middle-aged women, give people a very suitable effect. This rice brown dress, there is no designed design on the solid dress, which can perfectly set out the beauty of the middle-aged woman, and fashion and generous.


2. Nine points of pants + bare boots

Autumn bare boots are very suitable for dressing with nine-point slim pants, and the two are most unique in achieving length complementary. The trousers of nine pants can be connected to the length of the bare boots, and the wearing effect is unique. This khaki is simple, and the brown bare boots on the feet have a good lining effect, and elegant temperament.

If you want to put the nine-point slim pants and different effects, we can also choose the trousers of the trousers of the nine-point pants, effectively break the monotonous tone of solid color nine-pointed pants, and play a good visual emphasis effect. Even simple solid color nine-point slim pants style, can also create a rich wear quality.


Black nine-point slim pants are a popular classic style every year. It does not need to have more complex design, and it is possible to take a great sense of stabilizing middle-aged women’s clothes. This black nine-point slim pants are simple, with black naked boots, colors are consistent with nine-point sliders, but the material is completely different, and it will not seem to have a single single.

3. Five-point shorts + bare boots


There are many costumes that are suitable for dressing with bare boots, and five-point shorts are also suitable for mixing with bare boots. This black fifty shorts are designed to be relaxed and is extra comfort. The five-point trousers are designed near the knee and can fully emphasize the small leg lines of the middle-aged woman, and then equipped with this black boots, it is easy to achieve thin meat.

4. Hirder skirt + bare boots


Hirkad skirt with bare boots, we can choose a slightly longer style. This brown skirt, although the color is simple, but the design details on the skirt are still relatively rich, and the three-dimensional pleat shape play a good decorative effect. Feet with simple black bare boots to wear, put the visual focus in the most fiberly ankle, and do not appear bloated.

In all bare boots, middle-aged women should be mainly black, black bare boots are the most, it helps us control a lot of clothing style, and wearing comfortable styles can also adapt to many daily Operation, whether it is a comfortable daily casual dress or an elegant atmosphere, black bare boots can make flexible combination, hundreds of people do not pick people.


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