40-year-old man wearing a suit too much? This year’s popular baseball jacket, it is better than 90 days.

Why many men have been 40 years old, it is easy to be posted on the “middle-aged uncle”, “greasy uncle” label, in fact, the age and the body is not the key, it is important to dress the taste.


In the middle of the middle-aged man, after the accumulation of the sedimentation and experience of the years, “dressing the clothes” is often more mature than the small meat after 90,000. Although “familiar man” is charming, it is very old to wear a greasy general.

Stylish is not divided into age, don’t say wearing only young people to get

. This year’s popular baseball jacket, although there is a favorite of 90 young people, but the 40-year-old uncle is still a shape, which is not so greasy than wearing a suit.

Why do you say that the baseball jacket can get rid of “greasy feelings”?

Thanks to its version advantage, the baseball jacket is used.

Short sleeve long

Tailor, can improve the position of the waist line, play better


The effect, saving a lot of skills for men who are scarce of fashion knowledge.

Second, the baseball jacket has



The effect, but it will not give it a feeling of tenderness, and it is fashionable.

So the problem is coming:


How does the 40-year-old man match the baseball jacket?

01, inner length


“Internal” is a very basic way, using different clothing lengths, improve the styling level, and improve the waist line, cover the hips, “Yang Skumber” is shaping.

The dark-colored baseball jacket takes a white T-shirt, which has a distinct comparison color difference, which creates a strong sense of touch, and it is also a sense of stylish, stylish and personal.

Compared to the “Baseball Jacket + T-Shirt” of the biased street, the lingerie is more likely to show the mature charm of middle-aged men.

Shirt as much as possible to choose a style with a sense of arc

Easy to form “inner length” shape, and is more solid color,

Printing, garland

More fashionable.


02, hierarchy

The baseball jacket is a hot single product in autumn and winter, which is very plasticity, especially in “stacking”, which is more in its own advantages, and takes into account fashion and warmth effects.

Baseball jacket

Using the same color to superimpose to create a simple and aggravated modeling effect, the purple knitting cap and the sports pants have echoed, and the combination of warmth color combination is stabilized.

Baseball jacket tall tall sweater

Using the advantages of the clothing version, draw long neck lines, improve the position of the waist line, and perfectly modified the proportion of upper body body.


Take the jeans and tape boots, pull the long leg line, further improve the proportion of body body, and the overall style of shots is a formal feeling, which is in line with the temperament and taste of most 40-year-old men.

In addition to selecting the “superimposed” effect in the selection, it is also possible to use the accessories to enrich the styling level.

Shawl, scarf



Silk scarf

And the neck lines have also improved the fashion effect of the upper body and highlight exquisite tastes.


03, fashion mix

Baseball jacket half-length, leisure, can join some different types of items to strengthen the fashion and taste of the overall shape.

Take a high collar sweater, create a dark-colored superimposed effect, under the body with five pants + leggings + Martin boots, multi-level mix and match the autumn and winter warm effect and spring and summer fashion attributes, put “four seasons” Don’t have a flavor.

Baseball jacket matches dress

It is the most conforming to 40-year-old male aesthetic mix.

Take the weather jacket or shirt, build a semi-official semi-casual overlay effect, the pants can choose according to the body, the microfatly matching wide-leg weaponant trousers, the smock is thin; the thin type is mixed with the slimming nine pants, It is slim.

Baseball jacket and dressing style, it is very suitable for long-faced and good-style men, which can demonstrate men’s hormones.


Middle age is not terrible, terrible is greasy! The man has been 40 years old. If it is unnecessary, it is not recommended to make a “daily installation” in the suit, it is easy to get greasy, wear more to wear the baseball jacket, fashion and type.

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