Shen Meng Chen is too arrogant, trying on the silk pajamas at home, 4 sets of prices tens of thousands, netizens looked tongue

Nowadays, home clothes are no longer the past “bed single wind”, “curtain style”, and the style of pajamas is not less than those wear, and some are even flying. Many pajamas not only take into account the fashion attribute, but also combined with the comfort of pajamas itself, which makes many house men and goddess only love to wear pajamas at home, and all kinds of households have been smashed.

Shen Mengchen as the host of the waterfare, is high, high, and is very high, it is very favorite female host. Before and Du Haitao’s marriage information, everyone guess the feelings of the two people. Shen Mengchen was almost changed by these rumors. She also fought to lose their career after marriage, which is no wonder that Shen Meng Chen and Du Haitao have been in love for so long, late Not married.

Shen Mengchen is now active on his own social platform.

This time, Shen Mengchen shared his own new grass in the pajamas, and tried on 4 sets, it was very happy.

Wearing a small knowledge: young man in silk pajamas is selected, not old

Many silk pajamas have a dark color, and the silk pajamas in our traditional impression is not red, black, is deep purple, ink green, etc., these colors look very dull, and feel that they are people who belong to mother-level people .

For young girls, I like the softness of silk pajamas, but I don’t want to wear a big mother. It is better to choose white silk pajamas, and the light-color is helpful to brighten the skin and avoid the vision of silk pajamas.


Wear a small knowledge: pajamas is fashionable, the details are important


A lot of pajamas is simple, there is no highlight, which makes everyone feel that there is no hope for the fashion of the homes. However, some pajamas, its designers still spend their minds, will strive to integrate some fashion elements, so that the fashion index of pajamas is increased, and even wear.

The white silk pajamas wearing in Shen Meng Chen, the top of the shirt, the passage of the sweater, the tailoring of the hood, also with two black letters, this design lifted the vitality of pajamas, and filled with vitality Girl feeling.

Wear a small knowledge: mother-level pajamas, the style is simple, the atmosphere

Choose pajamas, don’t like cumbersome, then remove those lace, mesh, etc. It’s very clear, very generous.

The smog blue pajamas set, it is the choice of his mother, the style version is very simple, the mid-range pajamas, not only it is suitable, mother can wear.

Wearing a small knowledge: sportswear sleeping is young, doll collar pajamas is clear


The young pajamas can also be started from the details, and the silk pajamas should be young. You can develop it into the sport. The comfort of itself can give you youthful vitality.


There is also a black silk pajamas, the color is really dark, it looks very unhappy, but the designer replaced the collar to the flap, with a circular petals designed, and the sweet value of the pajamas, It is no wonder that Shen Meng is wearing to dance, it looks too much aging.


Shen Mengchen’s 4 pair of pawras, every set of pajamas is very suitable for daily wearing, and the high level of silk pajamas is very envious. Just learn about the price, it is inevitable to let people retreat, very netizens who can only look at it, they can’t afford it, I hope she can share more pajamas.

Extended to wear: What kind of affinity in Shen Meng Chen?


1 wear a denim skirt to show the charm


Want to upgrade your own teenagers, denim skirts are very suitable items, except for the A word cowboy skirt, there is a cowboy strap skirt, the two age-age index comparison is naturally the latter, but want to highlight Sense of your own girl, two denim skirts can try.

Shen Mengchen wears a pink denim strap skirt, with a white minimalist T-shirt, it seems like only 178 years old, pure and cute. Wearing blue denim suites is also a model of first love goddess.

2 Summer denim shorts dress, cool and high

I want to be recreated again, and the summer is very suitable, this single product is expensive, casual, blue cowboy shorts is easy to be fat, I want to narrow the crotch, you may wish to choose a black denim shorts, from the color Get together, the crotch looks narrower and more thin. The upper body is mixed with loose single, and the upper width is also a slim.


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