“White Pants”, how to wear? From the style to the color matching to help you upgrade clothes

Women who understand clothes know that trousers are very role in the whole body wear, which is key factors affecting the overall shape. Whether it is pants, fabrics or color, exposed legs Even if it is, it is easy to pull the temperament and the old age; the pants is equipped, the clothes are basically successful, as long as the color matching and match is enough.

To say that the soil pants in spring is unfair is white trousers, white trousers are refreshing than small black pants, more high-level temperament than blue trousers. So, “white trousers”, “white trousers”, what is the top of it? Don’t worry, from the style to color to help you upgrade your clothes!

First, how to choose white pants

There are a lot of trousers in white trousers, like conical, straight, wide legs, tight, smoke pipes or radish pants, etc. Straight pants.

High waist nine-point straight pants use three-dimensional straight lines to create a sense of fluid falling, while the straight pants will not be tight, and it will not give human feelings, but it is just right. In addition to comfort, white nine-point straight pants can make up for all leg-type defects, such as thick legs, calves.

White suit stacked penetry yellow knitted, using a wide version of the suit, handsome, and the small white trousers constitute the same colored system, the line of sight is highly obvious.

Secondly, the white straight pants has a large straight split trousers, which meets different body-shaped women. Usually, small straight pants are more simple and profitable, and the big straight tube should be pliable.


Pine green sweater on the top of the clothes, white slim bottoming shirt, POLO collar design adds handsome; white high waist straight nine-point trousers and bottom shirts echo, simple and fashionable.


Second, white trousers color scheme

In addition to clean and simple and modified legs, white trousers also has super “neutralization ability”, which can be diluted with dull dark tops, but also dilute the bright eye, combined white top, can also make That color.

Color 1 – Black + White:

Black and white is a romantic, two classic colors complement each other, interacting.

A black knitted black sweater with a style, simple and white pants, colorful, and a lot of light pants.


Color 2 – blue + white:

If you say black and white color, how to wear it will not be wrong, so blue white color is high-level and gentle synonym.

Smog blue Slim sweater with white high waist nine points small straight pants, the clean and refreshing blue and refreshing blue in white, which is highly temperament.

Color 3 – Color + White:


In the spring, we want to wear gentle age, inseparable from red, green, yellow, and purple, white trousers can reduce the dazzling colorfulness, so that wearing a flat and elegant.


Butter fruit knitted short cardigan tall waist white trousers, coloring fresh chic, is a gentle and elegant temperament little sister is not wrong.

Third, white trousers matching program

Color, trousers, white trousers, have a diversity in the top of the top, let’s take a look at several good-looking and elegant matching programs.


Match 1– shirt + small white trousers:

Shirts are simple and profitable, and the combination of small white trousers is practical and advanced. Whether it is a workplace or travel, it is very suitable for office workers.

Remember to put the shirt into the small white pants, or roll up the shirt cuffs!

Match 2 – sweater + small white trousers:

Knitting cardigans, knitted or knitted vests and small white trousers are very suitable.

Especially the low saturation color is knitted single product, with a small white pants to do, the visual effect instantly changed the soft and romantic, but it won’t give people “play tender”.

Match 3 – knit short jacket + small white matter:

In the spring of warm and cold, there is less knitted short jacket in the female closet, used to make it with a small white trousers, gentle and simple.

When you wear in the spring, don’t forget to upgrade the exquisite feeling with scarves, add a touch of Yag Jac.

Match 4 – denim coat + small white trousers:


The blue cowboy jacket is refreshing, but many people are worried that they are too flat, in fact, a small white trousers, the overall dressing level is improved.

It can also be seen from above, white trousers is the “wild artifact” in the spring, and the replenishing leg shape is high, and there is a variety of elegant and high. If there is a small white trousers in your closet, please refer to it. Bar!


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# What to wear today?

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