This year’s “draw the wind” fire! Hundreds of works and thin, super personal

This summer’s popular single product is basically recommended. Today, MANcy excavation is three feet, and finally finds a fashionable and beautiful popular element to share it.


This popular element quietly fired, it is

“Sketching element”

. Many clothes in this summer have adopted “drawstring” design, formation





Beautiful to fry!


The drawing element is also plus a rope on the clothes, and it can be pulled casually, form a pleated effect, and can increase the three-dimensional feeling!


However, the position of the drawing wire will form different effects.

1 The chest drawstring is sexy.

Who said that the small chest does not have a sexy, a squeegee points make the small chest big breast, no longer envy others!


The image shoulder short top plus the design of the chest drawstring, there will be a micro-wrapped chest effect, even if it is mixed with high waist trousers, it can be properly skinned, suitable for summer.

But do not mean that the sister who is big, you can’t wear it. You can pick the fabric is soft, and you will not expand too much, and the chest is even greater.

2 Side squeezing a waist.

Adding a “draw” design on the side has the effect of tight waist, and the side pleats are more designed.


In the side of the solid color dresses, add “drawstring” design, which will not look monotony, but more easily highlight your perfect body ratio.

Ordinary T-shirts can also be combined with the trend elements, plus the pleated effect after “drawing” is more trendy, and the turmeric is also very energetic.

3 shoulder string of string is soft.


The shoulder string is white, it is a shoulder, and the difference is that you can adjust yourself, wear it very gentle.


Pure white shoulder squeezes suitable for gentle and introverted little girls, only reveal shoulders, with a bit of soft.

Cross flower and shoulder strip top + black wide leg pants, there is a feminine!

Regardless of where the draw is so beautiful, then it must be used up!

Squeeze top

After the simple T-shirt plus the drawstring design, with high waist pants, expose a small navel, not only stand out of the perfect body, but also fashionable sexy wind ~


“Squeezing” design + bubble sleeve design combined with short top is a french romantic wind, with high waist pants, create a visual effect of “short short”, advanced and thin!


For the big breasts, V-neck U-collar tops will be very friendly, draw long-neck lines, reveal clavles, with jeans, look very good!


Don’t like exaggerated pleats, you can choose a short coat, with a cowboy shorts, you can be cute and playful ~

There is a small belly that can’t be exposed, choose the normal “draw” top, the corner skirt / pants, not only the waist is thin, but also improve the waistline, visually achieve a high effect.


The hanging belt “drawstring” top is also good, straightforward, it brings a cool summer, it is too comfortable!


The string top is a beautiful feeling of a sunscreen shirt, but it is not recommended for black, and the summer black heat is too shot!


Amazing drawstring half skirt is relatively small, MANcy prefer A word drawing half dress. The a word half spring itself is very thin and high, plus “drawstring” design, the whole person is n-fold.

Two sets of young people that are best for contemporary lazy, eliminate the troubles. The half skirt is more convenient for the tape to draw a rope. You can adjust your tightness at any time. If you eat more dinner, you can steal a lap, hide the meat.

Button Shirt + Unregistered Top Skirt, a lazy fashion style is also very suitable for young people.


Squeezing dress


The dress is a must-have a single product, and how is the “draw” element for each girl, how is it applied to the dress?

This turmeric dress design can be described as heart. V is small, the bubble sleeves make you bid farewell to the meat, the turmeric is relatively friendly to Huang Hai Pee, the draw is designed for chest, this dress is simple.


I didn’t expect the suspenders to be combined with the drawing element, and the sides of the draw string can create a fork effect, and the sexy is doubled. It is also very cool.


Pure white irregular dress comes with gentleness, in line with the extremely simple style! The drawing string design creates a multi-layer pleat, more stereoscopic, simple, not simple ~


The wave dirt dress is similar to a tea break dress. The big V collar + the lotus leaf allows the whole look with a charm of a little woman, but with sports shoes, and cute.


This loose rope dress is not recommended if it is not a fat man! The thin girl will not hold this pang and strong, and the slim drawn rope dress is more appropriate.


Single wear is too boring and tasteless, but also a nice choice. The white drawstring strap skirt is very leveling, stacked in a black T-shirt, is thin and chic, with a thin belt sandals, and a woman is full.

Today’s “draw wind” clothes are shared here ~ It inadvertently demonstrates your charm,


Sweet salt, there is a personality, and it should be a person.

Do not accept rebuttle!


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