And the trend is also practical! Single pocket hooded windproof coat helps you go out!

If you like the feeling of clothes, you can go out, then “one in place” is definitely the preferred item.

In addition to flying jackets, military jackets, etc. military style costumes, introduce you


Single pocket hooded jacket Anorak Jacket (also known as him as a jacket)




The other feature of this jacket is now the single-mouth design in front of the abdomen. In fact, this huge chest bag is open, it is to facilitate the use of tactics, is it handsome!

Although we are currently in the era of world peace, this pocket is not idle, and the smart fashion designer evolved this pocket into a bag that can accommodate the whole coat, that is, you only need to take the jacket correctly. The method is pleated, you can turn the original hooded jacket into a small pack!


[Hood jacket classification]

The Anorak Jacket that can be seen on the market is generally divided into three types:


1. Simple solid color


Advanced ➔ ➔ ➔ 色 异

I believe that the solid color is not required to explain, but in this era of love, in addition to solid color, of course, it is necessary to do the advanced version of the vital quality, like a thousand years of unbeaten tannins, or PU I don’t have a flavor of the anorak jacket!

2. Full version print


If you belong to the lake, don’t worry, because the full version of the print is also a drop!


3. Color block stitching


This design has a benefit, that is, when you don’t know how to match the lower body, you can use the echo method, find a piece of color you on your upper body, use the matching skills of the same color to find the balance, compared to the first two Design, your this makes you more color choices!

Next, let’s talk about how the single-mouth hooded jacket is matched.


[Style 1: solid color simple leisure]

▼ Single-wear hooded jacket, match the color narrow tube trousers and a pair of jogging shoes, if you think this will be too monotonous, you can also match some small accessories, like a cap, medium socks, etc. Take a look.

▲ bright color Anorak Jacket wearing

▲ dark color Anorak Jacket is worn

▼ This year’s big blowing army, in addition to walking in the trend of big earth color, this jacket’s military background is just let you go on the mainstream road!

▼ This is also a way to extend the version. If you think the short board is too casual, then you can also consider the long version of the hooded coat, create the concept of windbreaker jacket!

[Style 2: Street Trend]


▼ Single to wear anorak jacket, matching a bundle pants

▼ Doing an ANORAK Jacket, and the above body is used as a basis for the underlying flower pants! In addition to the pure color system, the boys in the trend is the number of ways to be a little pretty. It is just that this is relatively high, because this is really tested outside your eyes, and coloring ability It is also very important!


▼ Shirt, wearing a hooded coat, under the body with a very version of shorts, five caps will be the key to your style! For those who have research in the trend, in addition to knowing five caps, baseball cap is a must-have, and the shirt is also a must-have;

But as the season is cool, the warm effect of the shirt is absolutely difficult. If you feel that the flying jacket, the lapel jacket is too embarrassed, at this time, the hooded jacket t will help you make it easy!


▼ Wear the long version of the top, wear hooded coat, with workshop trousers. Most of the previous matching schemes are recommended to wear narrow tube trousers, but the tooling trousers with hooded coat is actually very nice, in addition to the trend of playing taste, there are still a little bit of small fresh level!


The more simple clothes, design and tailoring will look more important

Good night ~ you ~


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