Building block: born to suffer

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Survival or death? This is a problem. Shakespeare

The last moment of the P2P industry is happening: new investment sharp reduction, export funds exacerbate, and difficulties in multiple platforms.

As of July 31, 2018, the number of normal operation platforms in the net loan industry was 1645, and 218 were reduced by 218, and 221 problems platform. In July, the number of active investments was 33.434 million, and the number of active borrowers was 37.517 million. Among them, the number of investments fell by 18.13%, and the number of borrowers fell by 13.79%.

As a part of the industry, can the block box are alone?

Survival criterion: goodness is more important than smart

“A person who has never been treated, the best identifies good, and can also cherish good”. In “Fanghua”, everyone lamented Liu Feng’s fate, only He Xiaobing realized the value of good value.

P2P’s circle is not the case, profiteering, carnival, barbaric, this is once a label for P2P, including GPLP Jun.

In 2017, P2P company collectively went to the United States to go to the United States, and in the financial report showed that the net profit of its industry was as high as 50%, P2P staged a crazy dance, and a group of smartest people were driving.

While everyone chasing huge profits, is anyone thinking of good?

Yes, Dong Jun.

In the party of carnival, his blockbuster box is absent.

Among the business principles of the block box, they emphasized that they would not be greedy, strictly control the risk.

As of August 2018, the total amount of the accumulated transaction of the block box is approximately 52.1 billion yuan, and the loan balance is about 7.6 billion yuan. The total amount of the latter’s accumulated transaction is 97.2 billion yuan, and the balance of the loan is 49.2 billion yuan.

Of course, not Dong Jun does not like capital and profits, but in addition to capital, Dong Jun believes that kindness is more important than smart.

This is derived from Dong Jun’s personal experience:

He is an intimate experience of the US subprime crisis, and it can even be said to the center of the crisis whirlpool of the mortgage support bond derivative.


Dong Jun, in the early years, in the United States, in the United States, the flourishing and submissive crisis of financial derivatives, and later experienced the human cold and warm in the domestic entrepreneurial process, and he has experienced:

According to the data, the early years of Dong Jun once manages more than $ 4 billion in assets in the first largest bank in Israel; he is a US Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA), US Certification Management Accountant (CMA), US Certification Finance Manager (CFM), has an EMBA degree in China and Europe, MBA degree in the University of Connecticut, USA, and a bachelor’s degree in Yunnan University.

But Dong Jun does not think he is smarter than the average person;

Later, he chose to start a business, which looks a bit self-studying – in 2008, Dong Jun returned to the country’s establishment of Credit Heng, and then started the process of financial services in China’s SMEs in China.

The intermediate process can be imagined, first, the environment in the western region is very different from the United States, the difference is far, secondly, doing SME financial services in the western region, who will believe him?

Obviously, this entrepreneurial process is not so perfect, otherwise he later chooses to create a block box?

Talents who have experienced suffering will cherish the life of happiness. In the smart world, there are too many talents who will cherish good value.

Of course, later he created the block box, not only for chasing the wind and profit, the information shows that the entrepreneurial reason for the block box is quite accidental – Dong Jun and other partners, Wei Wei and Peng Shunmei are China-Europe International Business School 2011 EMBA Beijing The classmates of the class 1, they often gathered together to explore the financing problems encountered by SMEs. According to the information they receive, China has 42 million SMEs, however, in the financial environment at the time, only 3% can get bank loans.


What should I do if the remaining 97% should do if there is a funding?

Then the building blocks were born.

It’s just that Dong Jun didn’t think of it. How did you go all the way? How to start this business is so bitter, right, starting a cup of bitter coffee, he always needs to face various problems, such as this P2P industry storm.

“The P2P industry is experiencing the crisis crisis, and the anxiety is spread around. Even the platforms of normal operation, or more or less have been affected.” Talking about P2P to the dark moment, Dong Jun once responded, P2P’s crisis is also To a certain extent, it affects the block box. “We are also observing all the data. In fact, the head platform has an impact when the first week, there should be no platforms that should not be affected. Even, not only passing to the head of P2P Platform, now it has passed to the entire child’s non-standard market. “

What should I do if I can’t be alone?

The experience of previous Wall Street made Dong Jun did not panic.

“The crisis’s most basic response method is actually trying to ensure that your cash flow is in a sustainable level. You don’t say the P2P industry, many Internet entrepreneurs have always had a golden commander, that is, you want to guarantee 9-18 Monthly dominant funds, you can’t die in this time, I think the P2P industry is no exception. If the company is too optimistic about the crisis, he may not be full in control risk. “Dong Jun said The establishment of the crisis, the market and team confidence is very important. In the case of the block box, the most effective thing is that the most effective thing is since sincerity, what kind of assets do you have, your style, open to customers Look.

Obviously, the restraining and conservatives make the building blocks in the storm, the impact is smaller.

Of course, this is derived from Dong Jun’s clear understanding of finance and P2P.

“The P2P surface is a transaction-made service, but in fact, investment is only 10% of the iceberg in the water, 90% under the body is the real ability of the platform: How is your guest, how to do a wind control, how The asset, what is your asset data is like.

When the market in the past few years, no one pays attention to something under the water. The current platform can be done directly, open yourself to let investors – what is the asset they cast, and the assets they vote We think that there are many risks, why we can continue to manage … and more. “For assets and management, including the truly abilities of the platform, Dong Jun is in the heart.

Building block for five years: born to suffer

If Dong Jun summed up the creation of five years, I am afraid he has only one sentence, that is, it is born.

“In these five years, our team fully makes me feel more difficult to feel a boss of entrepreneurial companies, and I don’t say it. I have to talk about it every week. I have to broadcast it recently. I have to broadcast our brand day JIMU87. In addition to speaking, singing is still can’t run. This year, it has also increased running. One morning, I ran 10 kilometers in Chaoyang Park in the morning. The most unrealistic is to set red pants into my logo. I harm me for five years to wear a pants to go to the stage. On August 7, 2018, the 5th anniversary of the building blocks, Dong Jun came to stand up.

Of course, this is just a simplest issue that entrepreneur is facing.

In the past five years, Dong Jun experienced more problems, financing, supervision, and wind wave than P2P storms.

For example, in 2013, in the fierce competition in 2014, how to develop high-speed competition in fierce competition, live the first element.

In 2013, in 2014, China’s net loan platform rapidly developed. As of the end of 2014, the number of P2P net loan platform reached 1613, and it added more than 900 in 2013. At the same time, the new platform flooded into the market, between net loan platforms Competition has also begun, everyone is fiercely killing in traffic.

“I used to do light and shallow, platforms only match the transaction. But now I have to do heavy, so you can create unique barriers and core advantages.” Dong Jun had to consider the future of the block box.

In 2016, accompanied by the outbreak of e rent treasures, the supervision environment in the entire P2P industry has been tightened, and even in 2017, this regulatory environment has been continuously upgraded.

What should they do in the background of the building blocks?

“In these years, the P2P industry has continued to undergo policy tightening, such as the sound of Internet financial supervision, the introduction of various orders, requires platform to put fluidity in the entire financial architecture, and It is not a simple system. This is a need to go to the bubble. Madam President Guo (Guo Shuqing) said: any non-standard assets, if its yield reaches a certain point, you have to expect it. A certain risk, it is very right, because China has been in the conversion process of rigid redemption to the risk returns, this is a more market-oriented trend and needs market education. “Dong Jun has adapted to this life.

Therefore, reviewing the five-year entrepreneurial course, Dong Jun said, “It is the best contribution to the industry, and the best contribution to the good currency.”

Born with death, between fastness, in fact, Dong Jun has been balanced.

“When I first returned to China, everyone is talking about the so-called Internet thinking, the world martial arts, the very fast, talking is often ‘the ultimate, reputation, focus, fast’. But in today, the industry, fast this word Not that is not so important. “Dong Jun said.

In the past five years, between the fast and slow, Dong Jun has been repeatedly thinking about the answer. For financial companies, slowly will definitely control the risk, however, Dong Jun may face the pressure of capital, The block box has many financing, and he must be responsible for investors, while investors invest in block boxes, inevitably want to profit from the development of block boxes.

At the beginning of March 2014, the building blocks announced $ 10 million a round investment, Yintai capital investment;

On September 10, 2014, the building blocks announced the completion of the total amount of 37.19 million US dollars (nearly 228 million yuan) B-round financing, Xiaomi Company and the capital leading investment, Jingwei China, Xiangfeng Investment, Yintai Capital, and Jade investment follows;

On April 21, 2015, the building blocks completed the total amount of $ 84 million in C-round financing: British Tianda Group (Investec), Mandu Capital, 金 资 资 (l l) And Haitong Securities Direct Prote Private Division – Haitong Kaiyuan Investment Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “Haitong Kaiyuan”)

In 2017, the audit report data shows that the building blocks have successfully achieved a year earnings in 2017.

Along the way, I will come and have a bitter.

Perhaps, I have experienced that I know that good and good never smart is more valuable. The entrepreneur is a process of born.


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