Unfortunately, Biotherm has a very good series.

I am 30 years old this year, it is really a little terrible!


Today, I want to remember that the Biotherm Olive Youth Men’s Series in China and many places have taken place. Of course, this is not an evaluation, just a “heart course”.


I don’t know when I started, the circle brother began to touch the men’s skin care, I used to really have a good, the supermarket selling Nivea, Paris Oreal on the face. Now, I still have not found the skin care products that suits you, a brain, what is the activity, this is a few months ago, and the last 618 has been in a pile, I don’t take it out, I can foresee a lot of things. Expiration takes the feet.


Fortunately, my father gave a pair of doll faces, compared with the same age, the circle is still young.


Speaking of skin care products, it is really resistant to “men” products before the circle brother, and it is believed that there is a girl who is specially used. I certainly can’t expose myself.

About 5.6 years ago, Biotherm, the power advertisement of Biotherm, playing men’s first skin care brand. At that time, the discussionant seems to be Jinchengwu, I really feel that it is a real man to buy it, I have always used the hydrodynamic series, the taste is really It is very representative and fragrant, and it is still exhausted until this year’s commented goods have been used. To be honest, the toner is still good, there is a relatively refreshing gear texture, the ordinary version is too sticky, the washed milk is very clean, the milk and frost are really greasy, and it is not good to absorb, really It is a “real man” belief in support.


Have a blue-controlled version of the blue-colored version, sensitive muscle and dry skin still don’t try it, alcohol taste is greatly suspicious, and wipes the pain on your face. There is also a big red look, but also people, is a man should be alcohol? Red this is good in it, and several series are still strong.


The rest of the eye cream, even BB cream used BB cream, it seems true love, and the gender kidnapping!

Until the bottle of the green oil, it is the Biotherm Olive youth series. This strange strange taste is a bit inexplicable. After all, there is no olive eating, and there is only a little bit of the Salary, and then I know This is the taste of Qing olives, loves love! The horse started a water at the time, and this fat bottle ancestors were packaged.

Washing milk is not like hydraulic and oil control, olives is gel-shaped, slidable, and that big red series facial cleanser, but it is easy to rinse, and not tight. Turn the big red series again, washed at all, confused on your face, go to s!


Since the hydrodynamic cargo at that time, I only bought a set of olives. Later, I went to Thailand and took a set of water milk and eye cream. I didn’t expect this to be the last time, I didn’t have it!

There is only a bottle of water and a bottle of milk in the hands, because I really like this olive youth series. This bottle is a unified rod package.

The toner is super good absorption, and the face is shot, it will go in, but it is very lucky. Milk is also very refreshing, and it is not afraid of summer in summer.


Circle brother is now a olive water, take a Skii fairy water, then come back a functional essence, the last olive lotion, the eye cream is over, add a snowflake’s milk, pretend to nourish!

I don’t know that Biotherm will also re-open the olive youth series. It also divided the day milk and night milk. In fact, I didn’t have a lot of hard work, but I didn’t have it!

After using the last olive water and milk, the circle brother should say goodbye to Biotherm, this real man brand, remember the previous spokesperson has passed the Jincheng Wu, Beckham, now Zhang Yixing, more and more fresh fresh meat, It’s not suitable for the circle of this 30-year-old uncle!


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