The annual wave dresses started! Wear everyone’s wave dresses go out

# 穿 小 小 知 #

# 头条 时尚 #

# 时尚 穿 #

Summer is every girl, every girl belongs to

Colorful skirt

. Season of the summer, choose a skirt that you like, about your own

Three friends

Let go together to go shopping together!

It is inevitable that all kinds of skirts in the wardrobe are


If you let Xiaobian help everyone make decisions, Xiaobian must give you a preference.

Wave point dresses


Girls who put on the skirt are each

Unique princess

Next, let’s take a look at it, how to choose your own

Point dress


Since the last century, the dresses appeared in

Volkswagen’s field of view

I have never exited the stylish stage.

Elegant retro

Is its true portrayal, whether the civilian people are still a royal family, they have not escaped

The temptation of the dot dress

Strive to purchase.


Advantages of the dot dress

Show everyone’s fashion taste

The wave dot dress has always been

Retro elegant synonym

, Let many women of women dream around. Why a dress

Have such a big magic

? When everyone put on this dress

There will be such a doubt

When everyone puts up

Classic wave skirt

It seems that it returns to the 1990s, and its retro and elegance will make everyone fascinating, as if their own movements are

Audrey Hepburn’s avatar


As if you can walk

Romantic French street

When everyone puts the unique wave dresses, everyone will find themselves

Or playful retro, or romantic retro, or elegant retro

Super wild

The versatile performance of the dot dress is reflected in two aspects: one is

Hundreds of times


,the other is

Hundreds of various other items

The first time and boyfriend dating, what is wearing something

Let everyone scratch

,try it


Pink, red, white

Wave dot dress!

Pink shows everyone’s lively and lovely side, red shows everyone

Ripe elegant side

White shows everyone’s pureness. At this moment, come back to a small white shoe, and suddenly become

The perfect goddess in your mind

Point dress


, All kinds of shoes, bags and jewelery can be very coordinated with it. Shoes can choose

Strip sandals, small white shoes, Laifu shoes

Even sneakers and boots.

Package can be matched

Backpack, shoulder bag, pocket

The choice of jewelry is mainly based on the overall match.



various kinds

The wave dot dress is still

Divided into many kinds

According to the size classification of the wave point, it can be divided into:

Large wave point, small wave point

Depending on the length of the skirt, it can be divided into:

Long skirt, skirt

According to the strap belt, it can be divided into:

Skirt, sling skirt

According to the sleeve length, it can be divided into:

Long sleeve skirt, half sleeve


In addition,

According to material

Wait for classification.

Current wave dirt dress

Version design and color more and more

, Constantly incorporate various stylish elements, which also makes the spread dress.

Lasting vitality

Bubble sleeves, doll collar, lace, feathers, V-neck

The joining, which makes the dot dress more and more people

Awareness and love

How to properly wear a wave dot dress


Select according to the wave point size

I will see it on the market.

Various size wave point patterns

However, some time the wave point is wrong, it will become everyone.


The whole person’s reduction item


Generally speaking, small wave point

Pattern display

And the Chang Shengjun, a large wave point pattern

Will be some old

Young girls choose more when choosing

Wavelet point pattern

Mature women

You can choose large wave points

, More compliant

The temperament of this age stage

Some skirts are more


Although the style is novel, it will seem to flore the whole person, but the teenage child will wear

More youth and vitality

Choose according to your body

If everyone is on the arm


Girl in meat

It is recommended to choose long-sleeved or half-sleeved skirts. If everyone is

Thigh and hips

More meat.

You can choose long design or the lower body is

A word version of the skirt

At the same time, the waist line of the skirt must be high,

The advantage of the waist is played

If everyone’s clavicle is compared


Sexy or neck

,can choose



Shoulderless belt

the design of. Girl with high body, suggesting that the skirt is


, A relatively petty length of girl skirt

Upper knees.

Selection according to the occasion

If attend

Important event

Participate in important gatherings

Meet the official guest

It is recommended to choose long skirts, the fabric of the skirt must not be easy to get up or wrinkled, the color of the skirt is also tryable.

Choose dark color

You can express everyone

Emphasis on activities

If it is a party with ordinary friends, try to wear comfortably, skirt

Length, fabric and colors

There is no too much requirement.

In addition to the occasion, your sex


Grid and skin tone

It can also be a selection, the character is poor, white, blue and purple is suitable, comparison

Lively girl

Try to choose dazzling


Red, yellow

Wait, girls who have dull skin can choose dark, and the girls are relatively white, and they will let everyone

More radiant

According to the season selection

Choose skirt in spring and fall, beautiful while

Pay attention to keep warm

, The fabric of the skirt is mostly used

Material for warm function

Even can choose to add one in the skirt.

Meat or black

The leggings are both warm and fashionable. Side of the skirt if one

Windbreaker or suit jacket

So everyone successfully unlocked

Han Fan’s wear

If there is a sweater, it is Europe and the United States to wear; if you wear a leather, add a silk scarf, proper

French romantic wind

It can also try to wear it when it is slightly cold.

Thick coat or wool coat

, Make a hole dressed dress

Beautiful inner

Selection according to face

Goose egg face girl

The most perfect face

No matter what kind of skirt, it is very suitable, but the girl who is round face and the face is

Sneak crying

Don’t be afraid! Although we don’t have

Perfect face


However, we can pull back a game with clothes.

Fang face and round face

Girls trying

V-neck dress

Weaked in the visual

Face and face of weakness

Don’t choose

High collar design

Otherwise, it seems that it is difficult to let everyone face

More rounded

Length of face

Girls can choose

Sling or shoulder strap

the design of.

The above is

Introduction to the wave point dress

The wave dot dress is a classic, fashion in the classic, and has been

Published by everyone

Every girl has its own


And dressing style, whether it is

Fashion blogger

Learning or trying to figure out.

Just keep the above


You can

The wearing is different, so get up soon, you are girls!
































Point dress


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