Yuan Yongyi walked the airport, wearing a grid element “couple outfit” show love, sweet and fashionable

“Couple costume” is a kind of clothing representing love, but it is not just that there is only one thing that is the same. In fact, clothing of the same fashion elements is also a kind of couple costume, and can better show personal charm. Just like the Yuan Yongyi couple walked the airport shape, wearing a lattice element “couple outfit” show love, sweet and fashionable.

Zhang Zhilin wears a plaid shirt shape: casual and versatile, young


The plaid shirt can also be regarded as a very classic item. It is not limited to the crowd and casual and versatile. It is very easy to control, but it is not easy to wear a sense of fashion. Generally, a flat -paved plaid shirt is easy to give people a sense of passers -by, and it will also appear more “earth”. Therefore, the style of the plaid shirt is very critical. At the same time, you should also pay attention to the color matching between the grids to better enhance the personal image.

The plaid shirt worn by Zhang Zhilin is very good. The classic black and white gray color design, with the rectangular pattern, not only changes the “rule” of the grid shirt, but also makes the whole shape very layered. Especially black and white and gray are neutral colors. It is friendly to match with other colors. There is no need to worry about the sense of disobedience. Instead, it gives people a casual and age -reducing effect, which is very young.

With sportswear and baseball caps, leisure wind is also very energetic


Zhang Zhilin’s entire shape is not much color, and the color of the clothing belongs to the basic color, but through color matching and clothing style, the whole person looks very fashionable. Especially with a white coat with sports style, it can not only lay the sense of layering with the coat, but also make the whole person look very vibrant and have a certain age reduction effect. Coupled with the blessing of a small stand -up collar of the sports jacket, people also look more.

Not only that, the baseball cap wearing is also a bonus, highlighting the handsomeness of the male, but also the vitality of a young man, which looks very mental. The color matching concept of black hats and white hats is just echoing with the color of the clothing, which can also make the whole shape more overall. It can also use the color contrast between black and white color. , Seems more foreign.


Yuan Yongyi style: grid windbreaker wear, casual atmosphere


Compared with monochrome trench coats, Yuan Yong’s grid windbreaker has a little more gentle shape, less domineering and refreshing, and it is easier to show feminine charm. Especially the color design of the trench coat, through gradient, can weaken the rigidity of the lattice element connection, better reflect the gentleness of the woman’s body, and at the same time make the wear more fashionable and enrich the visual effect of the shape.


For regular style trench coats, Yuan Yongyi is more tolerant of this loose version. The casual design style and classic grid elements, even if the large version will not be sloppy, is very comfortable to wear on her body. It can also better cover up their own deficiencies and is very friendly. In addition, the windbreaker uses a large lapel and hooded design, which can also create a casual and age -reducing effect. It is very young.


The way of random matching, low -key but very foreign

Under normal circumstances, most women will choose a more domineering or figure clothing with trench coats, which is also to better reflect the charm of the trench coat. However, this grid casual trench coat is different, and it is more casual to match, and there can be more choices of choice.


Just like Yuan Yongyi’s shape, casual sweaters, jeans and canvas shoes, very casual and casual combination, can still bring people full of fashion. In addition, the color comparison of sweaters and trench coats, coupled with the open dressing method, makes the whole dress look very linear. The other point is red canvas shoes. The high saturation color instantly lights up the whole shape, so it can also achieve an eye -catching effect. It also looks very young.

End words:

The couple of the Yuan Yongyi are not very high -profile, but there is no shortage of fashion at all. Especially this time the shape of a different kind of couple, you can feel the emotions of the two through wear, which is really sweet and fashionable.


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