From Gucci to MK, do not choose 13 women’s backpacks for too much

No matter where you go, you can’t do without a suitable backpack.

Although many donkeys will choose professional sports travel brands, the current trend of backpacks is that they can win everyone’s heart. Next, I recommend some of the 2016AW-2017SS period that is worth your backpack. If you have a Chinese style, Christmas gifts are it ~

——— I am the division line of “a little big name” ———————————



Speaking of Gucci’s bags, do you think of the lingering dual G LOGO, as if you look dizzy when you look at it a few more times. Or the black print like the following figure, although low -key, still can’t get rid of the impression of the mosaic! The offer of this bag is 7600RMB


Cuihua sauerkraut model, a bit of spicy eyes design, like LV sisters, really do not understand or understand. The designer wanted to make an article on the mosaic, but eventually failed. The offer of this bag is 12200RMB

For some female consumers, the double G LOGO also appeared in a high -profile. The pink bag in the figure below has a quotation of about 10000RMB.


But in addition, I have some styles to focus on. Recommended Gucci bucket bare bag

Both backpacks are low -key, but they choose solid colors and tassel decorations and external pockets in the color, giving a backpack with a stylish personality. Although these two backpacks are not large, in fact, let’s take a look at the internal space of the bag.


If you look closely, the internal space of this bag is still quite large. Portable items such as mobile phones, iPads, and other items can be stored at all. Bamboo design concepts are also adopted at the handle. This is quite distinctive even if it is a handbag. The quotation of these two bags is 12000-13500RMB.

The next style can be described as new. As shown in the figure below, don’t open his mouth to be surprised.

These three designs are a milestone in Gucci’s backpack design. At the same time, they are not cute and sexy. And the use of logo is also naturally imported, and it is no longer a dazzling feeling.


The price of up to 16800RMB in terms of price is also very suitable for design itself. After all, we no longer have to worry about the big mosaic?


Once the image design of the FENDI Monster Monster has been launched, it brings a youthful and lively new feeling to the luxury market. Although this image enters the eyes of the public, there is a rapid appearance of A and some imitation products. Fortunately, his backpacks have not been swallowed by mudslides.

Compared with the monster’s handbags, wallets, and shoulder bags, I recommend bare backpacks. Because the backpack of the shoulders restores the monster’s shape to the greatest extent.


Whether it is red or black hair on the head, or a slightly bad triangle eye and a zip zipper mouth, this overall shape is reflected on FENDI’s backpacks.


It is not difficult to find the little monster on Facebook or Instagram’s street take photos. Many street shooters will choose to match a large hair ball on a shoulder bag as another eye -catching highlight.

In terms of price, the price of France is 10270-12740RMB. This price is indeed much more expensive than FLOGO’s style, but there are indeed many fashion enthusiasts who have shot one after another, becoming the first choice for street shooting.

In addition to the mobs, Fendi also launched the flower series of backpacks this year. There are two main colors, white and black models. In fact, when I saw these two pictures, my long -term choice syndrome finally finally again. Erupted.

The white model with colorful three -dimensional flowers gives people a fresh and sweet feeling, but considering that it is prone to oil and obvious scratches during travel.


So turn the perspective to the black model. But why the designer designed the bodies and flowers as black, so that the three -dimensional flower shape on the bag could not be seen at all, it was simply “the pen of God.”


In this way, my mother would not worry about my bags at all. There is an emoticon bag that can’t be sneered here, although the emoji can’t be carried. In terms of price, the French quotation is about 14560RMB


In fact, the effect behind the upper body of the black style is also very satisfactory, but you need to pay attention to the matching of clothing. In addition to the contrasting color of the model in the figure below, it is also recommended to match with black and brown leather jackets. The effects are very eye -catching. Essence

However, as a small problem in design, I have always had doubts. Will the three -dimensional flower design bring unnecessary scraping when using it, which causes trouble to practicality and aesthetics? It is verified by your practice.

S3. Louis Vuitton


LV’s backpacks can be regarded as classic styles. In addition to representative chessboard grids and old flowers design, LV also launched some new designs, but to be honest, I still recommend classic backpacks.

It is not because the classics must be the best, but compared with the new creativity, the classic models are really red flowers. Cuihua please the picture above.


First of all, we look at the classic styles. The classic models are divided into three models: MINI, PM, and MM. MINI model price is 12155RMB


PM model price is 12675RMB

MM model price is 15500RMB


Let’s take a look at the design styles of spicy eyes, full of flowers, this big face really catch up with MCM.


Put a little in the scene and take pictures, and you don’t know which one is the scene. The quotation of this bag is also around 15000RMB.

In fact, the LV’s backpack is also material in the internal and external leather, and the self -weight of the bag is still very existent. Therefore, in the choice, I suggest that you choose the SIZE that suits you. Do not blindly pursue the capacity and ignore the weight. For the design of the design, do not choose too much fancy design. Often, this choice will only bring the effect of spicy eyes.




I do n’t know if you are concerned about the first season of a variety show is called “Idols Coming”, and the second season is called “We Come”. The guests who appeared in the first season Xie Na and Ouyang Nana both carried Valentino’s rivet backpack.

Since VALENTINO’s rivet series, this brand that once faded out of the public has gradually recaptured the seats of their first -line luxury goods, especially rivet pointed shoes, which has attracted many girls to buy.

Then there are rivet evening bags and backpacks, which are really punk style. The backpack of the shoulder is made of leather, which is very wear -resistant, and the decoration of rivets makes the entire bag full of rebellion.

What is interesting is that this bag has no obvious LOGO in other parts except the back of the Valentino’s logo on the back. You must say that his logo is a rivet, so it is obvious that there is no need for LOGO.

Hahaha, really seeing blood, but unfortunately there are many high imitation products on the market, so everyone must be careful when buying. In addition, the SMALL model of this bag is about 10000RMB.

The effect of the upper body is also worthwhile. In addition to the punk style, it can have a good effect with the clothes or sports series of clothing, showing the youthful vitality. Whether you are a hot mom, a hot girl or a pepper, you may wish to try it. When you are taking pictures, you can grab the mirror.


Burberry can be described as a British fashion term. In addition to the Wind Coat of the home, the magical stripe design has already become popular, so in 2016AW, Burberry’s change of the design style of the past has also gone up. Let’s take a look at the picture.

You must not believe in your eyes when you see here. How can these models be designed by Burberry? In fact, whether in the material and design of Burberry this season, Burberry chose a simple style. When I was talking to Burberry’s British cabinet sister, they explained that the shoulder bag design this season was mainly to better match Burberry’s trench coat.

The design of a variety of solid colors gives consumers to the greatest extent. It can be used by both men and women, and the medium package can completely install the iPad, so I recommend the medium model to female consumers. Recommended to men and students.


In terms of price, the British quotation is a trumpet 7800RMB, a medium number 8560RMB, and a large size of 9500RMB. Those who love Burberry may wish to buy this backpack. Outstanding, it will not be noisy.


mini pink

Mid -size brown


Is the feeling behind the upper body very tough and feels great. In fact, this backpack with a backpack with a leather jacket and a trench coat is very suitable. In addition, Oversize’s sweaters and sweaters are also a good choice.


M6. Stella McCartney


(The Italian offer of this bag is 5000RMB)

If you are a little strange to this brand of bags, you must know that his signature dishes are famous, which is the famous loose cake shoes. As shown in the figure below, the girls who want to grow taller can poke sharply, wow hahaha …

This star pine cake shoes is a new work of Stella in 2016AW. It quietly tells you that this shoe’s offer in Japan is as high as 125000Jpy, about 8200RMB, but the price starts in Italy is 4800RMB.

Speaking of his backpack in his family, I mainly recommend sticker pocket back and back


This bag has three colors, Tibetan blue! Black and gray, I recommend MINI models in size, because the MINI model is also very large, which is enough for you to play.

It turns out that the side face is also very beautiful

In terms of material, this is made of leather blended. The inside of the bag is nylon canvas, so the price is relatively cheap. The MINI quotation in Italy is 3600RMB. Let’s take a look at the black and gray models. Simple and clean, the color of the black and white gray suddenly makes me feel very good! You can buy young artists to use ZZZ …

———— easy to chop your hands —————




When it comes to MCM, I have to say this mixed -race, it is really a veritable facelift face, and it can’t be spent anymore. However, because the leather on the backpack of the backpack is very good, it is very resistant to wear during travel, and the capacity of the middle and large bags is quite large, so it is recommended to everyone.


At the airport, it is not difficult to see the various donkey friends running in various countries carrying MCM’s backpacks. Although the MCM LOGO is more fancy in design, it still cater to many people who like Japanese and Korean -style people.


If it is used for travel, it is best to choose a deeper color in color, and abandon rivet decoration, so that it can reduce a lot of self -respect.

The more popular colors of MCM backpacks such as beige, white, brown, black, pink, and red, but I still recommend black and brown styles as backpacks for travel.

You can see that the bag is designed with pure cowhide texture from the inside out, which is very suitable for travel. The price of South Korea is generally between 4800-5500RMB.

When choosing, pay attention that there are two materials inside the MCM’s backpacks, one is nylon style, as shown in the figure below, so the weight of the bag is reduced.

The other is the leather material. I personally recommend that men use it, which is indeed sinking than nylon models.

I think that in the choice of backpacks on the shoulders, we must pay attention to the design and detail design, and choose the style that suits you. Of course, the weight of the bag itself in the trip must be considered. Do not cause unnecessary trouble due to the problem of portable equipment during travel.




This is not a moschino toy, this sentence lets us remember the cute Moschino bear. Both perfumes and T-shots and mobile phone cases can see his cute appearance, but when we talk about backpacks, we rarely see him.

MOS’s backpack, I recommend it, I recommend the black gold model in color, the black bag, the golden logo word or the cute bear logo, the classic black jacket image, etc. Dirt and wear -resistant performance when traveling.

The capacity of large bags can meet the requirements of the traveler’s use. The most important thing is that this backpack is not as stormy as MCM, so if you like a maverick, you might as well try it. beautiful.

Generally, the price of large bags in the United States is 3000-4000RMB, which is very suitable for women. My friend uses it to install infant supplies to bring children out of the street.


H9.ralph Lauren


Who said that RL can only buy a POLO shirt, I think the bag is good. Look at the design of this magic rabbit ear, a pocket with a word …

However, the price of this bag is more expensive than POLO. The United States throws a price of about 2100RMB. Please see the figure below as the focus of your attention.


The whole skin in the inside and outside, the space is very suitable for living alone. If you feel monotonous, you can get hardcover. In winter, a big hair ball is equipped with a ribbon in summer. Checking in after the full paragraph is an ideal choice for all ages. If you want it, contact the kelp in the circle of friends!



Speaking of now, you must find out how the more you introduce the more close the people, the better the price! Of course, isn’t it that the general highlight is in the second half! Considering the mass consumer market, these are also possible. Don’t just three words, buy and buy, who will keep your feet constantly!


Coach family only recommends this


The outside bag double -pull back shoulders, why? Let’s take a look at the content


Wow, it feels suitable for the size, it is easy to get started, the red model is recommended for sister paper, the black Boy can also be used, the brown model is recommended for men and women, also known as Two Chairs … (See my English has surpassed Xie spicy Em

At 180 degrees without a dead end, it is really good skin, the capacity is also available, and the use of travel is not distressed. What can I buy for children? What? Now there are elementary school students to go to school, that’s okay, this is not to show off wealth, because the price is only 1600RMB, and the child’s New Year’s money is enough.

It is estimated that it is not unusual to carry LV (donkey) in this era.




MK can really be said to be plagiarized outside the price. Every season, you must first look at the design of other big names when you see this brand, and then concentrate the popular characteristics and then look at MK. There is definitely a bright spot. In terms of price, this can be available.


This double -layer zipper backpack of MK uses leather, which is divided into three types: black, blue and red.


In fact, it is already very advantageous in terms of capacity. The inside of the bag is still printed with the MK LOGO nylon model as always, and it is only 2300rmb in terms of price. This is the quotation of twisting the waist in the United States.

Let’s make up a sky blue picture. The haze day can take out the blue sky in the circle of friends, and then match the sentence: you have haze, I bring the blue sky@all people abroad, come, come and come to hurt each other to hurt each other to hurt each other. ah!

Another MK’s backpack is the improved rivet model on the basis of the previous model

It’s just that you have acne on your clean face. Don’t be too nervous. It will be better when adolescents pass. It is also black, white, gray, and blue in color. This seems to be red, but I did n’t see it. You can poke me for me.


In terms of Small Size, the US people’s purchase price is 2400RMB. It is still quite cost -effective. This is used in the United States to brush the number value as analysts and code farmers.

M12.dr. Martens

How about, can his Martin boots still grind his feet? Is Chuangcai Patition always prepared? This seems to be a stalk of his family. But look at the design of this back should not be anyone else. Is there in Britain? Handicapped? Do you want to code farmers? What do you need to travel? I said you buy or not!


After saying so much, look at the material. The skin is definitely the skin. The inner is still frosted and the gray is often good.


At 2100RMB in the price, there is a fight with the Coach family. Which one do you choose? The question mark question mark is still question mark.


After talking about a lot of first -line and second -line and light luxury brands, in the end, let’s take a look at the sports tide brand.


Supreme can be said to stand out in the tide brand competition this year. In addition to becoming a new member of European and American street culture, many supermodels are also necessary for street shooting. Even the backs are so cool and love.



Standard travel models, all nylon materials, have a good waterproof effect, common to men and women. The only regret is the price of about 3500RMB (of course, the price of the donkey card is the price of cabbage).

The above are some of the two years I recommended. Many people think that the backpack of the shoulders does not need to pursue anything, only the capacity and weight of the package. In fact, the designed backpack must not only conform to ergonomics, but also have a good appearance.

Although we may not be able to match the extreme like street shots. But whenever we appear in a beautiful environment and scenery, we must not only feel the beauty of nature, but also the beauty of ourselves. Whether we usually work or live, we must find the joy of life from daily matching.


PS: Master Fan wrote a “


When a woman goes out of these 10 big -name bags, she will be disgusted by the straight men around them!

“, Talked about 10 women’s bags who felt the most ugly. In the dialog box of the Business Fan Gong, you can view it by replying to the “straight men’s bag”.

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