Elderly Gospel: Underwear that can provide power, and even be available to shop! This year may be available

In the daily sharing of major technology websites, we can see a variety of cool smart products, but most of these dazzling products are young people. For the elderly, these so -called trendy and coolness The products are often insulated from them. Corresponding to them, we can often see in the news that the problem of aging population is increasing. Although to solve this problem, it requires more support for people’s livelihood policies. But in today’s sharing, we can see that there are actually many smart products that can bring different exciting to the elderly life.


For example, a company named Seismic recently launched a product called “Power underwear”. The appearance of this product is no different from ordinary underwear, and it is also very close and comfortable. However There is a supporting device with the legs. This device is adopted in the underwear. When the elderly need to work hard, it can simulate muscle contraction and relaxation, thereby reducing the body burden during action.


It is not easy to achieve this, because in daily life, when people perform various actions, as products that do not belong to the body, it is actually difficult to judge whether users need to borrow.而这套服装内置了一个微型电脑,它能够记录全身传感器记录的运动以及姿势相应的数据,并且可以由程序自定义设置,在恰当的时刻提供协助,目前,这套服装预计在年内推出,但是Regarding the price, the official has not disclosed that it is only called the price close to high -end clothing.


The old man’s actions are not more common. Although the set of underwear mentioned earlier can indeed help the elderly to a certain extent, it is still difficult for the elderly to walk for a long time. However, in response to the inconvenience of the elderly, a company named KDDI launched a long -distance and remote robot, so that the elderly people with inconvenience can also enjoy the fun of long -term shopping.


The two eyes of this robot have a camera, and the ears are also hidden in the microphone. The user can use a VR -like device. As long as you wear this installation, you can hear and see the environment and sound around the robot. In addition, your finger can also pass the sensor through the sensor. Connected to the robot, by then, the robot is like a avatar of you. You can control it by sitting and let the robot complete the shopping. When you buy a good product, you can still feel the robot’s ” “Touching”, so that you can feel the touch of the object even at home.

It is worth mentioning that this robot uses 5G communication technology, because only 5G can support high -speed and large -capacity transmission, and now 5G technology has gradually become commercialized, so Lao Si feels that the elderly who are inconvenient to move may be in the lifetime of a lifetime. You can enjoy this technology. Of course, for some lazy young people, this robot can also become a good mobility tool.


In addition to the inconvenience of action, we know that when people grow old, vision will also have irreversible degradation, but if you want to live a smooth life in modern society, it is also necessary to see it. Facing the problem of degradation of the elderly, another Japanese company has developed a smart glasses. The two sides of this glasses are equipped with two small lenses. The inner lens can capture eyeball activities, while another lens confirms the user to confirm the user The location of the gaze will be distinguished from the text in the field of vision, and the recognition content will be informed by the user through the voice.

With this glasses, the old people can do it more conveniently whether they are going out or dining. At present, this glasses are crowdfunding on the Japanese fundraising website. Presumably, in the near future, they can officially launch the elderly who will benefit those visual obstacles. Today’s sharing is almost here. After reading it, do you think that smart products are not a patent for young people or Geek. In fact, for the elderly, they also need these products to change their lives.

However, in Laosi’s view, when we grow old, our mentality is also very important. I wonder if everyone still remembers that an elderly man in Japan that Lao Si had shared before. Like Grandpa, maintaining an optimistic attitude, life will also be full of fun. What do you think?


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