Music girls wear out -shoulder outfit tests and fall down from time to time.

As a boy, I have always had a question that is unable to open up. How can girls wear the kind of off -shoulder outfit to ensure that it does not fall? In case the action is larger, will it be the scene of a large society dead? However, on some grand occasions, off -shoulder dresses can indeed highlight the beautiful figure of women and set off the unique charm of women.


Although the dress is good, the price is not cheap, and this kind of clothes usually cannot wear it, so many people choose to borrow or rent one when needed. There may be a problem at this time, because the borrowed dress size may not be suitable for you. This is like taking a wedding photo. The clothing in the studio is pretty, but it is not fit, so it must be fixed with a clip. The bright and beautiful dress in front may be covered with a clip.


Now it is during the final exam of each school. A few days ago, a “girl girl wearing a tube top skirt for a tube top skirt, the whole process was embarrassed to support the” chest “, nervous and laughed,” which attracted the attention and attention of netizens and the attention and the attention of netizens. Hot discussion. In the video, a girl in the music department performs on the stage wearing a tube top skirt during the final exam. Because the size of the skirt is too large, the girl falls down as soon as she is singing.

The girl was a little panicked, but because it was a final exam, she could not stop performing. She could only use various hand movements during singing to raise skirts to cover up their embarrassment. Girls said that in order to show their emphasis on the exam, they deliberately wore such a dress to perform. I wanted to add points to their own image. I did not expect to encounter such embarrassment. The skirt is not very fit. Although there are six clips, I did not expect such an embarrassing scene. Fortunately, there was no accident during the performance, otherwise the person would be lost.

Girls did not try to see the skirt before the stage, and did not know that they would be so outrageous. In fact, the skirt would not fall a lot. It’s just that the girl is still a little worried, so she will consciously hold her hands from time to time, for fear of an embarrassing scene.

In this regard, some netizens have also expressed their own opinions. The costumes performed on stage still have to try it out in advance. In case it is not close, it will affect the performance effect. This girl is also possible. It did not stop performing, but to cover up with the movement of the performance, it was finally shocked.


However, for students in the art department, in order to leave a better first impression for the judges, in order to leave the judges, they still need to be below their image. The choice of clothing is also important, and it should not be too casual. For example, a girl from the Nanjing Academy of Art some time ago sent the video of the final exam to the Internet and caused a lot of controversy.

This girl is a popular singing music at the Nanjing Academy of Art. She looks very beautiful, tall and slim. In the exam, she sang Na Ying’s “Fall in love with you to fall in love with loneliness”, and sang very well. From the action on the stage to the sound, it is indeed a student of the Academy of Art.


What caused controversy was not the singing performance of this girl, but her dress. On the day of the exam, she wore a small black skirt and a high heels with black stockings to show her long legs. Maybe the girl felt that This can show your body advantage and add points to yourself.

After watching the video, some netizens thought that the girl’s dress was not decent. Leave a message in the comment area: “This is the exam or the bar”! Another netizen also questioned this and commented: “Can you really black silk with short skirts?”? For questioning, girls also boldly replied: “Big Brother, the 21st century”; “What are the rows of terracotta warriors”?

Of course, I think that when the final exam, you can wear it generous and decent. After all, the test is not a draft. The key is to depend on your basic skills. Do you have a level of professional knowledge?


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