No wonder the little man loves to wear short models! Winter “short cotton cloth+straight pants”, fashionable and high

In winter, a warm and practical short jacket is indispensable. The short jacket can shorten the visual effect of the upper body. Coupled with high -waisted pants to give people a sense of vision below the chest.


If you have no idea in winter, you may wish to try the combination of “short jacket+straight pants”. This is undoubtedly a capable and neat, but also takes into account the good -looking match.

1. “Black and White Gray” cotton clothing match


The warm and thick cotton jacket is a must -have clothing in winter, especially for small girls, short cotton jackets are more suitable, leisure and not bloated. In the autumn and winter combination, it is indispensable for the three colors of “black and white and gray”. This basic color single product is classic and durable. If you do n’t pick people, you can wear a casual and casual feeling.


For gray cotton clothes, this fresh and elegant cold cotton jacket has low saturation and is very thin visually, and it can highlight the cold temperament of women.


In the matching of gray down jackets, the black letters printing sweater was chosen inside. The two other items were relatively loose. Therefore, the lower body can choose a slightly close -fitting straight pants, so as not to choose bloated and procrastinating.

The canvas shoes on the feet add a refreshing temperament to the overall shape. Young girls choose this set.

If you feel that the pure color cotton clothing is too monotonous, you can also try the black -gray stitching cotton clothing. This short style of cotton jacket design is simple and atmospheric, which will not be visually lowered.


The matching of the lower body pants is also very simple. Choose black straight pants, casual and generous, and the tightening design of the trousers has weakened the bloated feeling to a certain extent and avoids being too procrastinating.

The medium -length -style white down jacket is suitable for most girls. The lower body is paired with blue jeans and small black leather boots, forming a casual and free style. The refreshing white down jacket is bright and clean in color, which can set off the skin of the skin to the greatest extent.

In the matching of pure black down jackets, you can choose a black -and -white striped bottoming shirt in the inside, which weakens the monotonous sense to a certain extent. Short cotton jackets are not like other down jackets. This kind of clothing should be as refreshing and simple as possible. Only on the basic version and color, it can show a low -key image.

Wearing straight jeans in autumn and winter, it is not as bloated and fat as wide -leg pants, and will not expose leg flaws like tight pants. We can use the way of straight trousers to expose the ankle. Visually extended, thin and long legs.


Second, bright color cotton clothing match

Grass green cotton clothes are too eye -catching in winter, giving a vibrant feeling. The unique heart -shaped pattern on the cotton clothing reduces the sense of monotonous. The orange bag with a messenger is perfectly improved to improve the highlight and eye -catching index of matching.

After designing a short type of dark blue cotton jacket, this single product is more practical and versatile. Choosing such a jacket in winter makes the gas field refreshing and generous.

Compared with other cotton jackets, the fabric of this cotton jacket is lighter and lighter, and it is not visually bloated. Wearing a plush cap, standing in the snow is pure and sweet, and it has a sense of winter atmosphere.

The fresh and elegant sky blue itself is a refreshing and healing color. Wearing this color cotton jacket in winter does not require too much embellishment and matching, and it will not feel monotonous. This bright color match is not only very white, but also full of quiet and gentle ladies.


Black straight pants and snow boots, capable of being cute and playful. The trousers with a contracted style of the trousers can well balance the swelling of the blue down jacket jacket, and the overall match will look very harmonious.


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