Hepburn’s preferred temperament high -necked bottom shirt, 99 yuan into two pieces, soft and versatile, thin and age -reducing age

Xiao Qiushui Press:

Today I wrote a headline article is too tired. The network is slow. Finding, passing pictures, and publishing in the article, it took the power of nine cows and two tigers, so I originally wanted to make a series of heating supplies. do it.

Before I came, I checked the temperature from the Jiang side. I knew that it was about zero, and my heart was counting, so it can be said that I was prepared.


Today, wearing the top of the three -piece jacket of the fashionable Bazaar Teddy Bear Household service, so that the clothes are thick and warm, and it is also convenient to wear alone, especially there are kangaroo pockets in front of them, which is convenient to put mobile phones. I also wore this when I took the high -speed rail. When I got off the car, put on the down jacket outside.

Inside is a baby velvet warm jacket, low collar, otherwise it will not look good.

Inside is DODO & KOKO Speed ​​Smart Smart Clothes. Three stackers are not bloated for me.

The legs are afraid of cold, of course, the pants should be thicker. Wear pants with velvet leggings. Bring two electric heating treasures, hold one hand, hang one neck, which is quite controlled.

Of course, the bottoming shirt recommended today is brought. I chose the dark green, with a rose red down vest, and put on a down jacket outside. I passed it for a day yesterday. The clothes are very light and warm, so the matching is quite good, especially the work is very efficient.


I originally wanted to take photos, and I was too busy yesterday.


Recently, there are a lot of warm -up supplies on the store. You can browse it by yourself when you have demand. After returning to Shenzhen on the 18th, I have time to make a series of recommendations.

Including a word, my winter preparation was prepared as early as a half months ago. Some readers felt that it was cold, and after the order was placed, I could understand this mood. However, why not place an order earlier Woolen cloth? Now because the warmth supplies are popular, many things are shipped 72 hours after the order is placed. Because of the high cost performance, Hengyuanxiang’s sweater is almost out of stock. It’s also a pity.

Regarding the bottoming shirt, the detailed introduction is in the article, you can see:

American female writer Fran Lebowitz once said, “I don’t believe in God, I just believe in Cashmere.

A best cashmere sweater, better than the warmest hug

Essence “

The “goddess -level” character Audrey Hepburn once dreamed that he could have a large wardrobe with a classic high -necked cashmere sweater.

A decent cashmere bottom shirt with tailored fabrics is undoubtedly undoubtedly worn in autumn and winter

Essential item

Picking the wrong inside, not only let the expensive jacket out of the price, but even the hotness in the room is so hot that he dare not take off his jacket, for fear that others will see the ugly inside.

If you ca n’t choose the skin -friendly version, not only do you step on the thunder, but you ca n’t bear to look directly at the fabric.

Today I recommend a soul versatile bottom shirt- “

Silkworm oxygen high -neck bottom shirt

Through the exquisite tailoring version, the achievement is high -quality

Cashmere fabric+oxygen silk

The bottoming shirt made.



Exquisite simplicity

The style is very resistant, and it can be versatile with the wardrobe jacket.

You can feel that it is good to wear closely,

Smooth and smooth

As soon as the touch is treated as a newborn baby.



, Color board arrangement like Monet’s painting board.

Whether you like the versatile color system or the contrasting color matching of in tide, you can choose the bottom shirt you must enter here.


Brand offline store

Original price: 4 149/one

, Reader discount direct drop , 199,

到 99/Two parts arrive

(Color remarks)



Research cut


Katye can be sweet to create a “swan collar”

The warm and versatile high -necked bottom shirt has been popular since the early 1970s to ushered in a wave of waves in recent years.

Retro tide

Essence Yes, I have to admit that the cutting of some clothes can go through the test of living time.


This silk oxygen high -necked bottoming shirt has changed the hard and upright version in the design.

Cut into just right with a slight arc

“Pile collar”


In fact, this relaxed neckline design will be more reasonable.


It is especially suitable for Asians’ shoulder and neck lines, almost no face shape.

For women who are not so slender in the neck, they can play a better role in modifying.

The “thick short neck” evolved the “swan neck” camouflage must enter the single product.





The principle of the principle is not too loose, and it will not be particularly tight. It just stacked slightly, lazy and casual, warm and warm.

Girls who want to create a “gentleness” can be equipped with a necklace to become an elegant model that highlights the temperamental weapon in your wardrobe.

The overall is loose and well

H version

It won’t be tightly pushing the body, but it is not too much to cover the small belly, and quietly thinner.

Three -dimensional sensation and bone skin

They are all good, comfortable and slim, simple and stylish.

The shoulders and arms and sleeves are slightly designed to designs. Give the shoulders and upper arms, leaving enough space for activity. It seems that the casual feeling will be stronger.

Hidden all of them, slender and thin

Its cuffs are more than the wrist, longer than ordinary clothes. Micro -pressing, arms


Look slender

Beautiful ~

Let’s take a look at the details and sutures of its details. Each part of the closing part is very detailed. You can know a good version at a glance.

The elasticity of the hem is very elastic and extensive stretching.

There will be no “restraint”

The wiring part is also very delicate and neat, and it is difficult to find the connection header. It will not bond the skin, and the touch is very soft.

It can also look neat and stylish in the windbreaker


It will not be abrupt to take off the coat. It is sweet with a skirt.


1+1> 2

The wonderful inside.

High -neck clothes often

Can support the coat and coat more

, Single wearing it is not to pick up. Seemingly small details are often the soul of wearing.

The biggest advantage of this inside is that compared

10 pounds in seconds


A sense of vision.


Moderate thickness, there will be no obvious edge lines in the skirt pants

Single wearing is also very waistline, this delicate arc,

Let your body be lifted, stretch the lower body

, Very high.

Simple wear, in fact, it is also a concave -shaped weapon

A random bottoming shirt can be more colorful than those heavy clothing. Choosing a different color with the younger sisters is a proper sister dress.

This exaggerated version, its soft and waxy, its warmth, is a close and higher enjoyment.



Australian cashmere+nest -oxygen silk

The wonderful match in the fabric industry

Jingui’s cashmere sweater, the price is high, but the expensive is also expensive

There is a reason for it

// Good cashmere is artificially sorted out and collected in spring and summer, and then it becomes cashmere raw materials after selecting velvet, fleece and combing. The output is very small, which is completely incomparable with wool. It is sold in gram, so it is called “golden fiber, soft gold”. //

But we often encounter some cashmere wool fabrics that I buy are obviously expensive, but always

Shrink, wrinkle, get the ball

The phenomenon. Some people will ask, isn’t it good for 95%to 100%of pure cashmere? Is it good?


In fact,

The good cashmere is not the amount of ingredients, but what kind of fabric is matched with it.

This silkworm oxygen high -neck bottoming shirt is selected

Rare silkworm oxygen fiber+Australian cashmere

Blended woven, after many research and development of the R & D version, the final “golden ratio” was obtained

Cashmere and silkworms are well fused, wrapped in cashmere



There are also superior skin -friendly skin, which are unable to do in pure artificial fiber or pure cashmere.

Even if it is brushed with a brush, the fabric is not easy to break the ball.


Then use transparent glue to dip it out, and a bit of fine dandruff is not stained.



The fabric structure is strong enough


Compared to those “seasonal throws”, more than a little star.

After seeing the test report, you can know that wear resistance, lock color, and not easy to get the ball. Not every bottom shirt can achieve this texture.

This season like the warm and cold season, it is easy to sweat in the afternoon, and it is easy to sweat. After sweating, it is uncomfortable in the clothes.

But don’t worry about wearing this bottoming shirt. Although

The upper body is warm

, But the fabric is very light and breathable. Small sweat? nonexistent!

Add silkworm oxygen commonly textile because its silk texture is light and slender,

Good fabric luster

It is the lightest and softest natural fiber in nature.


It is novel

Fibermore structure

, Make the water vapor freely circulating, make the skin cool, warm but not dry.

Put the fabric on the steam and be penetrated by layer,


Do not rely on “covering” to keep warm

Now this kind of weather is most suitable for wearing alone.

Rare silkworms are like a layer of muscle base worn on the skin. It can stabilize the dryness of the skin and perceive the skin emotions.

Reduce electrostatic and skin debris

The amino acids necessary for eighteen human body can promote skin cell vitality. It is known as “the second skin of the human body” and “fiber queen”.


After adding the silkworm silk yarn, the air can be stored and the heat can be stored into thermal energy, which helps improve the shortcomings of cashmere, and does not affect its warmth.


Soft glutinous skin

, Dress.

As soon as I got my hand, I couldn’t help but want to rub with my hands, let alone wearing it.


Warm and skin -friendly are suitable for wearing it. Wearing a bra and adding it, it is really appreciating to enjoy the silk.

Because of the high -quality fabrics of the two, it is more stringent for printing and dyeing.

This bottoming shirt is more environmentally friendly

Plant printing and dyeing method

The step of dyeing is to dye the yarn first, and then forge the way of clothing, so the color is uniform and the texture is more advanced.

The color fastness is stable, there is no high requirements for washing and care, and it is not easy to fade in the drum machine washing.

Easy to take care

The new clothes are not easy to fade under the water for the first time, and it is still clear water quality.


Even if you go to the four seasons in Guangdong in Guangdong, you can choose such a bottoming shirt from morning to night.


Moderate thickness

It won’t be thin when it comes to a gust of wind. It is enough to resist the evil wind in the body alone.


Monet color version, casual stacking

A versatile bottoming shirt

The version is very stiff and durable. After wearing this autumn and winter, wash it up, and continue to take out the texture of the next autumn and winter.

Want to choose a versatile model or like special contrasting color matching

There is everything


You can also find the “bottom shirt” that belongs to you here.

Color option:

Urban gray, milk tea coffee, vast black, pearl white, water lake blue, lemon yellow, Xinyi apricot, rubber pink, mochaphus, nagota brown, fluorescent green, gem blue

Ultra -bomb average: L/XL, XXL, 3XL likes to be slightly slim or loose size can be satisfied

The fabric and production are the same as many big -name factories, but the price is less than one tenth of the big name, because the brand wants to bring a better quality experience to users.



99/two parts

Hand (color can be noted)

As long as the girls passing through it, I can no longer see other bottom shirts. Out of assured of the product, we also made directly with the brand to win the supply of these sources to the readers and friends who have always supported us.

Good quality is worth seeing by more people.

Essence “

Essence “

Essence “

Essence “


Essence “

Essence “

Essence “

Essence “

Brand offline store

Original price: 4 149/one

, Reader discount direct drop , 199,


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