Adidas clover ZX750 men’s casual board shoes

For the first time, I am a bit shy, please forgive me. Essence Essence

Why is such a title? It seems to be slightly confusing, but it is really true, letting me come slowly.

Adidas 三叶草 zx750 男款休闲板鞋

I don’t know when and where the situation, I saw the ADI’s ZX750. At first, I saw Lin Junjie M18260,

Adidas 三叶草 zx750 男款休闲板鞋

(The ADI flagship store has no this model, just one Tmall is one)

Adidas 三叶草 zx750 男款休闲板鞋

Then I went to Taobao all kinds of search. Because Taobao water was too deep, the cheap one dare not buy it, it is expensive and worth it. You can fully see that I am poor, so what I understand There is no need to consider the venue, no need to consider value, no need to consider how to save more, OK, return to the topic, basically abandon Taobao, and move to physical stores. If it is in stock, it is worth starting, but yes, you have turned it again, and you have no stock after several times.

OK, Kung Fu is worthy of the people, and the M18260 is listed in Double 11, the official website of Adi flagship store, as long as 414RMB, put it in the shopping cart 3 days in advance, only wait for Double 11, but, but, some people are here in Aunt Zhang When the news broke, I felt that I couldn’t grab it, but I was still breaking the news. I hid waiting for the double 11 to hide in the bed and grab it. Alas, it seems that I have to look at the character. At 23:30, I went to see the shopping cart. As a result, I always failed, LZ refreshed, and all kinds of torment and so on. At 23:40, I gave up because it has been invalidated. I remember the trading volume at that time was more than 160 pairs. LZ was holding the heart to sleep with my heart, but it was shoes when I closed my eyes. I woke up again at 3 am. , Shoes, clothes, and even short sleeves have failed, they were robbed, my heart was so congested. Looking at the transaction volume of the shoes, there seemed to be more than 400. Suddenly, tears were covered.

Do you think LZ really gave up like this? No, LZ went to You Akabe to see it again, and found that M18260 was early. There was M18258. Although it was not comparable to M18260, it was okay, but the original price of 829 was not discounted at all. LZ can only silently silent Go away.

Adidas 三叶草 zx750 男款休闲板鞋

Just in Black Five, the expectation of the Black Five, some people broke the news of SIZE’s ZX750, and the pound of pounds at 40.99 after folding. Do you still need to hesitate? I was about to start immediately, but unfortunately LZ was on the bus at the time, and I couldn’t register all kinds of registered, and I was kindly stuffed. Then I asked a friend to help register. It was also a problem. In the end, I can only download a SIZE APP on the phone. At that time, I didn’t notice whether my friend left me the address correctly. Regardless, the order is successful anyway.

Later, I waited for delivery. Size sent an email saying that my address was inaccurate, and then I sent the full address to the past. Do you think they really press the address in the LZ email? Then you are really just as simple as LZ. When DPD sent me an email, the postcode of Jiangxi’s postcode is simple to die, and then I drunk and send emails to SIZE. When the address is shipped, I will wait for the letter suspiciously. Later, some friends have already bought the ZX750 that I bought at the same time. Number, changing the Chinese preparation address, I feel a lot of heart, but when EMS calls me, my address is too simple, let me provide a detailed address, and I find that the customer service is deceiving. What about updating the address? This world is so cute. I never expected that LZ finally received my ZX750.

Simple and rough open box:

Adidas 三叶草 zx750 男款休闲板鞋

Because I did n’t grab 8 yards, I could only hold 9 yards on my head. It was slightly big, and it was a bit impact to walk, but fortunately.

The flowing account has also gone.


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