Do you know the production technology of Pu’er tea?

Pu’er tea (raw tea) is based on Yunnan large leaf -breeding green hair tea as raw materials. It is matched with raw materials, sieved fine -cutting, semi -finished products, tea, steaming tea, molding, darling, drying, inspection and packaging and other processes The tightly pressed tea.

Zhengshan ancient tree spring tea cake

01 raw material matching

After the raw materials enter the factory, compare the reciprocating and acceptance of the acquisition standards, and return to the warehouse according to the acceptance level. At the same time, the water content is detected to reach the water content of the warehouse before the position can be entered. Various Pu’er tea (raw tea) must be selected according to different raw materials. The raw materials should be matched according to the requirements of the finished product specifications to ensure the internal quality.

Green hair tea ingredients

02 Siege

Tea factory generally adopts a single -level payment system and single -level recovery. The screening of the screening is connected, and the raw materials of Pu’er tea (raw tea) at all levels are matched in proportion, mixed sieved, and sieved tea.

03 semi -finished product matching


The sieved tea after screening is reviewed according to the processing standards of various Pu’er tea (raw tea) processing standards to determine the proportion of noodle tea and tea, and the pile machine is fully mixed.


04 called tea

According to the content of the tea -pressed tea, the standard degree of the finished product is combined with the processing loss rate, and the weight of the tea is calculated. In order to ensure the quality specifications, the movements should be proficient, accurate, and fast. Generally, the tea is first called the tea, and then the tea must be accurate. The positive difference should be more than 1%.

05 steamed tea

Boiler steam is usually used

The high -temperature steam enters the steam pressure operating machine through the pipeline to quickly steam the tea to promote the discoloration and facilitate the formation.

06 molding

The molds of machining tea include stone molds, wooden molds, aluminum molds, iron molds, copper molds and other types.

Stone model and wooden mold

Due to the small pressure on artificially, it can better maintain the natural style of tea strips.

Stone mold suppression process

Industrialized production is multi -selected

Metal mold

Most of the stamping device are put into the mold, put in the pyramid, pressed by the crusher of the handle, pressed by the jumping head to the cover, the pressure is generally about 10 kilograms, making the thickness of the tea block uniform and loose tightly.

Metal mold suppression process


07 Desert

The pressed tea block is removed after cooling in the mold

Essence The cooling time depends on the fixed shape. The machine pressure is better. After the pressure is applied, the mold can be removed. The manual suppression must be removed after cooling for half an hour.


Tea cake suppression workshop

08 dry


The traditional method is to place the finished product on the drying rack, so that it will naturally lose water and dry to the standard water content of the finished product. At present, dry houses are used to dry, using boiler steam residual heat, from the pipeline to the drying room. The room is set up in the room. The heating pipes are arranged below.

The drying crafts of tea cakes


09 inspection packaging


After dry finished tea, sampling, testing moisture, unit weight, ash, stems, etc., and review.

Tea packaging link

Good tea, the total value must be expected. Let me look forward to the birth of the first cake of the first cake of Yunnan · Qingyu Xiang in 2022!

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Zhengshan ancient tree spring tea cake


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