Castner from the high heel brand from Spain, classic handwriting of sloping shoes design

I don’t know if you have heard Castañer, a high -heeled shoe brand from Spain. It was founded in 2014. It has a history of 17 years, but the brand is the most famous in the shoe industry. Its main sloping shoes! As for the reason, the designer believes that the comfort and stability of high heels is a punishment for women, and the sloping shoes are much more friendly, so the brand’s sloping shoes design is also full of flowers.


Let’s take a look at the beautiful and easy -to -wear high -heeled shoes and slope shoes of Casta 有er today!


Our concept of high -heeled shoes has always been that it will raise the waist to the waist. It looks like it can be coordinated, and the overall form aesthetics of people will be improved a lot, especially the high -heeled shoes. But the slope can also wear the beauty you want, which is really surprising!

From the perspective of the heels and the high heels of ordinary heels, we are also the products of Castañer. The two pairs of shoes are basically different. Even if you make up for the hollow part of the ordinary thick heels, you will find that it is exactly the same as other slopes of Castañer.


When the black leather thick heels are designed, they are made according to the style of the slope shoes. Later, the designer wanted to have a little innovation on the basis of the sloped heels, rather than always following the original design. So cut a large part of the space when the shoes approached the heel, so it looked like a thick heel shoes, and retained the charm of the sloping shoes.

The new models of this season are also very beautiful. Castañer’s beach sandals are combined with a word belt and slope to incorporate the aesthetics and comfort of the shoes. With the same color, it is full of high -level sense! When you want to go to the beach in the summer and don’t want to wear slippers at will, such a pair of sloping shoes will perfectly solve all problems.


In addition to the design sense of Casta 设计er, some of its folk customs are also worthy of exaggeration! These pairs of sloping shoes prepared with fabrics, and the flower style of the upper with plain white background, instantly jumping on the Spanish medieval aristocracy. The lace in the second half passes through the fabric, and you can also tie a beautiful bow on your feet. In addition, the soles are made of very soft cotton. The heels use very light wood. The scenery in the pixel paint gives a strong artistic atmosphere.

The same rainbow -colored soles of the same style are also ulterior motives. The difference between it and the above shoes is that the heels are stacked by layers of colored blocks, and it is like stepping on the feet of the rainbow. Good -looking and refreshing. The structure of the upper is very simple. The plain fabric is relatively loose. The straps behind the shoe can be freely adjusted. Although the model uses a winding method, personal suggestions are better to make a bow.


Of course, if you don’t like sandals with fabric materials, castañer of leather shoes is also available. This pair of leather with sloped shoes is very oily color. It is matched with dark orange and plain white. It is fusion of each other. There is a shoe buckle on one word, which can also freely adjust its looseness. The soles of the sole are still the weaving style. It is very light wooden material inside.


Let’s take a look at Casta 看看er’s folk wind slope shoes. These shoes are completely woven, a bit like small embroidery shoes, but the pattern is referring to the off -site logo of the Spanish bullfighting event. It’s not suitable for daily wear. Of course, sisters who like to collect can still consider it. It is not bad as a artwork.

Some people said that there were too many slope shoes of Casta 说er. They were all easy to wear but not good -looking shoes. It may be a refutation to this view. There are some differences in ordinary words, that is, its heels are square, and they are not common squares. The heels are wrapped around the fabrics, retaining the unique design of the brand, and it looks very attractive!

CASTA 发展ER has developed a lot of classic shoes so far, which can basically cover everyone’s daily need to wear requirements. Therefore, the sisters who have not controlled high -heeled shoes and want to experience the slopes can be tried. The same height and curve, taking into account comfortable materials, is worthy of beauty to love beauty.


The slope shoes and ordinary high heels of Castañer are introduced. Do n’t forget to pay attention to it. More good -looking and continuous sharing!


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