This spring is popular, called “short jacket+long skirt”, which is significantly high, 150 girls are suitable for girls

Spring is blooming, and the sun is shining. When it comes to warm spring, do you also start trying all kinds of wonderful shapes? Perhaps whenever you have a concave shape in spring, you don’t know how to find a matching style that suits you, but in this spring, there is a very popular way of wear, that is, short coats and long skirts.

The short jacket with a long dress has a variety of different styles. Whether it is the style of the coat and the skirt style, it is extremely changeable, so we can also boldly try some items that are suitable for our style. Go and learn about it.

[1] Understand the choice of short jackets



Don’t restrict one or two items in spring. You can boldly challenge various fashionable clothing. When choosing a jacket, you can also consider using a knitted sweater.

The style of the knitted sweater is gentle. Comparing him with the suit, you will find that most of the knit sweater feels more softer and glutinous, which will be more feminine than other coats.

②. Short suit

The combination of short suits is also very suitable for trying in this season. After all, suits are the best items in spring and autumn, and the suit is well -dressed, which will also be much thinner. The short suit is more suitable for small people. You only have 150 height and you can control it well.

So when trying a suit, I recommend that you try two lengths,

One is the thinnest part of the waist. This kind of suit is a popular model in recent years, and the other is the position below and above the waist. This is normal, and most people can wear it.


③. Short sweater

The matching of sweater cardigan is gentle and fashionable. It will be thicker than sweater, so if you are afraid of cold, you must start. It is most suitable to wear during this season. The sweater itself has a different style,


Some people like to wear long sweaters, and some people like to wear short sweaters. For the small man, you still don’t challenge long sweaters with a length than the knee, otherwise the proportion will be very disordered.

Because most sweater versions should be loose,


So when you match with a short sweater, try to choose a modified skirt. The too loose skirt like below will look a little procrastinating.

[2] The selection skills of long skirts

>> Reject length exceeds the ankle

Since we wear skirts, we must pay attention to its length. Although we recommend everyone to wear long skirts, the long skirt does not mean that the length of the length, the better, otherwise wearing it will look very cumbersome.


If you want to be high, the most appropriate length is


The position of the ankle below the ankle, especially his calf muscles, is the most suitable place to cover the thickness of the calf. This can greatly modify the proportion of the figure and expose the slender ankle.

>> Choose a single product with a light and textured material


There are many materials for skirts, tulle, denim or satin. These materials have different styles. However, in normal life, everyone will also consider using various basic models,


If you want to dress beautifully and fashionable, you still need to choose some good and light skirts, such as chiffon and satin popular in spring. It is matched with texture and is particularly elegant.

[3] Analysis of the matching of “short coat+long skirt”

LOOK①: suit + pleated long skirt

When women in the workplace wearing a suit, don’t stupidly only know to match jeans. This way of wear is really a little monotonous. If you want to look good and fashionable, then you must arrange for yourself in this suit and long skirt. Match. The pleated long skirt will look very attractive, and it can give you more styles, and this dress will not be too monotonous.

look ②: suit with high waist skirt

How to match the short suit to look good? Then you must arrange a high -waisted skirt. In fact, everyone understands this principle. After all, the position of the waistline will affect our figure. Even if you are a small person with a perfect figure, if you can use a high -waist skirt with a high -waist skirt to match it, Short coats can naturally adjust the proportion.

For example, these bloggers like to open up when wearing a suit, and then expose the skirt with the waistline inside. The position of the waistline is displayed, which can naturally raise your figure, and even if the jacket is length, it will not look cumbersome.

look ③: sweater with a small black skirt

If you want to say what the classic items in the skirt are, it is certain that many people are very concerned about the small black skirt. The small black skirt is a clothing that can be used all year round. Therefore, when wearing a short coat in spring modeling. The short sweater with a small black skirt is elegant and intellectual. Whether it is a skirt or a dress, it is good to be matched with Lefu shoes and short boots, which is also very temperament.

In this article, we have introduced the matching of various skirts and short jackets. Regarding the choice of jackets, it is recommended that you can try the concave shape of suit, small incense breeze jacket, knitwear and other clothing. Faceders or printed skirts, and various classic small black skirts, use these different styles of clothing to mix and match, adjust your proportion and high -level.


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