No matter how old women are, it is recommended to wear “flat shoes” when going out.

For ordinary people, no matter how old you are, if you want to wear a good temperament, dress must meet the requirements of “simple, comfortable, and fashionable”, and you cannot be too hard. Especially in the choice of shoes, whether it is too fancy shoes or high heels, it is not as practical and daily as a pair of flat shoes.

For example, in winter or spring, we can choose a lot of flat shoes. It is comfortable to wear, and it is very practical and versatile. How can we forget it when we go out? This winter, how old women are, it is recommended to wear more “flat shoes” when going out. It is comfortable and high -level. Let’s take a look!


1. What are the places of flat shoes?

In daily life, most items have their own values, but when ordinary people make choices, they must consider their own requirements. For example, when choosing shoes, many people are pursuing comfortable and practicality, so flat shoes are the best choices.

1. Comfortable and versatile is not tiring

Compared with fashionable and eye -catching, women now pay more attention to dressing comfort, and rarely sacrifice comfort for fashion. Especially in the selection of shoes, comfortable shoes that are comfortable and practical are more popular. Whether you are young or middle -aged or the elderly, you will not make an error when choosing flat shoes when you go out.

Just like this kind of black flat shoes above, use it with a knitted cardigan, you can improve the utilization rate by adjusting the color of the cardigan or the style of pants.

2. Modify the length of the legs

Although most flat shoes or flat boots are not like high heels that can stretch the legs directly, most of the flat shoes use thin long shoes type, or U -shaped or V -type opening design, which can be used to create long legs by extending legs.


In addition, flat shoes can also have a modified effect on the body shape, especially when wearing bag hip skirts or cigarette pants, the combination of flat shoes is elegant and thin.


Second, flat shoes wear skills


Although there are many advantages in flat shoes, if ordinary people want to get rid of the sense of passers -by, then they need to learn from some wearing skills to make flat shoes bloom more charm.

1. Exposing an ankle

Flat shoes are shot with nine -point pants or over -the -knee skirts in winter. These lower -bottomed light -bottomed shoes can stretch the leg length by exposing the ankle to enhance the breathing feeling of the shape.


If you are worried about thick thighs or slightly fat, you can try this way of wear. Many small girls can also use cropped pants to show high.

2. Adopt a smooth color skills

The thin -length flat -shaped flat shoes have the effect of extending leg lines. If a short middle -aged woman wants to wear a good figure, then it can use the smooth color skills.

Like choosing a lower dress with the same color system as flat shoes, or using a single color throughout the body, coordinated color will make slightly fat women look slimmer.

Third, common “flat shoes” and its combination

Not only are there many styles, but most styles can be worn all year round. Like winter or spring, you can choose some flat shoes to win comfort and elegance.

1. Canvas shoes

Ordinary people value the comfort and practicality of shoes. If you still pay attention to age, then there is no choice that is more suitable for you than canvas shoes. The canvas shoes are comfortable and daily, and it is also a magic weapon to create youthful atmosphere.

Like black and white colorful canvas shoes, white canvas shoes or color canvas shoes, and straight jeans can make you younger than your peers.


2. Love shoes

Followed by everyone is flat -bottomed loafers. Lefu shoes are more widely practical. Many workers who follow the elegant and intellectual routes can also prepare more pairs of Lefu shoes in the shoe cabinet.

Especially black loafers, with suites and formal, mature and elegant with coats.

3. Poop flat shoes

Different styles of flat shoes are different, canvas shoes are age -reducing, and Lefu shoes are elegant and formal. A pair of shallow flat shoes with pointed -pointed design can give a strong feminine taste.

Middle -aged and elderly people may choose the pointed shoe style that maintains the consistency of the local color of the shape, which helps to show thinness and shaping the sense of simplicity.


4. Flat -bottom warm shoes

In the winter with a low temperature, if the older woman is worried that the shallow and flat shoes will not keep warm, then you can choose flat warm shoes, or flat boots to give more warmth to the dress.


However, most warm shoes are relatively thick. It is recommended to use a white base T -shirt or shirt to divert attention and fresh age.

Conclusion: The flat shoes are not old and comfortable and fashionable. No matter how old you are, you can choose a pair of flat shoes in winter or spring to explain your charm and create or formally elegant or leisure foreign style!

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