Use cotton and linen fabrics to make a loose large cotton jacket. Leisure irregular hem design, welcome to comment

Today, I will share with you a casual cotton jacket. The short front and long hem design can be treated with drawstring. I like the shape of the entire style. Whether it is from the front, the back or the side, it looks good. It feels that the split in the back is a bit redundant, or that button is a bit wrong. Essence Essence I don’t know what everyone feels


Let’s take a look at the style renderings

At first glance, it is a very comfortable silhouette

In the following two pictures, do you feel the one who can’t see the buttons be pleasing to the eye. Essence Essence

This is the effect of the back

Loose styles, today I will share with you average cutting picture

The drawing unit of the cutting drawing is centimeter


The version is the size of the garment, which is suitable for the body shape within 120cm of the net bust. It should be within 140 catties


The cutting drawing is very simple, and the size is also labeled in detail

At the hem of the rear film, 12cm split at the hem, and sewn the decorative buttons

The pocket in the front film, the size of the pocket cannot be smaller. If you are big, you can adjust it appropriately. The yellow line in the front is the front placket, which is made of dark placket. The collar is a small collar, the small collar that is more convincing in front. The length of the height is 2.5cm.

The sleeve is a sleeve, the cuffs and the rubber band, and the length of the rubber band can be increased by about 5cm in length according to its own net wrist length.

The above -mentioned tailoring is the cutting map of large goods, which is average to draw, suitable for the body shape of most people.

If you want to do more comfortable, it is best to customize it according to your own body shape.

If you want to learn more women’s clothing and push boards, you can click the circle card below to enter the circle to start learning from the most basic women’s self -prototype version

(Circle cards have been added here, please check today’s headline client)

Sewing process and sewing process commentary


The choice of fabrics, cotton and linen fabrics, you need to choose the dense cotton and linen, otherwise you will not look good when you run the cotton.

Copy cuts after cutting drawings, and cut the side cuts according to different sewing processes.

The fabrics of cotton and linen will shrink, so it is recommended that the fabrics shrink first and then cut, washing and drying is the simplest and effective way

Sewing process

The dark placket and the collar need to perform the adhesion first, draw the dangling processing


Pick up the pocket sewing according to the pocket position of the previous piece

After spelling, the position of the split is left in the middle


After the seam is sewed back and forth, the sleeves are sutured, the bottom of the sleeve is sutured, and the front and rear sutures are sew.

Sewing collar and dark placket in front

This style is relatively loose. It is recommended to use thin cotton cotton. It will not look too bloated. It is best to use a cotton cotton. The hem and cuffs can be used to sewn the edge.

The cuffs fold the edge of the loose band, the tip of the hem folding edge built -in drawing

The production of whole clothes is still not too difficult.

If you like it, you can try it if you like it.

Welcome to praise, forward for encouragement, thank you! Intersection Intersection


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