Li Qin really can wear it, fur coat+contrasting scarf, simple and fashionable, and also show a gas field

The appearance is made of leather, and the fur coat made of lamb hair material inside is warmer than a down jacket. However, in terms of matching, fur coats are neither as versatile as down jackets, nor as many matching methods of down jackets. Because of this, there are very few people wearing fur coats in winter. Below, we may wish to learn from Li Qin’s matching ideas. Li Qin really can wear it. The fur coat+contrasting scarf is very simple and fashionable.

Li Qin’s combination of fur coat coat

1: Posted on straight pants

The legs of the straight pants are straight up and down, which are quite effective in modifying the leg line and blocking the fat of the legs. But how perfect can be modified on the leg line? How many leg fat can I cover? Depending on the fabric and color of straight pants. The harder the fabric texture, the more straight the legs are; the darker the color, the thinner.


Zhang Yuqi’s straight pants are made of denim and black colors. In terms of thin legs, it is “first -class”. It not only shows the most perfect side of Zhang Yuqi’s legs, but also worthy of our reference.


2: Match with tobacco pipe boots


The boots of the tobacco pipe boots are also straight up and down, and the slimming effect of the legs is no less than that of straight pants. Therefore, use straight pants and tobacco pipe boots to match with a fur coat, so don’t worry about it at all. In addition, if you can choose the same color of straight pants and smoke boots such as Zhang Yuqi, you can not only modify the leg lines to the extreme, but also make the whole body look “capable and sharp.”


3: With contrasting scarf


The contrasting scarf is the finishing touch in the shape of Li Qin. It not only gives the fur integrated coat shape, but also makes people look bright. However, the contrasting scarf style is eclectic, and it is selected or even tedious. If you do n’t choose, you may use Li Qin’s contrasting scarf as a template to grasp the color scarf color system within five colors. Dark, light, basic colors, bright colors, and dark colors occupy one to ensure suction suction The effect of the eyes is full.


On the whole, Li Qin’s shape is very successful, and the sense of fashion does not lose fashion bloggers. If you have not been convinced by Li Qin’s clothing, you may wish to continue to understand.


Continue to understand Li Qin’s dressing style


Purple coat

Li Qin not only looks sweet, but also loves to shape a sweet style. It is like this purple coat+purple sweater. However, this purple dress can not be controlled by everyone. In terms of skin tone, the requirements are extremely high, and it is only suitable for girls with white skin tone. Wearing other skin tone, it is dark and not sweet enough.


Goose yellow sweater


The tender goose yellow sweater is loved by the public, but there is difficulty in matching goose yellow sweater. With a dark color, it is easy to play the effect of loud and lord; with light -colored under -colored fit, it will also lower the gentleness of the goose yellow sweater. So, how to match it? Consider blue -gray jeans, like blue non -blue, gray non -gray, not deep or light tones, which not only shows a simple generous sense, but also does not affect the charm of goose yellow sweater.

Black down jacket

How many people clearly like to wear black down jackets in their hearts, but they are afraid to wear because they are afraid of wearing a passerby. If you are such a person, you may wish to learn the matching method of “black down jackets+pink cordylona” such as Li Qin to get rid of the people’s sense of black down jackets, but also give the black down jacket a sense of girls to meet everyone’s demand for age and wear.


They are all good -looking people, but after reading Li Qin’s shape, it seems that it is not the case. Even big beauties like Li Qin are worn with heart. What are the reasons not to dress well?

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