Welfare warning! The baby’s warm jacket comes, mothers must watch

In winter, the temperature has plummeted, and now letting children wear thick down jackets is the distress of mothers!

Beauty is a human nature, and children are no exception. Wearing thick down jackets or cotton clothes, not only the baby looks bloated, but not good -looking, the child’s actions will appear inconvenient.

And the child is worn too much, covering too thick, sweating as soon as it moves, and the thick clothes are not easy to dissipate heat.

In winter, many mothers will wrap their children on three layers and three layers inside, for fear of the child frozen, and finally the child will be wrapped into a thick ball, so that the child not only has no good appearance and is not convenient to exercise, but also causes the child to immune’s immune’s immune. Low force, decreased metabolism, easier to catch a cold, and colds will be repeated.


By 2021, isn’t there a light and warm warm jacket and warm down jacket?


With the changes in technology, many designs have begun to walk in the direction of lightness. At present, there are two light and light warm jackets that are extremely suitable for children!


Anta children’s hooded assault jacket

Short velvet warm, zipper hooded, fashionable and stylish

Applicable crowd: little boy from 2 to 6 years old

Adopt a stand -up collar hooded design to effectively block the cold wind!

When encountering cold wind, the hooded on the coat is another windproof weapon for the child to prevent another cold in a cold.

Dynamic sports line design, full of sports!


Let the child get rid of bloated! In winter, children can also increase exercise, better improve immunity, and enhance metabolism. It can keep warm and not to become a burden.

Close the edge at the cuffs to effectively block the cold wind invasion!


The cuff’s edge design can not only effectively block the invasion of the cold wind, but also tighten the cuffs. It can effectively prevent the child from holding the sleeve on the table and sticking oil on the table, so it can better keep the cuffs tidy.

Locking in the inside, windproof fabric, double -layer warm!

Using a thickened method to increase warmth! And use 100%


Polyester fiber, better material shape more valuable clothes quality.

Fashionable matching, I am the most beautiful cub in this street!

As a velvet hooded jacket, both functional and fashionable appearance. A variety of colors, easy to wear, wearing black, gray and other dark velvet sports pants, or pure white alphabet sports pants, are very eye -catching and fashionable combinations. Or free choice is the most handsome choice. Children are the most beautiful cubs in this street!

Tag price 369 yuan/piece

Activity price 279 yuan/piece

11.11 0-2 at the snatch

It is estimated to start at 133 yuan


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Anta children’s glasses down jacket


80%velvet content, Anta glasses model

Applicable crowd: 7 to 14 years old

80%of white goose velvet fill!

Using high -end white goose down, it strengthens the insulation effect of down jackets, making the down jacket fluffy and warm.

Ploves in the inside!


On the basis of white goose down, the warmth and cold protection of clothes are strengthened. Super national standard!

Seamless lock! Technology!


Use advanced technology to lock the internal down down to 360 degrees to ensure that the outer, inside, collar, cuffs, etc. are guaranteed in all aspects of the down jacket. Prevent the down of down the sky, accidentally stinging to the throat, and the thinner through.

Glasses hooded design!

Disassembled glasses, transformed into a superhero in Marvel, fashionable and tide, playing handsome, warm and contented! As our big boy, it is also a necessary choice to wear handsome and cool.


Daily out of the street, campus sports, snow plane, and low temperature outdoors, one to meet the needs of children’s various scenes.

Light, heat preservation, cold prevention, and the best choice of tide cool, don’t miss Baoma!


Tag price 669 yuan/piece

Activity price 539 yuan/piece

It is estimated to start at 307 yuan

¥ vufmxfalwvi ¥

These clothes are very strong in the Double Eleven. Ding Ma has sorted it out for everyone, and the wool of the audience is hard!


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