Xi Jinping and Mom

The Spring Festival arrives again, “Every festival is thoughtful.” At the 2015 Spring Festival meeting, General Secretary Xi Jinping chanted the “You Ziyin” of the Tang Dynasty poet Meng Jiao: “The mother’s hands in the hands, the swimming body’s top. Grass heart, report Sanchunhui. “

, “Father gave birth to me, my mother, and my mother.” Xi Jinping’s mother has always been an example to cultivate educational children with excellent family style. Xi Jinping, who was deeply influenced by his own educational education, always kept his mother’s advice, strictly disciplined himself, and did not forget his original intention. The two generations of Communists wrote a good story of mother -child affection and inheritance.

Red gene

The ancients said, “I love the son, teach it for righteous prescriptions.” In Xi Jinping’s view, “Family is the first classroom in life, and parents are the first teacher of their children.”

Many people know that Xi Jinping’s father Xi Zhongxun is the older generation of revolutionary. But some people may not know that Xi Jinping’s mother is also a revolutionary warrior who has experienced the test of war.

Qi Xin participated in the revolution in Taihang’s anti -Japanese flames, and joined the Communist Party of China in the anti -“sweeping” struggle. For decades, he was unwilling to the party and unhappy. Xi Zhongxun once said to his children: “Your mother is an excellent Communist Party member!”

Xi Zhongxun, Qi Xin couple and children are together.

The mother -in -law’s mother set up a good example for Xi Jinping. What was unforgettable to let Xi Jinping today is that when he was a child, his mother carried him to the bookstore to buy a villain “Yue Fei Biography”. After buying it, the mother told him the story of the tattoo of the country and mother -in -law.

Xi Jinping later recalled: “I said, how painful it hurts! My mother said, it hurts, but I remember in my heart. It is also the goal I pursue in my life. “

After Xi Jinping’s work, the mother still took the lead and practiced the original intention of the people. In June 2000, Qi Xin came to the central photo of the Revolutionary Base in Shaanxi and Gansu. She saw that the Beiliang Red Army Primary School classroom was rude and old. She mobilized the family to donate 150,000 yuan to the North Liang Red Army Elementary School to relocate and rebuild.

In May 2018, the children wrote to General Secretary Xi Jinping, reporting the experience of studying the history of revolution and the development of school development. A week later, General Secretary Xi Jinping wrote back to the students and encouraged them to “pass the red gene from generation to generation with practical actions.”

Xi Jinping, who grew up in the revolutionary family, has also inherited the deep red gene under the preaching of his parents, and established a unwavering communist belief, forming the redness of the people. Since the 18th National Congress of the Communist Party of China, General Secretary Xi Jinping has visited the revolutionary holy place several times. His “red footprint” has spread throughout the north and south of the river.

“Mother’s Heart”

Xi Jinping’s mother is a strong woman. Even in the most difficult years, she and the children are not depressed. Instead, she and the children are facing the bumpy fate and the suffering of life with a firm belief and optimism.

In January 1969, Xi Jinping, who was under 16 years old, took back his bag and went to Liangjiahe, northern Shaanxi as a educated youth. The child was worried about her mother, and she had a needle to sew Xi Jinping with her own hands, with three red characters embroidered on it: Mother’s heart!

When Xi Jinping went to the line, the mother’s need to make the needle line with the three words “mother’s heart” embroidered on it.

Seven years of knowing youth, this needle -threading bag embroidered with “mother’s heart” has been accompanied by Xi Jinping. Xi Jinping did not disappoint his mother. Not only did he grow up in the tempering of hard life, he also established a deep friendship with the folks in northern Shaanxi, and set a ambition to “do good things for the people”.


When leaving Liangjiahe, Xi Jinping gave his mother’s embroidered needle line “Mother’s Heart” to his neighbor Zhang Weijian as a memorial, just like what he said, “My person is gone, but I leave my heart here” here ” Essence And Liang Jiahe has also become the place where Xi Jinping took the “first step in life”.

A “mother’s heart” witnessed the deep affection of the calf and the mother and child connected. During Xi Jinping’s growth, the mother would always give Yin Yin instructions in a timely manner. After Xi Jinping went to the leadership position, he wrote to him in accordance with the rules of his family, and said he said “the high place is not cold”, and told him to strictly ask himself. Qi Xin also specially convened a family meeting to ask other children to engage in business activities in the field of Xi Jinping.

Under the influence of parents and the influence of home style, Xi Jinping also had strict requirements on himself and his family. After he serves as a leading cadre, every time he work, he will warn relatives and friends: “I can’t engage in any business activities where I work, and I can’t hit my banner to do anything, otherwise don’t blame me for six relatives.” Whether you go to Fujian, Zhejiang, Zhejiang, Zhejiang Still working in Shanghai, he publicly stated at the cadre conference: no one is allowed to fight his banner for personal gain, and everyone is welcome to supervise.


“Cleaning and doing things and doing things” is the “agreement” of Xi Jinping and his mother, and also the requirements of General Secretary Xi Jinping’s comrades. Since the 18th National Congress of the Communist Party of China, the Party Central Committee with Comrade Xi Jinping as its core has practiced it and took the lead. Agree for this.

“The greatest filial piety”

In the office of General Secretary Xi Jinping, such a photo was placed all year round: he held his mother’s hand tightly, and the two took a leisurely walk in the park together. This fixed tenderness moment reaches the hearts of countless people.

Xi Jinping took a walk with his mother.

Xi Jinping is very filial to his mother. Whenever he had time to accompany her to eat, he took his mother’s hand to walk and chat with her. For a rare leisure time, Xi Jinping chose to accompany his mother.

However, Xi Jinping, who was on the leadership position, often could not go home on holidays to reunite with his mother. In the Spring Festival in 2001, Xi Jinping failed to reunite with his parents. His mother had a phone call with him in the place. Initially, I told Xi Jinping affectionately on the phone: “As long as you do your job well, you are the biggest filial piety to your parents.”

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In the Spring Festival of 2001, he talked with his son Xi Jinping, who was far away in Fujian.

“Doing a good job” is the biggest filial piety. For many years, Xi Jinping keeps his mother’s teachings and works in the public and diligent. According to his colleagues when he was working in the local area, Xi Jinping’s work was very efficient, but because of the incidents too complicated, he almost never rest on weekends and worked overtime every day. Xi Jinping later recalled: “When I work in the local area, I have to get duty every year, for fear of something.”

Since the 18th National Congress of the Communist Party of China, General Secretary Xi Jinping has been even more powerful. The request to him, no matter how night, even at 12 o’clock at night, he could receive his instructions the next morning. The schedule for visiting him abroad is often accurate to minutes. Domestic investigations sometimes transfer to planes, trains, cars, and transs for several hours, just to see a poor village. The cold and the summer were not stopped. He used his steps to measure the land of the motherland, listened to the voice of the people with sincerity, and practiced the vows of “I will have no self, live up to the people” with practical work.

In the Spring Festival, General Secretary Xi Jinping’s most miss is the people. Every year on the eve of the Spring Festival, the general secretary will come to the grassroots to investigate and investigate regardless of the boat and car. He said: “The biggest happiness in the world is to fight for the happiness of the people.”

Under the leadership of General Secretary Xi Jinping, China’s total economic volume exceeded 110 trillion yuan, ranking second in the world. Nearly 100 million rural poor people have achieved poverty alleviation, historically solve the problem of absolute poverty, and create a miracle in the history of human poverty. The mother’s affection and teachings have been deeply imprinted in the thoughts and practice of Xi Jinping’s governance of the country.


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