Is it difficult to draw sketching? From grip to the line, explain the basic knowledge of sketching in steps, easy to learn

Basic knowledge of sketching


The sketch is regarded as the only way to enter the gate of art. It is the basis of all monochrome painting. The sketch in the narrow sense refers to the painting training process for learning art skills, exploring the laws of styling, and cultivating professional habits. The content of the painting, including the requirements of visual modeling elements such as space, proportion, and perspective. How to grasp these painting elements? This chapter will lead everyone to learn these basic knowledge.

The line in the sketch

The index finger and thumb are squeezed gently to the pen tip; the first finger of the middle finger is held up with the pen, the ring finger and the little finger are naturally bent below, the upper part of the pen is leaned at the joint of the index finger root, and the pen and paper are kept 45 ° ~ 50 ° angle. Essence When writing, the four fingers except the thumb are stacked together one by one.

Changes in the angle of the pen

Changes in the elbow when drawing lines

Under normal circumstances, use the middle finger and the index finger to cooperate with the thumb, and take the front end of the pencil to make the wrist flexibly; when drawing the straight line, the elbow joint is the fulcrum, so that the lines drawn are more straight; Take a pen like writing. When drawing sketching, the method of taking the pen is the same as the method of writing in writing. When it is proficient, there is basically no fixed mode with the pen.

Keep the elbow joint fixation, use the elbow joint as the fulcrum, wave the entire arm for drawing lines.

Line drawing

When holding a pen, the strength of the fingers should be light, as long as it can be pinched, it is mainly because the wrist is hard. When drawing the long line, use your arm to drive the wrist to draw.


Type of line


Drafting line:

This is a long line, which is mostly manifested in the form of “repeated lines”. Its basic linear includes vertical lines, horizontal lines, tilt lines and arcs. When drawing the grass line, the painter’s arm should be extended and relaxed. The “long line” must be completed at one time, and then revised in the form of repeated lines.



This is a changeable “single line”. Its changes are straight, false, reality, weight and thickness. Under normal circumstances, the outline of the bright part of the object belongs to the background, and the outline of the dark part belongs to the object.

Dark Line:


It is a rough black line, which is more casual and direction. The dark core pencil of “B” can be used to draw dark sides. Do not cut the pencil too sharply. The darkest part should be painted hard.

Background line:

Basically, it is a 45 ° long line that requires neat and uniform to make the background a gray with different darkness. The lines of the dark part should play a role in setting off the front -end objects.


Ming Min line:

This is a neat and clear short -term. It is suitable for using a hard pencil. The drawing direction of the line should be carried out according to the decent turning point. The “cross line” is often used at the turning point of the structure. The drawing line should be light and decisive.

Line in different directions

Vertical line


The vertical lines must grasp the uniform and dense changes of the lines in the process of arranging drawing. Vertical lines are mostly used to draw the structure of the facade of the object, which can better shape the object.

Horizontal line

Horizontal lines are a relatively common form of lines. When drawing horizontally, it is necessary to grasp the uniform distribution of the horizontal lines, so that the tone will look more neat.

Left tilt line


Due to the relatively special angle of the row line, the left tilt line should be drawn according to the structure surface of the object when drawing.


Right tilt line

The drawing method of the right tilt line is the same as the left inclined row line. It needs to change the angle of drawing. When drawing, pay attention to the distance between the line and the line.


Discarding the row line


Dense line

The densely row line is usually used in the painting screen to organize the details when painting. The dense lines can make the picture more delicate.

Dense line


The density of dense lines should be neglected to densely row lines, and it is necessary to grasp the arrangement density of the line when drawing. The dark parts of the object use this line to arrange more.

Sasted row lines

The scarce lines must be strictly grasped by the degree of density of drawing, and it must be appropriately applied during the painting process.


The characteristics of sparse lines are that the spacing of the line is relatively large. Because the tone of the bright part of the object is relatively sparse, this line is more used in this area of ​​the object.

Volleyball line of transitional changes

Vertical change line

Left -tilting changes


Right -tilting changes line

Correct line




Transitional line

Cross -line


Wrong line

Too heavy lines

The lines are too chaotic


Line is too rigid


The lines are light and light


The line effect of different pencils

Learn more painting knowledge and pay attention to the headline number: painting vision. It has always been a good teacher and friend on your painting road, simple and interesting.




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