The 18 male stars wear women’s clothing, but they don’t have spicy eyes. They are super stunning and can be called a stunning.

In the past, the male god turned into a “goddess”.


This is Jiao Enjun, which is freshly baked:


You read it right. The only Li Xunhuan who can hold the noodle noodles, but even the net red makeup is so fresh and refined.


It is said that the two daughters gave him makeup, and Uncle Jiao couldn’t be happy. He sent two selfies with his face, and his lipstick was clear.

It can be said to be very favored to be able to accompany your daughter.

As the saying goes, the really beautiful women are male and female, and many handsome guys are dressed as women’s clothing without pressure.

“Beauty” is blurred by gender, which is not just talking.


01. Classic styling in film and television dramas

Sometimes due to the needs of the plot, actors have to change women’s clothing. This situation is the most common in ancient dramas.

Among them, Zhang Weijian, the “women’s gangster”.

When he was young, only one word for women’s costumes, “absolutely”.

Big big eyes, the logo of the ancient and early Hong Kong winds, made the feeling of “lip red teeth white” to the extreme.

It makes sense, this temperament is very well -known in Hong Kong.

It is amazing that Zhang Weijian’s normal men’s clothing is not a soft model, and even at a glance, it is even a little rough.

But once you put it on a women’s clothing, it is unspeakable.


Later, when he became old, he gradually tended to be funny. For example, the small speakers in “Little Fish and Flowers”: thick makeup braids, inferior cold slippers, obvious comedy style, do not follow the “goddess” route.

Even if you are deliberately ugly, there is still a sense of “charm still exists”.

Many people say that Zhang Weijian’s specific angle has a feeling of Leslie Cheung.

This must be refuted, after all, the temperament of the two people is different.


As the pinnacle of anti -string characters, Leslie Cheung’s performance in “Farewell My Concubine” can be described as the most charming style of the woman.

Fading the complicated thick makeup and costumes, his light costume in “Futian Happy” is also the “soft” of the capital.

In the later “Bian Bian is not Begonia Red”, Yin Zheng tried to pay tribute to Cheng Dieyi’s Peking Opera.

It can be seen that it took a lot of thoughts, but I always felt that I didn’t step on the point, and I was so lost.


Probably it is related to the facial features of the actor.


For example, Ma Tianyu in “Strange Heroes”, even such a rough and inferior suit.


Later, in “Gu Jian Qi Tan”, his women’s clothing upgraded again, fully performed the cute and beautiful girl.

It is also the shape of the medium division and the fine braid. Ma Tianyu’s performance does not lose the heroine Yang Mi?


In addition to the above -mentioned male gods become “goddesses”, there are several alternative “classics” that do not follow the unusual way.


For example, the legendary Marilyn Menghu.

I have to say that playing or Hu Ge will play, and use the most exaggerated shape to do the most exaggerated movements, and the effect is quite good.

Although it is too far away from the deity, Hu Ge is also seriously playing with stalks, from makeup to clothing, try to fit the prototype.

There is also Li Yifeng in “Living Living”, from a handsome guy to a village aunt:

Before Huo Jianhua walked away from the old cadre, his women’s style in the play was not burdensome, and he could even be said to be herself.

Different clothing, variety of shapes, and thick makeup are gorgeous. Putting the posture of various girls with a serious face, you can fill the comedy effect.

The female costumes of the early actors became classics. As the clothing shape and makeup technology became more and more developed, now the small fresh meats are also very open in the TV series, one more “play”.

For example, Xu Kai in “There is a Lingjian Mountain in the past”:

To be honest, he looks too strong, his facial features are also tough, and the sense of violation of women’s clothing is very strong.


However, under the backdrop of a mixed -race heroine, Xu Kai performed the sense of “charming”. This handkerchief her face was absolutely absolutely bad. Will she not laugh crazy when shooting?

Among the many small fresh meat, there is also Hou Minghao, who is the most contrast, with a developed tendon meat, but he is shocked to wear women’s clothing.


What experience is the muscle macho suddenly turned into a weak woman?

There is no need for thick makeup. A look back is full of beauty, both ignorant and gentle, and even the facial expressions say Gu Pan’s posture.

In contrast to Hou Minghao’s “weakness”, Zeng Shunzhen’s “smart and lively”.

The little swallow he played was amazing than the remake of a few years earlier.


Many people looked at it at a glance and thought it was a spoofing P picture.


In fact, when he played the little swallow, his deity Zhao Wei watched the whole process and smiled beside him.


He also said that he was a “girl” with a particularly big eyes.

Last year, Jackie Chan produced a street drama “14 Years of Chenghua”.

To what extent this play is? There are no bright spots from beginning to end, and only the male official’s women’s dress came out.

Those who didn’t watch the show really thought he was a girl.

A sweet girl laughed, and the clothing shape was also added. This is better than the heroine who is too many bad costumes.

This is the legendary “wearing women’s clothing with your feet with your feet”?

Recently, Gong Jun, who was among the top streams with “Mountains and River Ling”, he was also a ruthless man who wore women’s clothing before the fire.


And not only in a play:

Gong Jun’s skin is fair, his facial features are clear, and women’s clothes are actually very advantageous.

After the “Shanhe Ling” was broadcast, some careful netizens found that he hit Zhang Yuxi. The two of them were very similar in various angles, and they were even suspected of being brothers and sisters.

It can only be said that good -looking people really do not distinguish between gender.

02. Self -entertainment self -dressing women’s clothing

In addition to film and television dramas, many stars on variety shows or attending events, often dressed as women to fly.


The Mary Lilian Monroe mentioned above, Zhu Zhengting also dressed up once.

Although his shape is not as delicate as Hu Ge, his beautiful face and amazing makeup are still unforgettable.

Seeing this, I suddenly understood why lipstick merchants loved him to endorse.


It is also very absolutely, and there is Wang Dongcheng who loves cos.


His Luo Tianyi is completely the degree of pupil earthquake.

Wearing COS clothes dancing without pressure, even more cute than the two young ladies next to me.


The point is that Wang Dongcheng’s expression management is really strong. Many male stars who are dressed as women are inevitable, and he can do nothing at doses.

After all, the pain mask has appeared on the field:


Compared with the other three members of Feilunhai, Wang Dongcheng’s women’s clothing was too happy.


In fact, many singers Aidou has a heart -dressed heart.


Named the King Kong Barbie Wang Jiaer, singing and jumping again, too.


It can be seen that he is still confident in his women’s clothing, and his body movements are very coordinated.

And the most funny thing is that Wang Jiaer was praised by the female predecessor Ma Tianyu.


In so many photos, Wang Jiaer and Ma Tianyu were next to each other, completely two clear streams in the spicy eyes.

There are also some stars who like to entertain themselves, and reality can not be used as women’s clothing, so they can satisfy his preferences through PS technology.


Earlier creation of Camp’s popularity, his WeChat avatar is a women’s photo from later P.

Foreigners’ facial features are tough, and P is completely different from P.


The ruthless thing is Huang Zitao. He not only Pat his own women’s photos, but also publicly confessed to himself.


He usually has a strong eye makeup. After repairing the picture, he has no sense of disobedience, and he can’t see anything wrong for a while.

He also changed different hair color to the women’s picture.

At this point of view, it seems that there are not many facial features of some small flowers, indicating that Huang Zitao still has the potential to wear women’s clothing.


As we all know, Bai Jingting is also a uncompromising women’s leader.

Dressed in women’s clothing in the play, one meter eight Jiao Qiao girl:


Playing in women’s clothing outside, slightly rough:


Maybe the fans still didn’t feel enough, so he started to give him a p. This lip was red and white, and he didn’t have much contrast when he was peaceful.


Some people say that he looks like Zhang Dongrun, a women’s leader in South Korea. There are indeed many similar points in comparison. Is this indirectly that Jingting is suitable for women’s clothing?



There are a lot of men in the entertainment industry. Since the long time in the last century, the stars have been keen to reverse some interesting characters.

Some are serious women’s clothing, some are simple and funny, and some self -entertainment, which is actually a unique art form.

Who do you think is the most successful in so many women’s stars?


Author: Feng Jue


Responsible editor: Zeria

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