Participating in a friend’s wedding, what is it deserved? Will not grab a new person?

Recently, good friends want to participate in her girlfriends wedding, I don’t know what to wear, open the cabinet, and I don’t think it is not too good, I will ask me to wear, then one will!

What is the right to wear in the wedding? I can’t grab the bride’s head, but also to ensure that I am “a bright landscape”.

Participating in a good friend’s wedding, wearing something that needs to be drunk, can’t be too cold, too much, and you can’t hinder, no, the camera, the camera, the camera, the camera, you will shoot, Look at the video with your friends, your style has covered her, and the scene is embarrassed.

First, there may be some “thunder”, and give you “row” again, the rest is the security zone.


First, avoid the red, pure white, all black

The festive big red, and the wedding scene atmosphere is very photo, but the wedding heroine is red, you want to really like it, you can choose pink, rose, etc., let others think that it is your wedding. Oh!

△ Xiao Tao Hong to participate in the wedding of the package

Xianxian’s white wedding dress is the main color of the bride, pure white non-new girl, if you don’t want to anger the bride, the lace of the lace, is also very nice ~


△ Lin Xinru attended the wedding of Xu Ruo

A black female devil, with a black-cut thick makeup, this is really really uncomfortable, avoiding the bad Lenovo, I hope you don’t black, when you scare a small child, a little friend, more embarrassing .

△ Zhao Wei participates in Baby’s wedding

Second, the style is too exposed

Lead shoulder, deep V, down, tube top … too exposed dress, still stayed next time two people going to the bar, we will wear it, the most dazzling star of the wedding scene is the bride in the center of the stage, too exposed Too much shake, spicy eyes are uncomfortable.

△ Chen Zi letter to participate in the Baby Wedding

When Angelababy gave this taboo when he participated in the high round wedding, it hit a black reverse dress, although it was beautiful, but it was not suitable to appear on the wedding.


Third, the free OR is too powerful

This “thunder”, you will step on it. You all put a birthday from the wedding attending your friends, preparing the red envelope early, what is the early planning?


I am not careful, if you are like Xiao Song Jia, wearing “pajamas” is coming, you are going to run. Although “pajamas wind” is very cool, the wedding is not pajamas. Similarly, the non-mainstream costumes such as cave pants, rivet pants are troublesome, don’t wear the wedding scene.

△ Xiao Song Jia attended the wedding of Chen Yuxi


It is too casual to look at it, it is easy to exaggerate, which makes people feel that the wedding style is not very bound. You are not going to lead the Oscar Life Award, don’t wear too grand.


△ Xiang Xiang attended the wedding of Baby

Fourth, long dress in large group pendulum

Long tailing dress, or big skirt, the wedding live people mountain people, you want the bride to help you, find a pair of flowers to lift your dress at any time? This is not your red carpet, the dress of the big skirt is long, and it is really uncomfortable.

All of these mine are all avoided, you will succeed 50%, and the remaining 50% know how to do it well.

Try to choose Morandi, like naked powder, shallow, blue as as much as possible … These light-colored clothes will not be wrong.


On the style, you can do more. You can start from the invitation, the type of wedding is a Chinese wedding, Western Wedding, outdoor wedding, theme wedding, church wedding … can determine the wedding apparel according to the type of wedding.

1 Chinese wedding


The elements of the pattern of the floral, can be used as an alternative to the Chinese wedding, and the disk is long, with a small handbag, beautifully known.

Of course, the slim dress, the bunch of body, is also suitable for participating in the Chinese wedding, whether it is in the indoor banquet hall, or the lawn in the outdoor, is a good choice.


2 Wedding Wedding

Is there a wonderful Western wedding? The light-colored lace dress is the favorite dress of young people.


The sleeveless waist, the pattern is printed with irregular leaves, wearing a wedding scene, not awkward is not low.

Youth girl can also wear a dress that usually go shopping, and then with clean white shoes, it is not lost.

Mature little sister, you can choose a monochrome shirt skirt, which is not lost and generous, and the focus is elegant and type.


Like the small fairy of the shirt skirt, you can choose a vertical striped dress, a thin belt, a simple shoulder bag, which is also very appropriate at the wedding.

Of course, I like the little sister of the skirt, you can choose the upper t-shirt, cut the decent skirt, and then equipped with high heels, attending the wedding, but not all.


Long-sleeved shoulders, autumn breathable and warm, suitable for attending important wedding occasions.

3 outdoor wedding

Outdoor wedding selection small floral dress and scene will be more suitable, flowers and trees onion green, small floral dress, on the wedding scene is a scenario.

4 church wedding

General church wedding is based on simple, choose simple and generous style, remember not to flow green, too shock.

5 other wedding


Too tattoo, you can choose knitted hamming dress + outer shawl, the whole is neither exposed, and there is a type.

Of course, like a small fairy in White T, you can choose the outer sling dress so that it will only add points.


To participate in the wedding, you can’t be a shiny “female second”, you can’t be the protagonist. Master the inch, hold the green leaves that accompany the safflower, friends still do it, will not be pulled black because they don’t do it.


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