It’s hot, 6 summer drinks, cool and heat, simple and delicious, stronger than buying cold drinks

In the summer, the weather is getting hotter, and the business of the beverage shop on the street has begun to become hot. Everyone knows that drinking cold drinks outside is actually not healthy. Compared with the fruit juice drinks outside, it costs at least 20 yuan. It is also very easy to get fat. It is better to make a cup of fruit drinks by yourself, especially in the summer, there are many kinds of fruit products, fresh and cheap. Today I recommend 6 juice drinks suitable for summer drinking. It is simple to quench thirst, fresh and healthy, fresh and healthy, better than the cold drink shop outside!

Peach frozen milk

Today’s peaches are very popular in this season. It is affordable. It is full of juicy, fresh and delicious, quenching thirst and relief, making peaches frozen, a super delicious summer drink. The water with a sweet peach flavor and a faint pink, add white jelly to make the jelly and the mouth is smooth, plus frozen milk, it is really delicious, which is better than the milk tea bought outside!

[Material]: 2 water peaches, 1 small bowl of milk, 30 grams of sugar, 15 grams of white jelly, 300 grams of clear water


1. Clean the peach, scrape the skin, boil it with 300 grams of pure water, 6-8 minutes, until the peach skin becomes lighter and filter again.

2. After removing the peel, low heat, add white jelly and white sugar gently until completely dissolved, you can turn off the heat;

3. Cut the peach pulp, pour the cooked peach jelly water into the cup or mold, put it in the peach diced, cool it to cool it in the refrigerator, wait for the deliciousness;

4. After the peaches are frozen and solidified, mash and pour in milk or coconut milk.

Colorful fruit tea

The cool and refreshing colorful fruit tea can be made at home, which can be placed with a lot of fruits, which is much better than selling outside. Various fruits are inside. The colorful color is very eye -catching. It is fruit tea with passion fruit, which can increase the sour taste of the fruit and taste better.

[Materials]: Moderate amount of watermelon, 1 mango, 1 perfusion fruit, 1 lemon, 1 apple, 1 orange, 10 grams of black tea bags, appropriate amount of honey

1. Prepare a pot of hot water, soak the black tea bag in the kettle for 5 minutes, take out the tea bag and dry the tea until warm.

2. Prepare the fruit, remove the flesh with watermelon, cut the oranges with salt and cut into thin slices. Passion fruit uses a spoon to stir out the flesh, mango meat to nuclear into small pieces, and apple cut into small pieces;

3. Put the brewed black tea until the warmth in sequence is placed in the orange, watermelon, mango and apples;

4. Pour in Passion fruit flesh, be sure to put the passion fruit, the soul of fruit tea, add a spoonful of honey to the teapot and mix well;


5. Put an appropriate amount of honey and stir well according to your own taste. Cover the lid for 5 minutes.

Milk papaya juice


The aroma of papaya is rich, the juice is much more sweet, and sweet and delicious. It is also very good for girls’ body and skin. Make papaya and milk into drinks. The sweetness of papaya and the mellow milk, sweet and delicious, beautiful colors are very discussing Hi, regardless of the comprehensive or taste of nutrition, is a big grade than eating papaya alone, which is more suitable for female friends in summer.

[Material]: 1 papaya, 250ml milk, half a bottle of mineral water, a moderate amount of honey

1. Try to pick up the papaya as much as possible, cut the papaya half, dig out the seeds inside, and dig out the papaya meat inside with a spoon;


2. Put the papaya into the wall breaking machine and pour the frozen mineral water, about 300ml, you can add honey according to your personal taste;


3. Then start the fruit juice function and stir for 2 to 3 minutes.

4. Pour the steep papaya juice into the cup. The milk is slowly injected into the papaya puree to form a beautiful layering.

Fire Dragon Guoga

As a low -calorie, high -fiber fruit, dragon fruit is rich in vitamin C, red color, more anthocyanins content (anthocyanins are contained in grape skin, red beets and other fruits and vegetables The content of anthocyanins is the highest), and the value of the face is also very high. It is used to make a large glass of milky milkshake with yogurt.

[Material]: A moderate amount of red heart dragon fruit, a moderate amount of yogurt, a little honey

1. Cut off the dragon fruit skin and cut the flesh into pieces for later use, it is best to be red -hearted, which is more beautiful;

2. Put the cut dragon fruit and yogurt into the juice machine, add an appropriate amount of honey, see everyone’s taste and add 100ml drinking water to make milkshakes.

Mango Paper Drink

The refreshing mango is not just delicious, but also the results of the results are endless! Try it if you don’t believe it. Sour sour, the juice is passion flesh and mango meat, which is super delicious. I hope that the little fairy can be beautiful, thin and beautiful in the summer.

[Materials]: 3 Passion Fruit, 2 Mango, 1 tablespoon of honey, 1 bottle of frozen mineral water


1. Cold the mineral water in advance. After cutting the passion fruit, dig out the flesh with a spoon and put it in the cup;

2. Pour in honey and pour in the refrigerated mineral water and stir well, just 70 %, because you need to put mango when you wait;

3. Peel and remove the nucleus, remove the mango meat, cut half of the fruit into small pieces, and the other half of the flesh is made into mango juice;

4. Mix the mango juice with Paixiang fruit juice, and simmer in mango meat and stir to enjoy the deliciousness!

Baixiang fruit lime water

The nutritional value of Paixiang fruit is very good. Victoria C is 8 times higher than orange. Victoria E is 10 times higher than Apple. It supplement Victoria C nutrition and whitening.

[Materials]: 2 Passion Fruit, 1 Lemon, a moderate amount of honey,

1. Rub the lime with salt, wash it and cut it into slices;

2. Cut the passion fruit, dig out the seeds and juice inside and put it in the glass bottle, add a few slices of lemon, squeeze the lemon juice into the tea in the remaining lemon, and stir well;

3. Passion fruit and lemon taste sore. If you don’t like too sour, add a small amount of honey to reconcile;

4. I like soda water into soda water, I like Sprite and pour in Sprite. It is best to drink.








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