Reverse season stocking? Six 500 yuan price short -sleeved cycling clothes inventory

Cycling is an indispensable equipment in cycling. For you who are interested in cycling competition, it is not easy to choose a riding suit that suits you. The following will take stock of you. The price of 500 yuan can be used for competitive and comfortable cycling clothes to see what they are worthy of your attention.

1.monton wake up the lion

This cycling service is positioned as the PRO competitive series. The thin fabric makes the clothes weigh only 95g. In terms of styles, there are three styles of Liu Bei, Guan Gong Lion, and Zhang Fei Lion to choose from. In terms of performance, the fit with the body is great, pneumatic MAX.

Fabric: use universal hole fabrics, good heat dissipation and excellent strength and elastic recovery capabilities; Miti Velodrome (cooling flat -grained cloth) is used later, which has the ability to dry and resist ultraviolet rays; The fabric is not scattered, the rebound is good and comfortable; Details: The hem is used with a compound belt, which has a non -slip effect and can also enhance the safety of the night riding; YKK nylon zipper, smooth and smooth and effective to prevent slipping.

The excellent version of the self -cultivation and comfortable version and the powerful functionality are there, and the design full of Chinese elements is the charm of this cycling suit.

2. Morita Sei Nong

This is the Mori PRO series of riding tops, and it is also a combat coat of the Moridi Passenger Team. In terms of experience, the cold touch is like the second skin of the human body.


The top is porous fabric, which allows the skin to easily breathe easily when it is hot and intense. The sweat -dense area on both sides use triangular mesh fabrics, and spandex uses on the fabric, so that the clothes can better wrap the body and ensure comfort, so that there is no strong sense of restraint. The anti -slip band of MITI was selected on the non -slip belt, which has excellent non -slip effect.


Typical 3 pocket design, waterproof layer in the back bag, and the right pocket with zipper to ensure the safety of the portable items. There are also anti -light strips on the pocket.

3.Trek Trek-Segafredo team riding service car fan version

Santini’s cycling suit with Trek-Segafredo’s logo. It has the same clothes version as the PRO, which guarantees competitiveness and comfort. Use microfiber polyester fabrics to quickly take away the moisture on the surface of the skin. The hidden zipper brings a more concise and more fashionable effect. The design of the latter 3 pocket can just store portable objects.


4. Jieku EVO


The EVO series represents the Gore professional competition level. The three -dimensional tailoring design makes the activity more free. It uses Schoeller’s Castor elastic fabric, slimming, is very cold and breathable and sweat -absorbing. The use of special weaving methods can effectively reflect most light in the sun, reduce the absorption of calories from the source and effectively reduce the damage of UV rays to the skin. Under the armpit, Miti’s mesh air -breathable fabric is used to increase sweat


Heavy zone

Sweeping rate. In the details, reflective anti -sliding woven belts are used in the cuffs and front and rear hems. It can also protect the safety of the night riding at the same time. Maybe in the cycling, the wind screams, and there is a trace of coolness.

5. Speed ​​League men’s basic model wool short sleeves

It is rare to use wool fabrics. The fibers feel soft and delicate, wearing breathable and comfortable, and full of lightness. YKK’s resin zipper is very smooth and effectively prevent decline. The unique elastic gel technology makes the clothes hem is not so easy to slip away from the body when the body stretchs during the cycling process. The reflective strip design on the sleeve is quite harmonious, adding a guarantee to the night safety cycling. As a ride -biased riding suit, the design of ergonomics is adopted. It is not very restrained at the same time as the body. It can be said to be great.

6. Castelli insider

As a benchmark brand in the industry, scorpion is the current Yinglix team royal brand in the early years. The following series is also a lightweight series dedicated to the Yinglis professional team. So … Don’t ask, ask, it is a big Pro.

From the perspective, this cycling suit seems to give people a sophisticated and calm feeling at first glance: the first is the badge, the inkjet design is used, it is simple but the connotation; then the zipper, due to the use of the zipper, due to the use The YKK VISLON zipper, semi -automatic lock zipper, smooth and easy to pull and non -slip; Finally, on the fabric, a slightly elastic 3D grid fabric is used from a polyester fiber and elastic fiber. Essence


Choosing a cycling service is the same as choosing a bicycle. You may be hesitant to watch the dazzling parameters. The cycling service at this price can be said to be well done every parameter. According to the experience of the editor, choose according to the editor’s experience. In fact, it is more important. I hope everyone can buy a satisfactory cycling suit.


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