2021 3 bags of the huge fire, too hearty

Since the winter overnight, Liya found that the friends in the studio have been tacitly put on the coat, the warm equipment of down jackets, and watching the black brown in the elevator, saying that it is not monotonous, it is false, your urban beauty image Woolen cloth!

So occasionally a touch of bright bag accessories appear, and can always attract the attention of others inadvertently, revealing a delicate atmosphere in virtual.



Bag is a fast channel for improving a sense of fashion

Even if you are the basic equipment of All Black, with it, it can increase the highlights and easily win passers -by.

Looking directly at the contrast is more intuitive, the color embellishment cannot be ignored

I guess the fairies have sprinted on the athletes of beauty daily, and I should change my mind today.


Consider the list of the bag.



AZA is a fast fashion bag in China, so the overall style can be seen a lot

The existence of fashion factor

And the aesthetics is more universal, and it is right to balance the practicality and beauty.


The price is also within the scope of the public acceptance

It is very suitable for the student party to search for a circle.

Liya recently watched this rabbit ears plush handbag. The design sense is strong, the ingenuity of the knot is exquisite.

Warm glutinous hair

It is really difficult to make people not love.


There are also many other plush models, all of which belong to the lovely love without aggressive hanging. It has a sense of winter atmosphere.


Especially the dark red this stitching package,

Bold with color but not exaggerated,

It feels like a very good way to wear at will.

Of course, there is no shortage of bert bags, bucket bags, and overall bags that can be installed, but there are many differences in the details. There are many differences in the details. The sense of styling MAX, the fashion sense of the workplace has not fallen.


JACD is rare in the price of 100 yuan,


The leather noodles and workmanship of the bag

The visual effects presented are very high -level, and you don’t have to worry about at work and school.

Liya whispering BB will inevitably have the shadow of Copy luxury cards, and there is more room for improvement.


Take this big rhombus chain package for example. It is a bit fragrant, but I have to admit that the quality is really excellent at this price.

The leather is very soft, plus

The stripes of Daluge highlight the texture

The overall lines are quite elegant, which is very suitable for the commuting party.

The axillary bag of Chiborn is more points


Retro French style,

It belongs to the type that looks good at hand, especially when it is paired with a light -colored coat, the fashionable attribute UP.

There is also an advantage in the underarm bag, and the small back of the small man will also press it, but instead

Can increase the visual center of gravity

, High strength.


There are many opposite sex packages with strong styles. What is even more rare is that they have not given up practicality for the shape.



In fact, I learned about this brand earlier, and was planted by a pair of shoes. Later, I found that it was sold together by bags and shoes. There was basically no obvious logo.

Take the daily practical route.

Interested fairy can also see, like the recently hot chessboard grids, hair and hair are dragged.


Liya has entered this creamy white armpits in the summer, the lines are round and smooth, and the design that I like is very refreshing.

I did not expect to take out a coat in winter,

There is another gentle temperament

It is really surprising.


This imitation rabbit hair handbag also hits my girl’s heart,

The amount of hair is really sufficient,


When I got it, I only got comfortable and comfortable, and my mood suddenly became a lot of pleasure.

The capacity is also huge, and it is particularly able to install things. The only disadvantage is that there is no layering and it is easy to become a mess.

I don’t know if there are fairy and liya, in winter

Plush single product

Just can’t resist.

Switching of lamb hair and leather,

It has a tough shape, and a soft heart, and I am full of goodness. I can get it with a formal leisure.

Compared with pure color brown, the layering of warm white is also richer, and it is easy to become the finishing touch of the whole set of look.

By the way, there is still in its family


As long as the workmanship of 10 yuan is very good, the big -eyed beads have a strange cute point. If you think that the bag is too monotonous, you can add a accessory, and immediately add a lot of points.


It is said that the bags can make people feel happy. Liya finds that it is not right at all. It feels very cured when the sharing process alone. I do n’t know which bag you all saw it. Welcome to speak actively.


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