Looking back on the classic car of German lines: Talking about 09 Skoda Mingrui

In 2009, it was the peak of Volkswagen’s car building. At that time, Volkswagen’s car building still adhered to a concept of mind, and the materials were also very important. As the brand of Volkswagen, Skoda is also the third year in 2009 that Skoda has entered the Chinese market.


As we all know, Octavia is the first model of Skoda into the Chinese market. And the sales volume is indeed the main force in Skoda.


In 2009, Skoda was produced from the PQ35 platform. It seems that it is indeed a sense of age now. To put it plainly, it looks very old. However, this car was indeed expensive at that time. In 2009, it took more than 160,000 Ming Rui to be a very good car in that year. Its unique hatchback rear box is very practical. Later, the expansion of the trunk space is very good.


In terms of appearance, the straight waterfall grille is the design style of the Skoda family, with a slippery shape on the side. It looks unswerving, and the interior is very simple. At that time, Volkswagen’s interior design was mainly practical. Although it was simple, the details were in place, such as the non -slip cushion of the cup holder behind the armrest box, and the non -slip bottom surface of the water cup under the central armrest box, which looked very humane. The center console is all made of soft slush and plastic. Although it is hard plastic on the door panel, the places where the arm of the door armrest can be exposed to the leather material, and the materials are very conscience.


The performance of the rear space is also very good, and the home use is very enough. Especially the hatchback trunk is very practical. The current Octavia has continued the design of this hatchback trunk.


09 Kirui is equipped with a 1.6L four -cylinder naturally aspirated engine or a 1.8T turbocharged engine. This generation of engine is very skinny and durable. The 09 -threatening time is a common problem with engine oil seepage, but it is not a matter of repairing a repair. If maintenance is in place, this car has no problem driving for 20 years. Because most parts of the entire vehicle are imported parts, the quality is better.


In the case of driving, the sound insulation effect is relatively average. After all, the sound insulation effect of the car in 2009 is not particularly good, but there is one to say that the chassis texture of this car is really great. Especially high -speed stability and handling. The high -speed stability of German cars is quite good. This bright high -speed stability is simply great. And the control is also very good.

The suspension is an independent suspension of the front McPherson. It can be said to be an original German car. In 2009, the Mingrui steering wheel uses electric help. When the electric assistance was not very popular in 2009, this car has been used for electric help, and the body’s stiffness is also very good. The back collision beam and the rear row. The seat steel plate is not absent, and the safety is worthy of praise.

The Volkswagen was really building a car attentively. This Lao Mingrui is almost everywhere in the streets and alleys, and it still plays its own role. [Pictures from the home of the car]


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